"This is just perfect.... absolutely perfect..." Jota muttered under his breath as he marched down the hall, followed by the six other adept officers. All seven had woken up to a message from Nova, ordering that they meet him in one of the training rooms. Given the events of the previous day, it was natural to assume they were all a little on edge. 

"Don't be so down in the dumps Jota!" Zonda said, trying to lift the disgruntled man's spirits. "Nova's a cool guy! He'll probably just give us a talking to and send us on our way!" Jota stopped and glared at Zonda. "This is more than just a little mistake! This could cost us our futures in Sumeragi if handled the wrong way!" He said, before turning and continuing on his way. 

"Hmph. Someone clearly needs more rest," Merak commented, rolling his eyes as he and the others fell in line behind Jota. "But... Merak, aren't you scared of what Mr. Nova might do?" Elise asked, who was right behind Merak. The girl was sweating profoundly, and her skin was pale and clammy with fear as she gulped at the thought of a furious Nova. "Come on. The boss probably ain't gonna do anything too bad," Merak replied as the group reached the closed door to Training Room 1. Jota keyed in a quick code in the panel in the wall, and the door slid open. 

The training room was, at first glance, nothing more than an excessively large, barren, purple room room, exuding the large control panel in the corner. However, the training rooms were actually VR rooms, running various simulations using holograms. Soldiers were required to spend at least twenty hours a week in simulations, running multiple simulations in preparation for actual battles.  

"It doesn't appear he's yet..." Jota said as he and the others walked in. "This is so stressful.... Stratos can't take it...." Stratos moaned, clutching his head in both fear and pain. "Oh shut up! You're the idiot who got us in this mess in the first place!" Viper yelled, swatting at Stratos. "Ehh? Aren't you the one who revealed Nova's secret ability to us all?" The crazed adept replied. "Tch! That ain't my fault! How was I supposed to know he hadn't told you!" Viper yelled back.  

"Enough you two."

Everyone instantaneously turned towards the door they'd just come through. There, standing in the middle of the doorway, hands casually shoved in his pockets, was Nova. His usual nonchalant smirk was replaced with a blank, unreadable expression. "Ahh! Lord Nova!" Jota said, walking up to his commander. "I would be honoured to be the explain everything!" Nova stared at him for a few seconds, before turning away and walked over to the control panel. "Uhh... sir?" Jota asked. Nova continued to ignore him as he began pressing several buttons. At once, the doors slid shut, then a clanging sound signified they'd been looked. Nova pressed a few more buttons, and the overhead lights briefly shut off, plunging the room into darkness, before the emergency power kicked in, and the lights flicked back on, though now a dark red.

"Alright, that should disable any cameras. And I'm certain there's no hidden recorders," Nova said, stepping away from the control panel. "Alright then..." One moment, Nova had been standing on the other side of the room to the others. Then, before they could even blink, Nova almost seemed to teleport from the control panel to standing less than a few inches away from Viper. 

"Ghh!" The redhead cried as he stumbled back and fell on his backside. Nova hovered over him, a dark purple aura surrounding his body as he glared down the cowering adept before him, his expression screaming suppressed rage.  "Care to explain things, Viper?" Nova asked, his voice eerily calm. Sweating, Viper turned to the others for help, but to his dismay, the other six were standing several meters back, trying not to be noticed. Gulping, Viper turned back to Nova and gave him an incredibly nervous grin. "I-I.... umm.... heh.... yo-you see boss...." he began. 

"You realize, that had any of our underlings or fellow officers heard about this.... they would have instantly reported it to higher command," Nova said, still giving his death glare as he hovered over Viper. "Uhh.... sorry?" The latter replied, eyes wide with terror. Nova remained silent for a few seconds, before letting out an aggregated sigh, and softly landing on his feet. Instantly, Viper crawled backwards until he was with the rest of the group, whom Nova now turned his attention towards.

"I can understand why you would want to learn this ability," he began, now noticeably calmer. "But I'm afraid it's completely out of question. If the higher ups were to ever get wind that we are even discussing this, it could spell bad news. For all of us." 

"But my Lord!" Carrera said, stepping forward. "The ability to wield power without a glaive would be a mighty blessing! Can't you talk to the leaders and-!" 

