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i got 99 problems, disorganization is all of them. this item allows me to add infinite spaces to my wiki inventory and remove many sticky notes cluttering my desktop window.

to-do list:

  • edit current song/stage translations to be more coherent
  • finish these GODDAMN battle lines whatever the fuck they are i can't take looking at the boss pages anymore. god. fuck

Personal Pronouns Table

Pronoun Desc Users
Kanji "watashi" Moniqa, Asimov, Jota, Nori
わたし Hiragana "watashi" Joule, Elise 1, Mytyl, Quinn, Zonda (True)
ワタシ Katakana "watashi" Zonda (Fake), Desna
アタシ Katakana "atashi" Lumen, Elise 2-3, Gibril (post-boss), Romeo (?)
Kanji "boku" Tenjian
ぼく Hiragana "boku" Lola
ボク Katakana "boku" Gunvolt, Merak, Nova, Xiao
オレ Katakana "ore" Zeno, Copen, Viper, Stratos, Asroc, Ghauri, Gibril, Milas
小生 shousei, "my humble self" Carrera
三人称 third-person Teseo (テセオさん), own name with honorific -san


Event Japanese English
Mind Ring 避けられる? Can you dodge this?
Mind Shot これならどうだい? はっ! How's this, then? Hah!
Mind Bombing 行くよ……ハァッ! Here I come... Hah!
Mind Melder 見るといい……サイコフュージョン!
Behold... Mind Melder!
This is farewell!


GV: ...Yup, that's right.
Joule: But, for sheep, the plural form is still "sheep"... It's not supposed to have an "s"...
Moniqa: This is Sheeps 3! Looks like you're still in one piece, Gunvolt.
Zeno: Hey hey, Sheeps 2 hears ya loud and clear.
Asimov: This is Sheeps Leader. Roger that. GV, resume the mission.
Viper: You're tellin' me to step back, Gunvolt? When I heard you were here on my turf, I busted my tail to get down here.
Carrera: My orders are to protect the premises. I hath no interest in duty, justice, or small talk. I only seek to do battle with a formidable foe...
Stratos: Dinner is... not supposed to... talk...
Jota: I am Jota. Sumeragi's shining Sentinel, defender of our nation's glory! This tower is a gallant symbol that spreads our message far and wide...
Merak: That would be super legit. But, no work means no food. Man, real life is the worst game ever.
Elise: I r-remember now... I... We...
Zonda: Hehehe... my Mirror Septima is absolutely beautiful, isn't it?
Nova: My goodness. You just love ruining our company's new toys.
Copen: I'm Copen... Remember it... the name of the one who will pass judgment onto you.

Xiao: GV, do you copy? How are things on your end?
Quinn: Sorry to barge in, but I was kinda worried about you.
Lola: Adding "grinder" to dictionary... Ding! Lola gained +1 Wisdom!
Nori: Mytyl wanted to experience a coffee shop. I tried to remodel it along those lines. ...With my flair.
Mytyl: “Boo. I thought I was hiding it. How’d you know?”
Gibril: Found us, did he? Ugh, he's such a stalker.
Asroc: You and your simple servant displease me greatly, primitive.
Desna: Perhaps starlight cannot reach a heart so dark. So let me use their light to end your pain!
Tenjian: As if I'd sully myself with those jackals.
Ghauri: Crack pack flack in a back sack! Quack quack?
Milas: The intruder arrives! I understand you are a man of science?

Kohaku: Oh geez, I almost forgot! I'm Kohaku! I'm kind of like the leader of the Minos living down here! Actually, maybe more like their big sister!
Rebellio: Mom, dad, everyone... hang on just a bit longer. I'll be seeing you real soon.
Crimm: Art is detonation!
Dystnine: I am Dystnine, Gargantua's top-of-the-line multi-purpose android. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Stella: Now beat it. D'aint no one else who can do this but me. Got a little "promise" with Sumeragi, y'know.
Bakto: Nobody's gonna follow a fool like me anymore. They're gonna need a new don.
Isola: That was nothing for a Virtual Idol like me ★ Don't forget to smash that "Like" button and click "Subscribe", tee hee ★
Blade: iX... I've given you my word that I'll protect Kohaku and the others.