aka MetalSonic30

  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Fan Fiction writer
  • I am Male
Zonda (Fanart by Linyuenj)

Fanart by Linyuenj

Meh, I'm no one special~ Just a guy obsessed with knowledge despite the possibility of turning mad in my pursuit of it. TwT;;

I write fan fiction (specifically on Mega Man ZX) but even after over a decade of doing it, I've still got quite a bit to learn~ I have been asked before if I'd pursue a Gunvolt fan fic, but I dunno what I could possibly do. ^_^; Maybe a slice of life story like in a couple of GV's Drama CDs~? Maybe just a random one-shot~? Who knows. *shrug*

You might find me at other wikis like MMKB, Sonic News Network, maybe Street Fighter and SNK too~ I just like providing potential facts to potential readers of great wikis like the Gunvolt wiki.

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