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Hello Wikians. I am Admin: BeoBlade and I've been really busy lately so... sorry if I missed anything on the Wikia.

I just want to make it clear about the new design on the Home Page. A while ago I decided to do a Design Request in the Community Wikia. I asked a better design for the Wikia and JoePlay helped a lot with this, and I owe him a lot about this awesome design.

Now the Home Page's Headings are better-looking and we have Azure Striker Gunvolt's official Twitter!, we have the Common.Js (Admin Only) on the Wikia, a new wallpaper and some other edits on the Special:Chat, a update for the Infoboxes Oh and do not forget, the wikia have a new Wallpaper!

Feel free to reply to this Blog Post with your questions, altough I will probably take a while to answer them. I will come to this Wikia monthly (I will come again in Christmas, I just came here to reply to Joeplay's message and create this Blog Post).

Regards: BeoBlade (talk) 15:38, November 17, 2015 (UTC)