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Versus Missions, also known as VS Missions, first introduced in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, are individual matches against every single boss in the game. they can be unlocked by completing the four-part "X" symbol at the top right corner of the title screen, which you do by:

  • Finishing the main story
  • Clear all special missions
  • Collect all emblems
  • Complete every single stage (including Special Missions) in "Score Attack".

Once unlocked, VS Missions can be played on other save files after clearing the Boss Rush.


Kohaku: These missions are for fighting specific bosses! They're called versus missions! This way you can fight whatever boss you want, however many times you want!


  • All Falcon bosses are the regular (non-EX) variant.
  • Unlike in Boss Rush, Blade is the second fight (Medical Center) variant and Demerzel is the regular (Sumeragi Secret Bunker 3) variant.
    • Copen also will not have his left eye damaged during the Demerzel fight in this mode.
  • Although not a visible option, holding ZR/R2/RT before pressing Engage will load the EX variant of a boss if it exists.
    • The EX variants of the Giga Lola and the Butterfly Effect can only be accessed through this command.
    • For Blade, this command will load the third fight (Sumeragi Secret Bunker 1) variant. Blade's EX variant must be purchased as DLC, and is listed as a separate mission and has no alternate variant.