Merak Sticker (3)

Hello and such. I'm Zistal, otherwise known as IceBall M.

My main contribution has been basic sprite ripping from ASG2. They are mostly from screenshots of the game, but a few were assembled from the fragmented sprite sheets in the games' files.

Several of the ASG1 sprites I've uploaded were borrowed from the Spriter's Resource and not something I ripped myself, although I did rip and assemble the stuff that isn't on there for this wiki like sprites of Joule, Zonda, and Romeo. I highly recommend viewing that site's gallery if you like the spritework in Gunvolt, although unfortunately they don't have anything from 2 yet.

No favorite pages, but my favorite characters are probably Merak, Teseo, Zonda, Shiden, and all of the mecha enemies. Especially Plasma Legion.

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