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Sweetamitie Sweetamitie 30 July 2019

Note about Categories

Hi! I've seen people miscategorizing certain things, mostly related to the songs and CDs, so here's my official clear-up thingamabob.

Music - Refers to the actual songs themselves. Entire albums should not be categorized as "Music".

Soundtracks - Refers to the albums and CDs as entities. Separate song pages should not be categorized as "Soundtracks".

Future songs should be categorized as follows: [(Game Title)], [Music], [Discography:(Lumen/Lola, whichever it is)]

Future soundtracks should be categorized as follows: [(Game Title)], [Soundtracks], and [Side story], [Drama CDs], etc if such apply. Drama CDs will often have tracks of the music in the CD along with the CD's story, albums however have only the music.

Please keep this in mind so I don'…

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Sweetamitie Sweetamitie 1 July 2019

Binge... 2!!

It is now almost 5am my time. Today (yesterday?) was my first acting day as an Admin. I edited a lot so here's a quick summary:

  • Added myself to the Staff page.
  • Fixed the Community Portal to be just a bit more updated.
  • Updated the Slider on the front page with some different news.
  • Fixed (hopefully) all the broken links to Copen's old page title, "The Adept Slayer", including others like Zonda and micellaneous characters. I had to edit some users' personal user pages or posts/comments so pardon my intrusions lol
  • Did you know that Gibril is the only character whose title was put into quotation marks rather than double apotrophes and that's why the link to her Gallery (double apostrophes) wasn't working correctly? Well, now you do, not like anyone …
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Sweetamitie Sweetamitie 16 May 2019

Fun Fact

You know, with ASG's game dialogue being in an all-caps font, it makes it hard to tell which words are capitalized sometimes. If you've read any of my transcripts you'll notice I leave the words "adept" and "septima" uncaplitalized, when it may make sense to capitalize them, as they may look like proper nouns upon first glance. But they aren't!

Take these two screencaps from the two ASG2 trailers.

When you have a case of nouns that only exist within a fictional world, like, say, a made-up species or concept, you wouldn't capitalize them, as they wouldn't be proper nouns. As a general rule, things that are seen as 'the norm' in whatever universe aren't proper nouns but are just regular or abstract nouns (for instance: love, human, clairvoyanc…

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