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"Has my power, the "Explosion" Septima... ever been useful? It hasn't! What crap!"
Viper, Justice Rage

Viper, also known as "The Burning Wrath", is a Sumeragi Group Security Department officer and antagonist in Azure Striker Gunvolt, serving as the boss of the mission Conflagration (Biochem Plant).

Once the former leader of a notorious gang, he became infatuated with Lumen after hearing one of her songs and promptly joined Sumeragi. Upon learning the truth about their virtual idol, his focus shifted to Joule. He is an Adept with an affinity for the Septima Explosion, which allows him to create and control heat energy.

He is the protagonist of the drama CD Justice Rage, which details the circumstances that lead to him joining Sumeragi.

Website Description

Viper is an Adept who keeps watch over Sumeragi’s chemical plant complex. His Septimal power, known as Explosion, gives him the ability to compress a large amount of thermal energy into small spheres that explode on impact. He can also engulf his body in flames to deliver extremely deadly attacks.

Viper was once a notorious gang leader, but once he became infatuated with Lumen’s voice, he quickly found himself signing up for Sumeragi’s private army. The Glaive which holds his septimal power is called the Lord of Fire. [1]



Viper is a teenage boy with red eyes and long, spiky red hair, tied up in a ponytail. He wears a black Sumeragi officers jacket with gold highlights, and a white shirt underneath that. He wears checkered cargo pants and black boots. He also wears silver earrings. In various artwork for Justice Rage, Viper is depicted wearing a dark red jacket.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Viper gains black eyes with red irises, and his hair turns a much brighter orange. He wears red and black armour with white highlights, white gloves and a single red horn-like spike on his forehead. Attached to his lower back are guns which can double as hind legs.


Representing the sin wrath, Viper is hot-headed, loud, and vulgar. His most notable attributes are his incredibly short temper and highly defensive attitude, the slightest tease able to send him into a whirlwind of fury. Once, he savagely beat one of his own gang members for making fun of him. He is also very impulsive, something Nova takes advantage of to manipulate him into doing odd jobs.

However, when he isn't consumed by rage, Viper can be surprisingly calm and aloof, showing a general interest in nothing in particular and is very dismissive about everything in general. It's revealed in Justice Rage that Viper generally dislikes his Septima, calling it meaningless, and saying he never asked for it.

He also holds some resentment against society, feeling discriminated against due to his Septima, and fully acknowledging people only follow him out of fear, and often feels a general "emptiness".

Viper is also extremely infatuated with Joule, her being the sole reason he joined the Sumeragi Group, saying she is "cute" hooked up to machines, and that her song was the only thing to inspire true passion within his heart. In exchange for his allegiance to Sumeragi, Nova promised to give her to him after Project Muse was completed. When she is captured by Gunvolt, Viper seemed to develop a personal vendetta against the Adept. When fighting him, he flew into a murderous rage bordering on outright insanity, constantly screaming about how he was going to kill him.

Plot Role 

At some point in time prior to the events of the story, Viper was the infamous leader of a street gang known as Maiden Blood, which dominated the underbelly of the Kanto region of Japan. Eventually, he was scouted by Sumeragi officers Nova and Jota.

He initially refused Nova's offer to join Sumeragi, but after hearing the voice of Sumeragi Group's media icon Lumen, Viper falls madly in love with her songs to the point where he enlists in Sumeragi's private army, and becomes the supervisor for Sumeragi's biochemical plant.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

Biochem Plant (Conflagration)

At the beginning of the story, the protagonist Gunvolt frees Lumen from her forced role as Sumeragi's sonar in their project to locate and capture adepts throughout the world.

Some time after, QUILL sends Gunvolt on a mission to plant a bomb in the reactor core of the biochem plant. When Viper catches wind of this, he immediately heads to the reactor core to face Gunvolt, who, upon meeting him, tells him to take a hike. Viper viciously refuses, claiming it took some effort to get there, and that he's got a bone to pick with Gunvolt for taking his love, Joule. He then uses his Glaive to transform before attacking Gunvolt.

During the fight, Gunvolt is surprised to see that Viper has feelings for Joule. Viper claims that he was about to make his move, but Gunvolt took her away, something he calls unforgivable. Gunvolt says Sumeragi was just using her, and asks Viper why he didn't set her free if he loved her. Viper claims that as a terrorist, Gunvolt should know that the world is an unforgiving place for adepts, and that Sumeragi shielded Joule from danger.

