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Hello, fellow Azure Striker! Do you remember my last Blog Post, which I explained about the new Infobox Builder? After the IB was added to all Wikias, I decided to give it a try around here and made the new Image Infobox! In this Blog Post, I will try to explain my idea.

Also, with this idea, I'm planning to change every image to the .png format instead of .jpg to get a better quality, that would be solely my responsibility since it's a hard task though, unless you do want to work on this with me.

Image Infobox

Gunvolt in Street Clothes.jpg

This image is for public use, and can be edited freely.


As you can see, the new Image Infobox gives the very important details from the image to the reader, and helps organize the Wikia.

We would use this to the Description to all pictures currently on this Wiki, that would require some work, but it's worthy.

Now, what do you think about it? Should I change something? Is there some data I forgot to add? Just comment!

How it works

Source / Mode of use

Image Infobox
|date of upload=Example

That's the code, simple enough.

  • Description: Explain what is inside that picture, or if there is something specially catching on that image, or just say why it was uploaded on the first place.
  • Characters: If there is any character on this picture, add them to this section.
  • Origin: Tell from where does that image comes from, (and if you aren't going to use it soon, also explain your plan with that image).
  • Author: Give a link of the Uploader's user page.
  • Date of Upload: How it was uploaded and when did that happened.


How exactly is that image supposed to work? Explain it without the Infobox, as a normal text on the image's description for everyone to see. I will give you a list of my ideas of Attributes.

  • This image is for public use, and can be edited freely. - The normal attribute for images on a content page, these images can be renamed, edited, or posted anywhere by anyone.
  • This image is for professional use of the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki - Images posted on important pages of the Wiki, such as Community Portal or Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki: Staff. These images can be posted elsewhere, but you shall ask for an admin's approval before editing it.
  • This image was uploaded by _____ for personal use - An image uploaded by a user, but there is not connected to Content Pages. Things such as an image for your User page, or Comment sections, Fan Arts are also included on this attribute.
  • Marked for deletion - An image that wasn't deleted by the Admins for a certain reason, but they are intending to delete it soon, images with this Attributes will be deleted within a week unless someone makes a proper use of it, or wants to.

Image Infobox itself

I'm the one who created this Infobox, but it can also be edited by other users. If you feel anything wrong with it, just contact me or edit it using the "Special:Infobox Builder/Image Infobox".

Tell me your thoughts, and see you in the Comments section!