Scripts (Mission:Effusion)

Xiao: Looks like Eden has guys down in the sewers already.

Gunvolt: Got it. I'll take 'em out first thing.

Xiao: Doesn't using your Flashfield underwater make you overheat?

Gunvolt: Hey, I'm fine in the rain! Or... really shallow water...

Xiao: Just be careful with it in deep water, okay?

Joule: GV, if you're gonna use your Flashfield, get out of the water!


Gunvolt: Lots of bad guys here.

Xiao: If Eden manages to disrupt the sewer system... it's going to flood the city with all kinds of disease. Those bastards don't care who they hurt!

Gunvolt: Easy, Xiao.

Xiao: Sorry, GV. I was just... thinking of home.


Xiao: The area below is flooded. Er... with sewage. I'll tell Quinn to have a bath ready.

Gunvolt: Appreciate it.

< Fazent appears >

Gunvolt: It's that thing from the Seraph!

Xiao: A Fazent? I totally did not expect to see that here. How did Eden get their hands on it? Well, I'm sure you'll do fine GV!

< Fazent dispatches >

Xiao: See? Knew you could do it. The hexapyle's up ahead. Let's keep rolling!


Joule: I'm feeling septimal energy...

< first encounter of water traps >

Gunvolt: Was that a septima?

Whoever it is, they're trying to block my path with water.

Xiao: A water adept? That's not going to be fun.

Milas: So that wasn't enough water to stop him... let's try increasing the pressure.

Gunvolt: Coming in from the side!

Joule: Don't let that water hit you dead-on, GV! Yeah, water and lightning are usually a bad mix.

< siren room >

Gunvolt: Damn, trapped!

Xiao: There's a siren below you. Destroy it to break free. Get in the water and find that siren.

< long drop>

Xiao: It's a long way to the next landing point from here. Better keep a close eye on your EP levels.

Gunvolt: This current is a huge pain in my--

Joule: It's not so bad. At least it got all that filth out of your hair.

Heh, a human-washing machine.

Soldier: Boss, we're getting wiped out here!

Milas: No need to panic, my lackey friend. Let your heart be as calm as an ocean wave lapping the shore. I will deal with this.

Joule: There's the hexapyle! Now get moving!


This should be it...

Milas: Oh ho! You come for my mirror shard, eh? Alas, its power is needed for a far greater purpose.

Gunvolt: Joule's in the shard, merman. I won't leave without it.

Milas: Your muse? Bah! Such a small-minded goal!

< Milas weaponizes >

Milas: I, Milas, fight for nothing less than the ocean itself. Now let my septima, Ichor, wash away your filth!

< S T R I K E >

Gunvolt: What's the sea have to do with Eden's adept utopia?

Milas: Eden is Zonda's ideal, but I dare to dream bigger. Still, we do share a goal of purging filth from the land.

Gunvolt: You think anyone without a septima is "filth"?!

Milas: Fools such as you will never understand! We will purge non-adepts to cull the land-based population. You have seen the polluted state of the waters here! By sacrificing human polluters, we can save the ocean herself! And if adepts get their utopia in the process, then so be it. I care only for the health of the mighty sea.

Gunvolt: So you want to save nature by committing genocide?!

Milas: How can a famed terrorist think so small? You lack the will to do what is necessary!

Gunvolt: Your madness ends here, Milas. Oversurge! Azure Striker! Send him to a watery grave!


Xiao: Looks like the other Eden chumps are running away, GV.

Gunvolt: Roger that, Xiao. I'm coming in.

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei]

Nimrod Stage




Eden no renchuu ga chika suidou de nanka no kousaku wo okonatteiru mitai

The Eden guys are up to something in the underground channels


Tabu nerai wa suidou shisetsu… Raifurain no danzetsu wo neratteirun dato omou 

I guess they’re gonna hit the waterworks, to cut off the lifelines


判った. 被害が大きくなる前に止めてみせるよ

Wakatta. Higai ga ookiku naru mae ni tomete miseru yo

Gotcha. I’ll stop them before the damage worsens.


