"It's been six months since the QUILL agent known as "Gunvolt" abducted the muse. It has come to our attention that process towards finding her is rather slow. Care to explain this, Lieutenant Tsukuyomi?"

Nova opened his eyes. He was sitting at a round, light blue table in an identically coloured room which, other than the table and one door, was completely barren. Nova himself was sitting relaxed in a light purple chair, legs crossed, a casual smirk on his face. As well as him, the table held seven men of varying ages, though all noticeably older than Nova. They were all wearing identical black suits, and all sat stiff and straight, staring sternly at the young teenager. These men served as the chairmen of the Sumeragi Group.

Nova looked at each of the seven men before him, an almost lazy arrogance about him as his gaze swept the room. Finally, he straightened his back, and placed his hands on the table.

"You all realize that as powerful as I am, I can't just snap my fingers and have the muse in my hands," he said, his smirk never once leaving his face. "Don't worry. I am confident that me and my underlings will find and return the muse to her rightful place."

"Tch! Don't act so cocky Tsukuyomi!" A loud, harsh voice said. A young man with long magenta hair, matching eyes, and a massive scar creeping down from the left of his forehead to his left cheek stood up, glaring sharply at Nova. Other than Nova, he was the youngest in the room, at age 25. His name was Issei Kurai. "Remember! WE put you in charge of this project, and we can just as easily replace you with another if we feel you ain't reaching our expectations!" He yelled.

Despite the man's outburst, Nova remained completely calm. "It's my pleasure to assure you, Commander Kurai, that such a replacement will not be necessary. That, I can promise." With a aggregated huff, Issei sat down, muttering under his breath. "Well then! I think we're about done here!" Nova said cheerfully, looking over at the man opposite him, as did everyone else in the room.

The man's name was Kai Hayashi. At 69 years of age, he was by far the oldest person the room. He sat hunched over with his hands folded on the table, his hair and moustache bleach white, and his cold grey eyes resting behind a pair of black rimmed glasses. Technically, he was only in charge of Sumeragi's scientific research. However, he was wildly accepted as the one true leader of the Sumeragi Group. Despite the fact that the other men were of the same rank as him, they seemed to shrivel up as his gaze glossed over them, before finally resting at Nova, who seemed to be the only person not to cower before him. The two stared almost blankly at each other, before Kai closed his eyes and gave a small nod.

"Well then, see you next month gentlemen," Nova said, his smirk growing ever wider as he stood up from his chair and walked out the door, leaving behind the silent boardroom.


Nova flicked on the light switch, illuminating his room. He resided in an EXTREMELY well hidden base, buried deep in the mountains of Japan. As well as housing Nova, a small army of soldiers and scientists lived and worked in the base, as well as his officers, all of whom answered to the second youngest person in the building, who found that fact rather amusing.

Sighing, Nova shrugged off his jacket and dumped it on the floor before making his way towards the desk. Other than the desk, a chair, a bed, a bedside table with a phone on it, and a wardrobe, the room was barren, with pale, white wallpaper. Sitting down, Nova rested his elbows on the desk, and closed his eyes, dwelling over the recent meeting.

The top brass are getting rather impatient... Understandable, I suppose...

Still... Don't they realize that this is QUILL I'm dealing with?

Filthy terrorists like them take work... hard work...

Heh... I just guess things will get more interesting the longer things take...


Almost instinctively, Nova stretched his arm towards the bedside table. His body become enveloped in a purple aura as the phone flew from its socket and into his hand. As his aura dissolved, Nova clicked RECEIVE and held the phone to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hello boss~~!"

A familiar, flamboyant voice rang out from the phone. It seemed vaguely feminine, yet had a noticeable masculine edge to it. Nova chuckled slightly. "Hello... Zonda," he greeted. "Don't you know what time it is? An officer has no right calling their commander in the middle of the night."

"Oh come now! I've been waiting forever to give my report! And speaking of reports... you just got done giving yours right?"

"Yes," Nova answered. "The board is getting a little annoyed with the lack of results.

"Ohhhhh... then they won't like my report! Absolutely nothing! No QUILL. No muse. Sorry!"

