Here is a list of my updates in this Wikia

  • Created a tabber for every Boss'  pages, they also have an Gallery.
  • All-new: Badges! Everytime you make soemthing useful in the wikia, you will receive a badge for it.
  • Chat is available! You can join it here and talk with the other members!
    • Currently, the chat dont have many members online.
    • There are new Emoticons in the chat.
    • Options Menu has been added.
  • Update on the Wikia Navigation! Added some important content in there that you can check.
  • Suggestions! Is there anything missing in the Wikia? do you want something on the Wikia? Just give your reply and I will try to answer it!
  • Charbox has been covered by the classic Infobox, Charbox still exists but Charbox 2 was deleted.
    • Charbox 3 is now named "Basic-Char".
  • New Community Messages! Now you can find out the news in the Wikia!
  • Wikia Rules are here, read it before making a edit and be sure to follow the guidelines!
    • You can also find the Wikia Rules/Chat.
  • Added videos on the Azure Striker Gunvolt page.
    • If you guys know any good gameplay without Youtuber-related stuff, please add it on the Stages page(s).
  • Description in the Wikia pictures (WIP).
    • They are very basic, please edit with more info if possible.
  • Affiliation with: MMKB Wikia and God Eater Wiki.
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