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Tower is the fourth stage for Gunvolt and Beck, and the third stage for Ekoro. The theme for the level is an 8-bit rendition of Monolithic Pride. It is based off Media Tower and uses some assets like the catapults. The level's boss is Jota.


When starting off, Jota will either have placed his arrows in certain spots around the screen which will point towards you. (They always fire in a set pattern: Middle, bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right.) He could also gather at the center of the screen and shoot off his arrows (three on one side two on the other.) He'll descend and then his arrows will fire towards the center. You want to shoot both sides rapidly in order to knock them off course to avoid getting hit (If playing as Beck, shoot the side with three and then dash under the opening.) When low on heath, he'll gather on one side of the screen with three arrows, then charge. Like the other attacks, shooting the arrows can make them move off-course.


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