"Heh... It's fine Zonda..." Nova sighed. "I've managed to get them off my back for awhile. So I should be free to do some actual work now."

"Hehehe! That's my boss! I hear the love in your voice! Well, see you in the morning! Love you!"

"Goodnight," Nova said, clicking END. His body once again became enveloped in a dark purple aura, and the phone floated out of his hand towards the bedside table. However, about halfway there, Nova stopped the phone, so it was just floating in mid air. For awhile, Nova stared at the hovering object, before his gaze drifted towards the aura surrounding his body. He closed his eyes, before the phone whizzed back into his hand, and he instinctively dialled a number, before holding the phone to his ears. It rang for several seconds, before someone responded.


"Jota. It's Nova. Meet me on the roof."

Straightening his tie, Jota practically flew out of his quarters and towards the stairwell leading towards the roof. Taking five steps at a time, he slammed open the door, panting heavily, and stepped outside. Considering the location of the base, it was a relatively warm day. The sun was just beginning to rise, and there, watching it all, was Nova, his back to Jota as his feet dangled over the edge. Walking over to him, Jota bowed slightly. "Lord Nova! What assistance do you require?"

For several seconds, Nova didn't say anything. Then, he looked back at the young man behind him, and gave a small smile. "Care to join me, Jota?" He asked. Jota raised his head and blinked at Nova, the confusion on his face obvious. "Sir?" He asked. "If you'd rather do something else, I'd understand," Nova said, turning back towards the sunrise. Shuddering at the thought of refusing a request from his superior, The Prideful Silhouette walked up to the edge and sat down next to Nova. For awhile, the two just sat there, watching as the sun slowly rose over the horizon. Eventually, Jota turned towards Nova.

"Sir? Is everything... alright?" He asked. Nova closed his eyes and sighed slightly. "A little less than okay actually. The chairmen are starting to get impatient. It's placing quite the amount of stress on me," he admitted. "Tch! Don't they know that you're doing everything in your power to find the muse?!" Jota huffed. "Whatever they think I'm doing, they clearly don't think it's enough," Nova replied. "Honestly, Sumeragi can be so annoying sometimes." Jota blinked in surprise. "Sir? You don't actually believe that do you?"

"I am loyal to them of course, and I know that they are necessary for world peace," Nova reassured. "But... I don't know... I don't always agree with their choices or methods... some things committed by our co-workers are just downright terrible... especially what they did to Stratos and Elise..."

Unlike the other adepts under Nova's command, Elise and Stratos had not joined Sumeragi willingly. They had been forcefully captured, and used test subjects in Sumeragi's cruel experiments. Perhaps it was the testing that he had endured when he was younger, or perhaps it was just out of pity, but for whatever reason, Nova couldn't stand to see them be subjected to the terrible experiments. So he formally ended the testing, and had supervision of the two transferred to him. He had even gotten them promoted to the rank of officer, though due to Stratos's crippled mental state, his only real duty was guarding Sumeragi's pharma lab.

"Sumeragi was left no choice sir. They refused to cooperate," Jota said. "Even so..." Nova muttered, continuing to gaze at the rising star. Jota stared at him for a few seconds, before getting to his feet. "Sir!" He said. "Hmm?" Nova responded, looking up at him. "I understand if your ego may prevent you from doing this sir," Jota began. "But know that me and your other officers are willing to drop everything in order to assist you with your task!" He declared, bowing. Nova looked up at him, slightly surprised, before smiling and getting to his feet. "You're a good man Jota. The others as well. If I ever require assistance, I will know who to call." With that, he gave one last look at the sun before walking towards the door. Jota nodded, and turned back towards the sun, which by now was almost completely over the horizon.

"Jota?" Nova said. The man in question turned around to see Nova standing in front of the door, his hand resting on the handle. "Do you remember when I told you I could use my septima... without the use of a glaive?" Jota frowned slightly. "Of course sir," he replied. "How you told anyone?" Nova asked. "Of course not Lord Nova!" Jota said. "The only ones to know of your ability are me and Viper."

Nova nodded. "Good... that's good..." he muttered as he opened the door and left the roof, leaving behind a confused and worried Jota.

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