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"He'll be back with that bad haircut before you can say 'Azure Striker'!"
Zeno, Azure Striker Gunvolt


Zeno is a QUILL operative and a supporting character in Azure Striker Gunvolt. A wisecracking otaku who rarely takes anything seriously, he is a member of Team Sheeps, and occasionally serves as an operator and back-up for Gunvolt.

English Website Description

If there is one person who is the life of the party at QUILL, it is definitely Zeno. He is a total otaku who loves anime, manga, and videogames.

Zeno is a jokester and a bit of a prankster, and while he has a habit of making jokes at the expense of others, he really does care a lot about his colleagues. [1]


Zeno is apparently a marksman, codenamed "Sheeps 2" in the field. He provides Gunvolt with field support, although this is mostly information and logistics about Gunvolt's own skill.

He attempts to take down the Sumeragi Adept Zonda, but gets seriously injured in the process. It is implied that he is a very powerful Adept, as Gunvolt remarks that there are very few who can contend with him in a battle.

Other Appearances

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Zeno appears as a collectable pixel sticker. His can be picked up at the "Radio Tower" as a hidden item.

Designer Comments

I sought a different vector, different from Asimov, a “reliable big bro feeling”, and I eventually made him with drooping eyes and a friendly face. One of the goals for this game was to draw all male characters as handsome as possible to appeal to the women. And Gino is the character in which that aspect was really accounted for. When coming up with his design, I did read girl games magazines and did some research. I thought of making the red portions of his hair Mohawk-style but I thought it wouldn’t be welcomed by the women and thus I gave up (on the idea).

(Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)


  • Zeno's concept art notes as well as the official Japanese tweet reveal that he is from Italy.
  • Zeno happens to navigate missions in which the stage hazards are related to the Sumeragi adept boss' Septimal abilities; e.g., magnetic platforms in Carrera's stage and zombies in Elise's stage.
  • The nature of his Septima is unknown and has been teased at frequently in interviews with the developers. The closest hint to its nature is found in a conversation between Zeno, Moniqa and Asimov featured in the (3DS) Japanese Striker Pack Limited Edition Drama CD.
  • Zeno says that games from the “old days” had instant-death spikes. He’s likely referencing the Mega Man franchise, where instant-death spikes are a common obstacle.

Japanese Version

"Man, you're really a kind of cheat code, y'know? Heh, heh, heh"

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