He then admits she may not have been happy about it, but says that it's part of the job, and Gunvolt had no right to decide what was right for her. Gunvolt insists she wanted to be free, and asks if Viper wanted her to be his canary in a cage. Viper claims that just because she wanted it, doesn't mean she'll be happy. He then suddenly becomes much more perverse, claiming that she looked "cute" hooked up to her machines, and that Gunvolt stole his utopia. Disgusted, Gunvolt finally manages to beat and kill Viper, before planting the bomb in the core.

Babel (Stratosphere)

At some point after he is killed, Viper is resurrected by Sumeragi's necromancer, Elise. He, along with Nova's others resurrected Adepts, await Gunvolt's arrival at Sumeragi's orbital space station, Firmament, as the last defence standing between him, and Nova and The Muse.

As anticipated, Gunvolt arrives at the space elevator Babel, and, after killing Merak, boards it to Firmament. As he climbs, Stratos, Jota and Viper beam in via Elise to stop him. After Jota and Stratos's defeat, Viper comes in, swearing vengeance.

As he battles Gunvolt once more, Viper insists Joule will be his after Project Muse is finished, having heard it directly from his superiors. Having lost his cool by now, Gunvolt states Joule doesn't belong to anyone, and makes her own choices. Not interested, Viper says he only wants to hear Gunvolt scream, resulting in GV calling him a chump. Mad with his wrath, Viper vows to turn him to ash. Gunvolt eventually does finish Viper once and for all, and finally reaches Firmament.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime

Viper makes a cameo at the end of the OVA, surrounding Gunvolt along with the other Swordsmen (minus Merak) as a silhouette.

Justice Rage

Smoldering Flame

The scene begins with Viper giving an inner monologue, describing Septima as a "monstrous power", and mocking those who see it as a privilege, claiming that his "Explosion" has never been useful. A girl nearby recognises his Septima, and states that a criminal with the same power recently robbed a shopping centre, much to Viper's distress. A man listening in claims that Septima reflects personality, so Viper probably is like that criminal. Furious, Viper assaults the man, easily beating him. Viper then explains that he went to vent his frustration in street brawls, always winning thanks to his power, though he was never sure if it was a good idea. He then noticed that a group, "Maiden Blood" began to form around him, and assumes there aren't many Adepts like him.

The scene then changes to Viper hanging out with a few of his cronies, when another walks in, boasting of his fight with another gang, LD, but states he forgot to place the gangs signature handkerchief, something Viper could care less about. Another member agrees, and says he just sticks it for team morale, as Viper asks the intruder what he wants. The man says LD thought he was a fake Maiden Blood, and attacked him in a pair, but he took out the handkerchief and they chickened out. Viper tells him not to get cocky, saying he himself took on fifteen. The Maiden Blood member is immediately jealous, and wishes for a Septima, to which Viper scoffs at.

He then notices another member listening to music on his phone, and tries to get his attention. When this eventually works, the member reveals he was listening to Lumen's new song, which the others are ecstatic about. Viper however, has no idea who she is. The cronies gush about the virtual idol, but Viper still isn't too impressed. One member suggests that it's because Viper isn't into girls outside of grade school, something Viper vaguely hears, and the man quickly apologizes. The owner of the phone shows him a picture, and Viper dismisses her as not his "type". Another gangster agrees, saying Viper prefers the "REALLY young girls". Hearing this, Viper flips out, saying he just wanted to see if he was real. The man tries to defend himself, saying everyone knows, but Viper renders him unconscious with his Septima.

Viper returns to his monologue, stating his gang was just a bunch of idiots, but it wasn't bad hanging out with fellow misfits, and wonders if it's made him a better person. However, he still feels empty with them, and acknowledges his people follow him only out of fear of his Septima, noting that he's exactly like that criminal he denied being.

Flame & Water

Some time after, Viper is confronted by a member of the LD gang, whom Viper crippled. The man reveals himself to be an Adept with the Septima, "Hydro Pressure", that allows him to shoot high pressure water. He attacks, but Viper blocks with a wall of flames. The gangster still insists he will win, but Viper mocks him, asking if he hates science. When the man tells him he dropped out of grade school, Viper informs him that flames evaporate water. He then goes on the offensive and easily beats his foe, sending him running.

Then, he notices two people watching close by. They come out, introducing themselves as Nova and Jota. Viper assumes they're Adepts, and asks what gang they are in. To his surprise, Nova tells him they are with Sumeragi, with the Maiden Blood leader claiming they're Adept Hunters. Nova admits that such a label is inevitable, given the other units "overbearing" methods. He also admits he is a hunter, but doesn't like overbearing means and just wants to talk, and offers Viper a place working for him. Viper refuses the offer, and challenges Nova to a fight, to which the latter accepts.

