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Hello and such. I'm Zistal, otherwise known as IceBall M. I've been a fan of Inti Creates since playing Mega Man ZX and then going backwards to the Mega Man Zero titles, although I paid little mind to the company itself until getting into Gunvolt.

My main contribution has been basic sprite ripping or assembly from ASG2 and LAiX. They are mostly from screenshots of the game, but a few were assembled from the fragmented sprite sheets in the games' files (properly assembling those is beyond me).

Several of the ASG1 sprites I've uploaded were borrowed from the Spriter's Resource and not something I ripped myself, although I did rip and assemble the stuff that isn't on there for this wiki like sprites of Joule, Zonda, and Romeo. I highly recommend viewing that site's gallery if you like the spritework in Gunvolt, although unfortunately they don't have anything from 2 yet. The uploader there also messed up a bit and caused his sheets to have a slight green tint, although it isn't that noticeable.

Regarding how to rip sprites, copypasting from my blog post comment:

For 3DS games my primary method is GlIntercept with the emulator Citra. It's kind of like "wiretapping", in that it rips any assets loaded by the game. I then assemble parts using game screenshots as a reference. It can't get stuff that isn't loaded, like Gibril's beast mode portrait for example, unfortunately. GlIntercept tutorial:

The LogPerFrame section is essential. Normally GlIntercept will extract everything that's on screen as you progress through a game, slowing it to a crawl and creating a giant folder of junk data that has to be sorted through. By adjusting the LPF option you can turn the asset ripping on and off mid gameplay, making it vastly more efficient.

As for Switch games, my computer can't handle ripping stuff from those. All I can do is take reference videos with my Switch and assemble using sprite sheets ripped from the PC version by others.

Those who ripped assets from the PC version used a program called Ninja Ripper. I have no experience with that, so I can't give any advice there.

Please note that I use roms dumped from my legitimately purchased copies. I do not endorse the piracy of Inti Creates titles, and will not provide roms if asked.