General RulesEdit

Basic guidelines for editing here on the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wikia. Follow these and we'll all get along just fine.

  • Spam is prohibited. Spam is unsolicited, undesired, or illegal messages in general, following the Ban Guidelines.
  • Do not vandalize anything on the Wikia. Vandalizing more than once will result in a permanent ban with no warning.
  • Making comments or posts that disrespect other cultures, races, sexualities, genders, etc falls under vandalism and is strictly prohibited. Just don't say slurs, cool?
  • Sockpuppet accounts will be deleted and the user will receive a 12 hours Block without Admin Warning.
  • Public arguments, user-based harassment, and drama from other Wikias are NOT permitted. An Admin has full reign to step in and enact punishment based on the severity of the fight, ranging anywhere from a warning to a ban.
  • Don't use a game page's comment section to post updates or theories. There's a blog post button for a reason. Don't put walls of text relating to a game's plot in the comments of any pages, either. It's just a mess to look at.
  • Do not edit other user's profiles. Editing it can cause many bad reactions and hurt the owner's feelings. This will not happen if the edit is just to fix a link/URL on their page. Even so, it is best to ask for permission first.
  • Non-admin users should not give warnings to other users. Friendly advice and tips are one thing, but only admins will give out warnings. If a non-admin notices a user breaking rules, they may contact an admin and allow them to deal with it. Please be as specific and coherent as you can while relaying the problem.
  • Administrators that fail be active for a long period of time without good reason will lose their rights. If they wish to regain their powers, they must earn them again.

Admins have authority to punish any other behavior not listed here that they deem to be out of line. Do not actively argue with the Admins over their choices in regulation. If an Admin tells you off, you accept it, and move on, that's all.

Specific Rules Edit

Rules specifically made for the ASG Wikia based on events that have occurred in the past.

  • This is the official ASG Wikia, so only official information is documented here. Any pages on original characters, or the addition of headcanons or any other baseless speculation will be removed.
    • Tangentially related, the Trivia section isn't just a place to dump random stuff that vaguely relates to the page. It has to be relevant and has do add something. If you're adding something purely for the sake of adding something, look at what it is and ask yourself if it really contributes something. If you're still confused, feel free to read this.
  • Pages are to be written in proper American English. Please bear this in mind if you live outside the US. Feel free to change the spelling of a word if it's spelled in the European way instead of the American way.
  • Content on character pages such as game quotes, names, etc, must be taken from the most accurate/recent English script. For example, the Japanese Voice Mod in ASG is seen as the definitive script, and is used as the source for that game in most situations. In other words, nothing from the original 8-4 localization of ASG is permitted, only its revision by MattPapa.
  • NSFW comments on the Wikia are not needed. Making said comments, especially ones in relation to the underage characters, will be deleted. Please don't be that guy who gets banned for repeated instances of this. We also don't need a million "waifu material" comments, either.
  • Attempting to reignite Zonda gender discourse will result in a hard ban. No questions asked.


  • Memes and non-Azure Striker Gunvolt images are only allowed in the Comments Section or something related only to you (Message Wall, Profile) not on Wikia pages.
  • Do not add people's fanart in the gallery section.
  • ONLY post images that you will use on the Wikia (Blog Post, Profile, Forum, Page, or similar).
  • Try not to upload duplicate files.

Ban GuidelinesEdit

Admins are generally trusted to administer bans as they see it. The general guideline is that a first offense warrants a warning, followed by bans of increasing length if the behavior continues, eventually accumulating in a permanent ban. In certain cases such as obvious, malicious vandalism, there will be an immediate, permanent ban.

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