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Hi! I've seen people miscategorizing certain things, mostly related to the songs and CDs, so here's my official clear-up thingamabob.

Music - Refers to the actual songs themselves. Entire albums should not be categorized as "Music".

Soundtracks - Refers to the albums and CDs as entities. Separate song pages should not be categorized as "Soundtracks".

Future songs should be categorized as follows: [(Game Title)], [Music], [Discography:(Lumen/Lola, whichever it is)]

Future soundtracks should be categorized as follows: [(Game Title)], [Soundtracks], and [Side story], [Drama CDs], etc if such apply. Drama CDs will often have tracks of the music in the CD along with the CD's story, albums however have only the music.

Please keep this in mind so I don't have to keep checking these pages and correcting mistakes. Thank you.