それともう一つ... 指揮官はG7の一人みたいだ

Sore to mou hitotsu… Shikikan wa G7 no hitori mitai da

One more thing… Their commander seems to be one of the G7…

連中の工作を阻止しつつ, シアンのためにもミラーピースを取り戻そう!

Renchuu no kousaku wo soshi shitsutsu, Shian no tame ni mo miraa piisu wo torimodorou!

Let’s stop their ploys and get back the “Mirror Piece” which Cyan needs!



Gekiryuu (uootaa)

Rapids (Water)



Koufuku na umi no bannin ga kakageru yogorenaki sekai

The filth-less word which the noble guardian of the seas proclaims… 


Sono kiyoki mizu (sekai) ni sakana (hito) ga sumu koto kanawazu

Fishes (people) can’t live on that clean water (world)… 


Ooumi wo omou gekiryuu wa kiyosugiru ga yue ni kouchiteki

The rapids that love the ocean are too clean and thus are like arid land… 



Chika suiro


1st half:




Eden no kousekiin wa gesuidou no oku made haichi sarete iru you da

It’d seem that Eden members are stationed all across these sewers


了解. 構成員を無力化しつつ前進する

Ryoukai. Kouseiin wo muryokuka shitsutsu zenshin suru

Roger. I’ll beat the members and advance on forward.

(Using Thunder Scale inside water)



Tashika mizu ni tsukatta joutai de raigekirin wo tsukau to oubaa hitto shicaun dayo ne?

If you use the Thunder Scales when submerged in the water then you’ll suffer Overheat, don’t you?


雨や足が浸かる程度の水なら, 問題ないんだけど

Ame ya ashi ga tsukaru teido no mizu nara, mondain nain dake do

If it’s water from rain or from soaking my feet then it’s not an issue but...



Suii wa takai basho de no raigekirin wa youchuii dane

Be careful not to use the Thunder Scales if the water level is too high


GV, 雷撃鱗を使う時は一旦水から出ないと!

GV, raigekirin wo tsukau toki wa ittan mizu kara denai to!

GV! You gotta come outta the water to use the Thunder Scales!




Teki ga ooi na

There’s a lot of enemies



Moshi Eden no kousaku ni yotte chika suidou ga kinou shinaku nareba,

If Eden’s sabotage makes the channels stop working…

街に汚水があふれることになり, それは伝染病の蔓延にもつながる

Machi ni osui ga afureru koto ni nari, sore wa denseibyou no manen ni mo tsunagaru

The city will be overfilled with dirty water and that’ll make it easier for contagious diseases to spread

エデンのやつら, 本当に見境のない...!

Eden no yatsura, hontou ni misakai no nai…!

These Eden rascals are really indiscriminate…!






ごめん. 少し故郷を思い出して

Gomen. Sukoshi kokyou wo omoi dashite

Sorry. It made me remember my home...



その下, 水が溜まっている. 潛って進んで

Sono shita, mizu ga tamatteiru. Mogutte susunde

Water’s accumulated down there. Dive in and keep forward


Ouka ni wa ofuro no junbi shiteoite to tsutaete okune

I’ll tell Ouka to ready you a bath while I’m at it



Tasukaru yo


(Pheasant appears)



Koitsu wa hiten ni ita…!

This thing was in the “Apsara”…!


皇神(スメラギ)の無人戦闘機フェイザント...  鹵獲機か

Sumeragi no mujin sentouki feizanto… Rokaku ki ka

Sumeragi’s unmanned fighter Pheasant… A plundered unit, huh… 

地下水道(こんなところ)で戦うことになったとは... 想定外だけど

Chika suidou (konna tokoro) de tatakau koto ni natta to wa… Souteigai dake do

I wasn’t expecting to have to fight this thing in the channels (here of all places) 

GVなら, きっと大丈夫だよ

GV nara, kitto daijoubu dayo

But I’m sure you can handle it, GV

(Pheasant defeated, Gate Monolith)



Sasuga GV!

As expected of you, GV!

その先にゲートモノリスがある. この調子で奥に進もう!

