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I've held a great deal of interest in the Gunvolt series since ASG1 first came out globally, and I'd like to see where this particular universe will take us. It's a bit of a shame that most of the worldbuilding isn't really accessible, though.

So I watched the Gunvolt OVA, both versions of it. The JP version was about the quality that I expected, but the dub is...the dub. Seriously, HOW do you make an incantation for Luxcalibur sound BORING?

Pages to keep track of

  • Gunvolt; because how in the name of Zonda's (nonexistent) dignity do you not keep an eye on the protagonist?
  • Copen; there's no good hero without a good rival (sorta) to oppose him.
    • could consider them rivals? I mean, it's not friendly by any stretch of the term, given the whole thing they have where GV is all "Neu I dun have time ta fight yeh" and Copen goes "STFU yer an adept I has ta kill yeh nao."
  • Lola; because her being a combat droid with magical music powers lets me do terrible things, like cracking Vocaloid jokes.
  • Tenjian; because I *gack*ing HATE this guy and his horsejitt he calls "Seven Slashes"

Bits and bobs

Where all my misc. stuff and ramblings go

11/30/16: Fridge Logic epiphany; Lola's Anthem only looks like it sucks because Copen isn't an adept! He HAS NO SEPTIMA to be amplified by Anthem! Or it could just be that IC thought "infinite Bullits=too OP". Or maybe it's because Lola is only really working off one Muse shard the whole time. Or it could be an aptitude issue, between Lola who acquired it in practically a few hours compared to Joule, who's spent her entire life with this power.

Over-analysis ensues...I've been watching too much Game Theory