• I live in City of Toronto in Buenos Aires, Australia. Inside Europe which is within Mars.
  • I was born on September 15
  • My occupation is ...what?
  • I am Something
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Template:User-Infobox On my business card, I'm a Bureaucrat. In my mind, I'm a power user. But in my heart, I'm an editor
Satoru Iwata, Being tricked

Hi there, call me Beo. I'm one of the old editors of this Wikia and I have Sysop and Bureaucrat powers.

if you want to contact, please kindly do so in a later date.

Admin Position

On ASG-Wiki, in the beginning I was working just like a normal editor but obviously the place was a mess. Asked for Admin rights on the Community Central and then started remodeling the place. I' currently off due to some personal issues.


I'm quite used to writing Fictions, mostly gore  or suspense, and a lot of book-reading.My favorite type of (Fan)/Fictions are the ones that no character has actual names and there is only a few of them on a realistic world, personally I think that's captivating because of the fact that you can pretty much imagine yourself being the protagonist.

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