Justice & Rage

Viper attacks Nova, however, he finds himself unable to counter the sheer might of Nova's Psychokinesis, who isn't even bothering to use Glaives, and is easily trumped. Nova remarks how he's impressed with Viper's powers, but in stark contrast, the Maiden Blood leader laments his lose, furious over his apparent useless power. Jota mocks him for his lack of belief as well as his lack of power, asking if he ever thought he could do something with it. Furious, Viper yells that he never asked for his power, something Nova takes note of as Viper curses his Septima.

Nova then moves on, saying that it's no good being sulky. When Viper questions how a power that only blows things up is usual, Nova tells him that dynamite, whilst a deadly explosive, was invented to increase safety, a metaphor which Viper doesn't understand, before Nova simplifies it to say that if he uses it in the right way, his power can be useful, and again offers employment. Viper refuses to go aid the society which oppresses him, and after a few more failed attempts, Nova and Jota leave, though leaving a business card, as well as informing him of a special, live Lumen concert that night, and asks he check it out. Viper merely scoffs and walks off.

Daytona's Ignition Point

Making his way back to his hideout, his lackeys are surprised by his ragged state, though he dismisses their concerns, and asks why they're all crowded around a PC, but then hears the song, recognizing Lumen, and realizes this is the live performance Nova spoke of. His lackeys urge him to listen, and as he does, suddenly experiences an intense, smoldering heat in his heart. Ecstatic, he expresses his new-found love, much to his teammates' surprise and joy. Remembering that Lumen is sponsored by Sumeragi, Viper searches for Nova's card, only to realize he threw it away, deciding to instead go directly to Sumeragi and Lumen, immediately running off, much to the dismay of his lackeys.

The scene ends on Viper's inner monologue, telling that he found Sumeragi and discovered the truth behind Lumen, and the girl who made his flames burn with a flaming passion: Joule.

Other Appearances

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Viper appears as a DLC boss in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, along with the rest of the Sumeragi Seven, serving as the boss of the Isle of Dreams. He has the same attacks as in the first game.

Mighty Gunvolt

Viper is featured as a boss in the 8-bit spin-off as the boss of the Train Stage. His attacks are similar to his ones from the original game.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Viper appears as a collectible Pixel Sticker. It is a random drop by an enemy.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave, Viper is a powerful Adept who wields the Explosion Septima. True to its name, allows him to manipulate fire, usually by compressing thermal energy into fireballs.

While initially untrained with his powers, upon gaining a Glaive, Viper's powers have become strong enough that he can compress enormous amounts of thermal energy into spheres of heat called "Angry Bombs" that cause powerful explosions on impact. Viper's Septima also gives him resistance to fire as shown in his Refulgence Special Skill where he jumps through the fire pillars and gathers heat around himself with no ill effects.

Due to all his time spent fighting other gang members before joining Sumeragi, Viper is a formidable opponent. Viper can engulf his body in flames to bolster the strength of his physical attacks, usually done to enhance the strength of his kicks. Viper is also very agile, often leaping across the screen with great ease, even using his powers to create a platform of heated air that he can kick off to change his airborne movements.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Viper mainly fights with his waist mounted guns, using them to fire his Angry Bombs. The guns can also unfold into a pair of robotic hind legs to enhance his agility.


Azure Striker Gunvolt

The boss fight with Viper is unique in that fire pillars stand at the sides of the screen, restricting movement within the boss arena as well as providing arena hazards for Gunvolt.

Skill Description
Viper's standard attack. Viper performs a quick sliding kick across the floor towards Gunvolt.

  • At battle phase one, Viper may perform two slides consecutively. Beginning with battle phase two, Viper no longer performs consecutive slides.
  • Viper will always follow-up this attack with his angry bombs or his unicorn drop. [3]
Angry Bomb
Viper's standard attack. Viper fires three explosives in an upward arc.

  • The explosives can be detonated if they come into contact with Gunvolt's Flashfield or if Gunvolt shoots them with his bolt; the explosives leave lingering explosions in the spot where they were detonated.
  • Viper will not proceed to his next attack until lingering explosions have dissipated. [3]
Unicorn Drop - 3.png
Unicorn Drop
Viper begins using this attack at battle phase two onward. Viper first jumps towards the fire pillar farthest from him. He then performs a wall-kick towards the other fire pillar, shooting a three-way set of angry bombs towards the ground while he is mid-air. He performs a second wall-kick once he reaches the second pillar, shooting a two-way set of angry bombs towards the floor while he is mid-air. At the conclusion of this attack, Viper will perform a third wall-kick towards Gunvolt and kick him.