"Of course not," Nova said, cutting him off, a smile tugging at the edge of his lips. "I actually wouldn't mind teaching you to use your septima without your glaives you know." The group held their breath hopefully. "But, I'm afraid I cannot risk it. The possibility of being found out is too gre-" 


"Ehh?" Nova reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, black earpiece, which was vibrating, signalling someone was calling him. "Excuse me," he said to the others, and popped the earpiece in. "Hello?"

"TSUKUYOMI!!" Nova flinched as the loud voice burrowed into his head. The voice was so loud that even the others in the room could hear what was being said. Nova groaned silently, before replying. "Hello, Commander Kurai." 

"I decided to give you a little call to check how progress towards finding the muse is!" Issei Kurai said, still talking far louder than necessary. "Don't worry commander. We've successfully narrowed down our list of most likely locations. It's only a matter of time before we find Lumen," Nova reassured. 

"You best make sure! Now, you better have a good report next time you come around, or else I might feel you have to be replaced!" Issei replied. "I look forward to proving you wrong," Nova said. Before Issei could reply, Nova pulled out the earpiece, flicked it off, and put it in his pocket. "Hmph. Rather frustrating fellow..." Nova muttered. 

"Well then, I suppose we will take our leave," Jota said, trying to hide his disappointment as he began walking towards the door, the others following close behind. "Huh? Oh! Yes yes!" Nova replied, as the door shut behind them, leaving him alone in the training room. Sighing, Nova turned his gaze skyward. 

What were they thinking.... Me teaching them to use their septima without their glaive....

If the board got any word of it.... they'd most certainly not approve.....

It's actually a decent idea... but the risk is too high....

...... Still.....

If I could keep the whole thing a secret.... perhaps....

"Ahh! No! What I'm thinking?!" Nova exclaimed, as if just realizing what he was thinking. "I can't do such a thing! I could be putting me and the others in danger!" 

But it's a skill that they could use... if they find themselves unable to use their glaive for whatever reason....

Maybe.... if I train them, and present it to the board as an experiment, and make sure that they don't become too powerful.... maybe they might allow it.... if I'm lucky.... maybe even do away with our glaives....

"Or they could just be encouraged to make even more glaives!" Nova argued. By now he was walking in circles as he argued with his own mind. "If they find out that I still use my septima without my glaives, they might add even more sub-glaives to me.... and do the same to others...." 

But I have managed to hide mine for as long as I've had it......

The others are smart.... they can surely do the same....

Nova stopped walking. His brow furrowed and his eyes screwed shut as he continuously came up with reasons not to do it, which was them immediately countered by reasons to do it. Finally, he opened his eyes, and let out a small sigh.

"I can't believe I'm doing this...."  

"How can this be!? The power to wield my magnetism without mine glaive shalt not be granted!" Carrera sobbed, sulking as he walked down the hall, Zonda awkwardly patting his back. "I'm just glad I didn't die!" Viper said. "I mean, did you see his face?!" Elise nodded nervously. "Y-Yeah... it was really scary..." Merak scoffed in response. "Please. I knew nothing bad would happen!" 

Jota, at the forefront of the group, continued walking in silence, his mind dwelling over the recent events. "Hmmm? You alright....?" Jota looked down to see Stratos, hunched over as always, walking alongside him, looking up at him curiously. "Yes. I'm fine," Jota confirmed. Stratos tilted his head, but didn't say anything as he turned his attention to the hallway. Sighing sadly, Jota closed his eyes. 

Forgive me Lord Nova.... I pray that you find a way deal with this pressure in a good way....

"Hey!" The seven adepts stopped at the sudden voice. Turning around, they were surprised to to see Nova standing behind them, hands in his pockets, looking away. For awhile, nobody said anything. Then, Nova coughed awkwardly and turned around. "Show up at two am tomorrow sharp. You can take turns." With that, he walked away quickly, not turned back once. The other seven stood in stunned silence, before Viper spoke up. 

"Looks like I was RIGHT to snich on him huh?" He said, a smirk on his face. The others turned to look at him, eyebrows raised. "What?" He asked, confused.  

"Show up at two am tomorrow sharp. You can take turns."

Issei Kurai grinned as the recording played from his computer. The young man was sitting at his desk in his office, the only light coming from the computer screen. "Didn't think his earpiece would be that easy to tap..." Issei chuckled as he played the recording again, relishing in every word. 

"Now, Tsukuyomi... let's wait and see how this unfolds, shall we?"       

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