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  • I live in oh, you know
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is well, this, i suppose
  • I am sunshine in a trench coat (pronouns are: xe/xem/xyr or she/her)

Hi hi! The name's Ami! I'm currently one of the active Admins as of 6/30/19, and am always happy to help out!

Sweetamitie, better known as just Ami, is a Wikia user and friend. Ami primarily uses xe/xem/xyr pronouns, but is okay with being referred to with she/her. Xe are a nonbinary lesbian. Xe also have ADD, and are prone to brain issues stemming from it that may be reflected in interaction. Please be kind.

Ami is a high school student and aspiring chemistry major. Currently, xe are completely free from school and is out for the summer! Get ready for some good times coming your way!

Ami is a self-learning Japanese student and translator, similar to that of Sidier aka Bapgei. Xyr JLPT level is ~N4 and is slowly but surely getting higher. Xyr native language is English, but in addition to Japanese, xe are also learning French and are attempting to grasp Korean. Xe are a proofreader, a transcriber, and likes to think xe have a knack for image cleaning and typesetting.

Ami is a widely friendly person and does not enjoy conflict, so please take care to not act like a clown or a creep around xem.

  • On March 3rd, 2019, Ami created an audio template for this Wikia and made the very first song page, Reincarnation. Since then, xe had continued to upload the various vocal tracks in ASG and ASG2, as well as the Japanese and Romaji lyrics. Xe finished the bulk of xyr song page work on May 20th, 2019 with the addition of World End. Xe implore you to check out the Music category if you enjoy the vocal tracks in the ASG series.

Xe are now working on translating the other songs to make the pages truly complete, xe plan to start this new challenge this summer, and hopefully, get most of the work done before Luminous Avenger iX comes out.

  • As Ami owns a Switch, xe've also taken the time to upload Switch-resolution cutscene art and other screencaps. Most of "Uploaded by Sweetamitie" you may see in the Gallery pages was not actually something xe uploaded xemself, but rather uploading a new version of a file already present. Most of the skill cut-ins, cutscene art, and battle caps were originally uploaded by Zistal, and some of them remain at 3DS-resolution simply because the Switch literally prevents you from taking any screencaps during the ending of any game, ultimately preventing the replacement of higher quality versions to some images.

To this day, xe are still hoping that the assets for the Switch Striker Pack get ripped.

  • As a mean, lean, transcription machine, Ami has also uploaded the rest of the previously absent ASG2 stage scripts, mostly from Copen's route. Most of what you see in the ASG2 Fields section? All hand-typed.

Ami only follows pages that xe've created xemself, so if you want to separate what work belongs to xem, have a look at that.

Ami plans to re-translate most of the work previously done by the only two semi-active translators in the community. There is not a guarantee xe will translate everything, but xe will try to make as much content available to the public as possible.

Xe also perhaps plan to add French stage transcripts, but xe're waiting to see how things pan out.

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  • Discord: eternitywinner#3964. Xyr DM's are friend-only, so please make sure xe can tell who you are if you send a request. Xe're also available for mentioning in the GV Cafe server.

(not in any particular order)

  • Teseo
  • Merak
  • Elise
  • Gibril
  • Asroc
  • Ghauri
  • Zonda
  • Xe love all the adepts, but these are the ones that are most important to xem.

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