  • Viper may follow-up or interrupt this attack with his volcanic axe attack or feint assault.
  • If Gunvolt is in the way of any of Viper's jumps or wall-kicks, then Viper will kick him into a fire pillar and cancel this attack. [3]
Volcanic Axe.png
Volcanic Axe
Volcano Axe
Viper begins using this attack at battle phase two onward. Viper performs this attack as a follow-up or cancel to his unicorn drop. When Viper wall-kicks towards the ceiling in his unicorn drop attack sequence, he will disappear momentarily before performing a drop kick on Gunvolt. The drop kick's impact on the ground causes two bits of fiery debris to rise and fall on either side of Viper.
Feint Assault.png
Feint Assault
Viper begins using this attack at battle phase two onward. Viper performs this attack as a follow-up or cancel to his unicorn drop. When Viper reaches a fire pillar at any time during his unicorn drop attack sequence, he may jump towards Gunvolt and fire a three-way shot at him.
Daytona - Sunshine Nova 2.png
Sunshine Nova
Viper's special attack. Viper performs wall-kicks across the fire pillars until he reaches the top of the screen; whenever Viper makes contact with a fire pillar, two bits of fiery debris will drop onto the floor. He then fires several dozen slow-moving fiery shots that radiate outward in a spiral pattern. After a few seconds of firing these he stops, and instead proceeds to oscillate side-to-side in the air, firing slow-moving waves of three-way and two-way shots below him.

The spiral pattern is extremely difficult to dodge, requiring standing below and just slightly to the left of Viper and then gently stepping forward in the small gaps in between shots. Alternatively, with well-timed recharged the Chargeguard Pendant will also allow you to dodge this part without taking damage. To avoid the second part, simply stay below him and keep track of what form of shot will be fired next, as it always alternates consistently between two-way and three-way shots.

Mighty Gunvolt

Just like in Azure Striker Gunvolt, Viper's boss fight is unique in that it's fought with pillars of fire by the edges of the stage.

Skill Description
MGV Viper AngryBomb.png
Angry Bomb
Viper's standard attack, he slowly fires 3 exploding orbs: One forward, one at a slight angle and one at a 45* angle. The first one can be jumped over, the second one slid under or double jumped over, and the third simply requires standing far enough away. With Ekoro, a viable method of dodging is simply hovering over Viper to stand behind him during the attack.
MGV Viper SlideKick.png
Viper will sometimes use this attack inbetween Angry Bombs if the player gets too close. It's a slide kick that rams right into the player with little time to react or avoid. Best method of avoiding it is simply keeping it from activating in the first place.
MGV Viper Refulgence.png
Sunshine Nova
A simplified version of Viper's Special Skill, he begins using the attack after having lost more than half of his health. Viper hops back slightly, then dashes into the fire pillar in front of him, with splashes of fire leaving the point of impact. He dashes diagonally upwards from the fire pillar and repeats this a couple of times, before reaching near the top of the screen. Then, he begins hovering left to right, shooting down Angry Bombs in fixed angles. Reacting to the initial dashes can be difficult, especially since the second dash goes at an extremely low angle but is still too high up to be jumped over, but the Angry Bombs are simple to avoid with small, tiny movements.

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Transform Hmpf! Uoooh! Hah! Fun! Uoooo! Haa! フン!ウオオオッ!ハッ!
Sliding Hah! Haa! ハァッ!
Angry Bombs There, there, theeere! Oraoraoraaa! オラオラオラァッ!
Volcanic Axe I’ll kick and crush you! Theeeere! Keritsubusuu! *Deyaaa! 蹴り潰すっ!デヤーッ!
Unicorn Drop Ti! There! Ti!
There! Theeeere!
Ti! Oraa! Ti!
Oraa! *Deyaaa!
Faint Assault Ti! Theeere! Ti! Oraaa! ティ!オラァッ!
Refulgence That tears it! Refulgence!
Take this! Burn out!
Hyah, hah!
Kire taze!
Sanshain noba!
*Deyaaa! Kogetsukina!
Hyaa haa!
デヤーッ! 焦げ付きな!
1st Phase Down I'll turn you to cinders! Keshizumi ni nari yagare! 消し炭になりやがれ!
2nd Phase Down Not even dust will remain of you! Chiri sura nokosanee! 塵すら残さねえ!
Defeated Jouuuleee! Shian-chaann! シアンちゃ~んっ!
  • "Deya" is a kiai, a shout that a Japanese combatant yells when in the process of performing an attack.

