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  • BeoBlade

    Hello all Azure Strikers! This Blog Post was made to explain why we made the latest General rule (Until further notice, spoilers relating to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 are prohibited).

    As you might already know, there were several changes when the first Azure Striker Gunvolt was released on the west, such as the absence of in-game dialogues which explained a lot of information about the game (i.e: Asimov's history). Of course that this was fixed on the Steam version of the game, but the 3DS version wasn't that lucky so soon.

    Zonda's true identity also caused a lot of arguements here on the Wikia, about wether he's a guy, girl, or a non-binary person. His pronouns were changed to xe/xer/xyr on the english version of the game, and since some peop…

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  • BeoBlade

    (This is merely a scratch, and I will do several improvements on this chapter on the next few days, just posting this to show my writing.)

    "You, doctors! LET ME OUTTA HERREEE!!" the man exclaimed, crying in agony while he was trying to activate his Septimal power, they were on a laboratory with a pink - blue neon covering its roof. There were no visible doors, and the Adept was being hold by electric iron chains.

    "Warning. Warning. Warning. Lab Rat #001 Takefutsu is going rampage. Every scientist and researcher, accompany Dr.Kamizono on the task of controlling him!" they heard, coming from a cellphone nearby on a desk nearby, the two doctors stared at themselves and decided to stop triggering the Adept, opening a hidden elevator on the left …

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  • BeoBlade

    Image Infobox

    May 31, 2016 by BeoBlade

    Hello, fellow Azure Striker! Do you remember my last Blog Post, which I explained about the new Infobox Builder? After the IB was added to all Wikias, I decided to give it a try around here and made the new Image Infobox! In this Blog Post, I will try to explain my idea.

    Also, with this idea, I'm planning to change every image to the .png format instead of .jpg to get a better quality, that would be solely my responsibility since it's a hard task though, unless you do want to work on this with me.

    This image is for public use, and can be edited freely.

    As you can see, the new Image Infobox gives the very important details from the image to the reader, and helps organize the Wikia.

    We would use this to the Description to all pictures currently …

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  • BeoBlade

    Infobox Builder

    March 21, 2016 by BeoBlade

    Hi there, BeoBlade here once again.

    The topic now is about the Infobox Builder on the Wikia, in case you don't know what it is: The Infobox Builder is a new W.I.P project created by the Wikia Staff, wich helping editors to create Infobox without having to working using Source.

    I have created a Infobox called Beo's Infobox. It was based mainly on the Infobox Templates of this Wikia, feel free to test it on our Profile or Blog Post. I'm not adding this Infobox due to the fact that Wikia will upgrade the Infobox Builder later, so we would have to edit the Infobox many times and that would cause confusion to our editors.

    "Beo's Infobox" is here only to test how it would work at the Wikia, and for users to know what's coming next.

    Thanks for the at…

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  • BeoBlade

    MAGFEST - Wikia

    February 24, 2016 by BeoBlade

    Hello all, I made this Blog Post to keep users up-to date with the newest news about Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 to avoid duplicate files/edits on the Wikia.

    • First Trailer already on the Wikia
    • Indigo Destiny (Main Theme) already on the Wikia.
    • A page for Ouka has been created.
    • A page for Unnamed Boss has been created.
    • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 has been updated with MAGFest.
    • Gunvolt "The Azure Striker" has been updated with MAGFest.
      • His Gallery also has been updated with the First Trailer's gameplay.
    • Home Page has been updated.

    This list might change later on.

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