Sono saki ni geeto monorisu ga aru. Kono choushi de oku ni susumou!

There’s a Gate Monolith on ahead. Let’s keep up the pace!

2nd half:

(Cyan’ warning)


GV, 何か第七波動(セブンス)の気配を感じる...!

GV, nani ka dai nana hadou (sebunsu) no kehai wo kanjiru…!

GV! I can feel a 7th Wave (Sevens) signature…!

(Water tornado)



Ima no ga teki no dai nana hadou (sebunsu)…!

That was the enemy’s 7th Wave (Sevens)…!

水流で巻き上げて, その先に行かせないつもりか!

Suiryuu de makiagete, sono saki ni ikasenai tsumori ka!

Wants to stop me by sucking me up with these water currents!



Mizu wo ayatsuru nouryokusha ka… GV ni totte toku ni yakkai na aite da ne

A Psychic who controls water… It’s a dangerous foe: especially for you, GV

(Nimrod looks on)



Kono teido no suiruii ja shinyuusha (yogore) wa ochinee ka

That wasn’t strong enough to get rid of the intruder (the filth)…


… Mou sukoshi suiatsu (pawaa) wo agete yaru to suru ka

Let’s increase the water pressure (power) a bit more, shall we?

(Water bursts)


横から...! 敵の攻撃か!

Yoko kara…! Teki no kougeki ka!

It came from the sides…! The enemy’s attacking me!


この水圧, まともに食らったら危険だよ

Kono suiatsu, matomo ni kurattara kiken dayo

It’s dangerous to get hit by that, it’s at a very high pressure!


水の能力者... 改めて, ボクの雷撃と相性が悪い

Mizu no nouryokusha… Aratamete, boku no raigeki wo aishou ga warui

A water Psychic… A reminder that water and thunder are incompatible… 

(Xiao’s warning)


その先, 足場が少なってる. ホバリングで慎重に降りて

Sono saki, ashiba ga sukunatteru. Hobaringu de shinchou ni orite

There are fewer platforms down there. Use the Hover Ring and go slowly.

(Alarm room)



Tojikome rareta…?

I got locked in…?


GV, 下の方にサイレンがある. それを破壊すれば出られるはずだ

GV, shita no hou ni sairen ga aru. Sore wo hakai sureba derareru hazu da

GV, there’s a siren down there. Destroy it to get out from there!

水中に飛び込んで, サイレンを目指すんだ

Suichuu ni tobi konde, sairen wo mezasu nda

Jump into the water and aim for the siren!

(If you get caught by water tornadoes)


水流...  厄介だな

Suiryuu… Yakkai da na

These currents are dangerous indeed…



Demo waru koto bakari ja nai yo

But there’s a good side to them too

ほら, 服とか髪についてた汚れが落ちてる

Hora, fuku to ka kami ni tsuiteta yogore ga ochiteru 

See, you got rid of the filth in the clothes and hair



Ningen sentakuki…

Now I’m a human washing machine…?

(Xiao’s advice (2))


この先, 着地出来る場所まで結構な距離がある

Kono saki, chakuchi dekiru basho made kekkou na kyori ga aru

There’s quite a gap until there’s somewhere to land down there


Hobraring shite iku baai wa EP zanryou ni chuui shite

If you use the “Hover Ring” then watch out for your EP

(Soldiers panic)

Eden soldier (blue):

アニキ, やべえぜ! このままじゃ全滅しちまう! いったいどうすりゃ!

Aniki, yabeeze! Kono mama ja zenmetsu shichimau! Ittai dousurya!

Bro! Trouble! We’re gonna be wiped out if it keeps up!  What do we do!?



Sou awaten ja nee

Don’t panic, men!


Nani ga atte mo kokoro wa nagi no you ni odayaka ni… Itsumo sou ittendaro?

Our hearts are always, no matter what, like the lull: peaceful… Don’t I always say so?


Nani, ore ni makasete toki na

What. Just leave it up to me!