Special Skill Chants


Rays of searing heat
The sun returns all to ash
Beneath its wrathful gaze


Heat waves that actively burn like the Sun...
Burning passion, undulating Inferno...
Only ashes shall remain in Purgatory’s flames...

태양처럼 불타오르는 열의 파도,
격정적으로 작열하며 넘실거리는 맹화,
연옥의 불꽃에 남은 것은 한 주먹의 재뿐.
Waves of heat burning like a sun,
Flames raging with its burning passion,
The purgatory’s flames will leave nothing but ash!


"You're tellin' me to step back, Gunvolt? When I heard you were here in my turf, I busted my tail to get down here. Forget about the reactor, the only place you're goin' is 6 feet under! The name's Viper. I got a real bone to pick with you for snatching my love, Joule, from me!"
Viper , confronting Gunvolt

"Duh! Are you braindead?! I was gonna make my move... Then you snatched her away from me! Unforgivable!"
Viper , fighting Gunvolt

"Hah! You're a filthy terrorist, so you should already know this! The world is an awful place for punks like us, for Adepts. Sumeragi shielded Joule from all the dangers of the world. Let me tell ya, she may've not been stoked about all this... That's how things are for idols. It's just part of the job. Nobody gave you the right to decide what is best for her!!"
Viper , giving his opinion on Joule's life

"Shut up! Just, shut up! She's so cute all hooked up to that machine! Feels good, man! But you stole my bae, and my personal utopia along with her! It's unforgivable! I'll bury your sorry hide!!"
Viper , raging over the loss of his fantasy

"Hey Gunvolt, you didn't think I was through with you, did you?! Now it's finally my turn!! The fires of Hell feel lukewarm compared to my flames now... Joule is mine, punk! I'll never hand her over to you again! This time around, I'm gonna kick your stupid face into the ground!"
Viper , after his resurrection

"Once I wipe you out for good, Joule will be all mine, got it?! I heard it straight from the top brass! When it comes to Joule. They'll leave everything to me!"
Viper , stating his claim on Joule

"SHUT UP! My... raging flames will turn you to ashes, GUNVOLT!!"
Viper , raging even more

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

Most of the bosses' normal forms are recycled using tons of material pictures. Many of them underwent redesign to the point where they don't at all resemble what they used to, but some of them barely changed, Viper being one of them. He's made in the image of a hot-blooded delinquent character, and has lines that make him look like a protagonist at first glance. Even though his personality is rather unhinged, I at least aimed to make him look cool.

Each boss' transformation is based on one of the seven deadly sins, and an animal, Viper's motifs are wrath and the unicorn. Tsuda-san, the director, originally wanted him to have pitch-black all over his body, but trying to incorporate a pitch-black character into a game made him blend in with the background. Hence why I added white and additional accents, to make his shape more easily recognizable. He was the first boss character designed, which means he worked as a base for the other boss designs, making him a commemorable character.

-- (Hatakeyama Yoshitaka)


-- (畠山義崇)


  • Viper's design is based on a centaur as seen in his concept art for Azure Striker Gunvolt. His hind legs double as boosters that can fire explosives.
  • The seven Sumeragi Swordsmen are based on the seven deadly sins and an animal that represents it. Viper represents wrath and is based on the unicorn.
  • Viper is one of two bosses available to fight in the Azure Striker Gunvolt demo. The other is Jota.
  • Viper is the first of three characters to call out to another character when dying, with Viper screaming out for Joule. The other two are Tenjian and Zonda, who call for each other.
  • In the Japanese version, before Viper transforms, he says "Anyone who thwarts another's love shall go to hell by the hooves of this horse". This quote originated from Mobile Fighter G Gundam episode 46.
  • Official artwork reveals that Viper enjoys smoking cigarettes.
  • Viper's name was based on the Dodge Viper, as all of Sumeragi's boss names also happen to be used in cars.
    • His Japanese name, Daytona, is named after the Daytona, which is a car manufactured by Dodge.
  • Following Viper's defeat, Copen will use Blazing Bombers in all subsequent boss battles.
  • In the very first trailer's English subtitles, Viper is referred to as "Explosive Rage Daytona."