General rules for joining the Live Chat
See also: Wikia Rules

General RulesEdit

  • Do not swear excessively.
  • Harassment is not tolerated. One thing is friendly poking, but anything else can result in Ban. This includes discriminatory statements and slurs.
  • Flooding or Spamming while in Chat will result in a kick or Ban depending on the situation.
  • Do not post sexually explicit content.
  • The Chat Room is an English speaking room. Foreign languages are allowed only if an Administrator or Chat Moderator has them as their native language.
  • Roleplaying are only accepted if all users want to do it or at least arent bothered with it. Otherwise any Discussions Moderator/Admin can kick.
  • Only ask for Chat Mod rights through PM and only once. Be sure that you are worthy enough to have any powers on the Wikia before asking otherwise you will lose your chances.
  • Disturbing an Admin or Bureaucrat because you want Admin/Chat Mod rights will result in a 2 days Ban.
  • Racism wont be tolerated by any user. Depending on the situation, you can be banned without any chance of coming back.
  • Religious and other controversial topics, such as abortion, euthanasia, etc., are only allowed to be discussed under permission by a present Chat Moderator in the Chat Room. Users are to stop the discussion if told to do so by a Chat Moderator.
    • It is, by all means, FORBIDDEN to personally attack another individual's life, philosophy, sexual orientation and opinions, and doing so will result in a Kick or a Ban.

Rules for AdministatorsEdit

  • An Administrator can Kick and Ban, but it's advised for him to ask any given Chat Moderator about what happened before doing any action.
  • When a Administrator or Chat Moderator kicks and/or bans a user, the given Administrator will held all responsibilities about said User.

Rules for Chat ModeratorsEdit

  • If a Chat Moderator kicks or bans a user only for entertainment, he will be banned for 1 month and his stats shall be removed.
  • Chat Moderator can only ban or kick as last resort. If a Chat Mod has overreacted by a user's action, please report it to any available Admin and his rights will be removed.
  • A Chat Moderator always need to stop fights between users and needs to avoid creating any innapropriate discussion for the members otherwise his rights shall be removed.
  • If a Chat Moderator cannot handle a certain Troll, he might ask help an Bureaucrat's advice or Discussions Moderator. If the Chat Moderator is unstable while dealing with another user and doesn't ask for an Bureaucrat or Administrator's help, his status might be removed for 7 days or less.
  • Chat Moderators are able to help an Admin's decisions, but cannot in no way decide who's going to be banned while there is an online Administrator.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)Edit

  • "How can I be eligible for Chat Moderator rights?"
    • Try to appear in the Wikia Chat everyday for at least 3 hours. Gather the Community to conversations, stop fights without kicking or banning, be polite and help everyone in any given time.
  • "Can you add a custom Emoticon?"
    • Yes, if you have a Emoticon you want to add on the Wikia we might check it and if possible add it. Alltough we won't add Emoticons only created to advertise other Wikias or which don't have humor potential.
  • "Can you unban me from Chat?"
    • No, it's not possible to unban you if you violated any of the Rules hereby listed in this Page. If you think that a Chat Mod has unfairly banned you, please send a message with evidence, if possible, to BeoBlade.