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I've been adding cateogries that lacked to some articles for easier finding and organizing.

But sometimes I've made a mistake and added a category that didn't belong or wasn't necessary since a similar one already exists.

However, I can't seem to edit/remove the existing categories of an article.

Is it something only moderators/administrators can handle?

On the other hand, I've gone over most character pages to take out the Dengeki Nintendo profile section and merge the info with the corresponding section.

I've also updated reference links and added the translation of the Japanese site's character quotes.

Now this is starting to look better and better.

I also wondered if it would be a good idea to make "Gallery" pages containing pictures of the CD booklets: but depends if we consider these images to be of public domain or not or if they are considered images that shouldn't be published.

I am open to any feedback.

Post by Sidier.