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(This is merely a scratch, and I will do several improvements on this chapter on the next few days, just posting this to show my writing.)

"You, doctors! LET ME OUTTA HERREEE!!" the man exclaimed, crying in agony while he was trying to activate his Septimal power, they were on a laboratory with a pink - blue neon covering its roof. There were no visible doors, and the Adept was being hold by electric iron chains.

"Warning. Warning. Warning. Lab Rat #001 Takefutsu is going rampage. Every scientist and researcher, accompany Dr.Kamizono on the task of controlling him!" they heard, coming from a cellphone nearby on a desk nearby, the two doctors stared at themselves and decided to stop triggering the Adept, opening a hidden elevator on the left wall of the room, completely ignoring everything on the surroundings.

"Do you think you're leaving here that easily? After crushing everything I once had? Remember this name: Johannes. The name of the Adept who killed both of you." the man said, laughing hard at the two of them, one of the doctors threw a knife that was on his pocket, aiming at his mouth. Surprisingly he broke one of the chains that were holding him, releasing some of his Senary wave, invoking the mouth of a back dragon on his face, who ate the knife they threw.

"Warning. Warning. Warning. Lab Rat #001 Takefutsu is going rampage. Rumors are that he yet killed three workers, all Sumeragi members who possess a Glaive, please neutralize him!" the voice said, Johannes smiled and said: "So, you are named Sumeragi? Good to know" and the doctors desperately left the room, trying to flee from Johannes's incoming wrath towards them.

Desire of Revenge

Hatred Despair


Sumeragi made him suffer from everything a human could possibly hate, they changed his memories, dreams, hopes and life. However, unlike the others, Johannes did know everything Sumeragi was doing with him, somehow his brain couldn't be edited. Maybe it was his septima, or his bravery, no one knows.

While everyone was running from Takefutsu, only two of the scientists knew how Johannes could be dangerous, maybe he could even compare himself to Nova, or maybe he was even higher than him. His powers were beyond his or Sumeragi's controls, no, it wasn't a god-mode, he could surely be destroyed, but we can't say the same about the Darkness Dragon.

"Who ... let the dogs out?" he said, the four of the Adepts smiled and Johannes quickly allowed them to hunt their respective torturers. He could barely walk because he didn't used his legs for months, perhaps a year. He walked to an elevator, being supported by walls. When he chimed in, he decided to go to the roof while resting a little. It took almost two minutes, it was a skyscraper on middle of an island nowhere to be found, with only water on the horizon.

There was a pale man with long white hair staring intensely at the sky.

"Takefutsu ... now we are free."

"Free? No. We won't be free until all humans disappear from the face of this world. Are you going to help me, Johannes?"

"Kill all humans? That's not the fault of an entire species, there are innocent people too Takefutsu!"

"There isnt. Our families are also Adepts, we didn't had friends because of Sumeragi neither. All people we can trust is each other, and humans are the ones who made us that way. Failure is not a option for them, or to me."

"I understand ... but I can't help, sorry. All I want is revenge against Sumeragi, but I don't want to end my life after that, I want to have a life. Get kids, teach something at a random school, stuff like that. Thanks for your friendship, Takefutsu."

"Ok. If you change your mind, feel free to call me. I'll get some equipment downstairs, also, from now on don't call me Takefutsu."

"What then?"

"Call me ... Asimov."