(Gate Monolith) 


ゲートモノリス発見! 先に進もう

Geeto monorisu hakken! Saki ni susumou

There’s a Gate Monolith! Let’s head on ahead

VS Nimrod:

(Retry Marker)



Sorosoro saishinbu… ka

The core should be up ahead...

(Nimrod appears)



Miraa piisu hoshisa ni hoihoi koko made konasuttaka. Dagana…

Ya want the “Mirror Piece” so BADLY that ya showed up here… But, see…


Koitsu wa ore no yume no jitsgen ni hitsuyou na chikara da. Kaese to iware mo kaseene yo

I need this power to make my dream a reality. Demand all ya want: I ain’t gonna surrender it


G7の能力者か... ミラーピースはシアンの力だ. 力すぐでも奪い返す!

G7 no nouryokusha ka… Miraa piisu wa Shian no chikara da. Chikara sugu demo ubai kaesu! 

A G7 Psychic… The “Mirror Piece” is Cyan’s power. I’ll take it back by force!


電子の謡精(サイバーディーヴァ)のためかねエ? ちせえ... アンタの戦う理由は海に比べたら小さすぎるぜ

Denshi no yousei (saibaa diiva) no tame kanee? Chisee… Anta no tatakai riyuu wa umi ni kurabetara chiisa sugiru ze

So ya fight for the Cybernetic Singing Fairy (Cyber Diva)’s sake, huh? Too small… Compare the reason ya fight to the sea: it’s too small…

(Nimrod transforms)


オレはニムロド. 戦う理由はただ一つ, 美しい海を守るコト...だ

Ore wa Nimurodo. Tatakau riyuu wa tada hitotsu, utsukushii umi wo mamoru koto… da

I’m Nimrod. I’ve only got 1 reason to fight: to protect the beautiful seas!

ジャマするヤツは, オレの"リキッド"の第七波動(セブンス)で洗い流してやるぜ

Jama suru yatsu wa, ore no “rikiddo” no dai nana hadou (sebunsu) de arainagashite yaru ze

I’ll wash away all interlopers with my “Liquid” 7th Wave (Sevens)! 

(Begin Nimrod battle)


海...? エデンは能力者だけの郷(くに)を作るんじゃなかったのか?

Umi…? Eden wa nouryokusha dake no kuni wo tsukurun ja nakatta no ka?

The seas…? Didn’t Eden aim to create a nation of Psychics? 


そいつはパンテーラの嬢ちゃんの夢だ. オレの夢じゃねえ

Soitsu wa Panteera no jouchan no yume da. Ore no yume janee.

That’s Miss Pantera’s dream. Not my dream. 

だがな,共通してる部分がある. 陸(おか)の汚れを減らすってコトがな

Dagana kyotsuu shiteru bubun ga aru. Oka no yogore wo herasutte koto gana

But we’ve got somethin’ in common: decreasing the filth on the lands



Yogore…? Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) wo motanai hitobito no koto wo sonna fuu ni…!

Filth…? How dare you call people sans a 7th Wave (Sevens) like that…!


海は広大だが, 無限じゃねえ... それを判っていないバカが, 陸(おか)には多すぎる

Umi wa koudai daga, mugen janee… Sore wo wakatteinai baka ga, oka ni wa oosugiru

The oceans are enormous but aren’t infinite… There are too many idiots in the land that don’t realize that… 

だからまずは無能力者を排除して, 陸(おか)の人間を減らすのさ

Dakara mazu munouryoksuha wo haijo shite, oka no ningen wo herasu nosa

That’s why I’ll get rid of the Non Psychics and decrease the amount of people in the land

お前さんも見ただろう? この地下に流れる大量の汚水を

Omae san mo mita darou? Kono chika ni nagareru tairyou no osui wo

You’ve seen it too, am I right? All this dirty water flowin’ ‘cross this area…

この汚れを垂れ流す人間が減れば, それだけで海の美しさは保たれる

Kono yogore wo tarenagasu ningen ga hereba, sore dae de umi no utsukushisa wa tamotareru

If there are less humans who discharge this filth then the seas’ beauty will be preserved 


Jouchan no iu “nouryokusha dake no sekai” tte no ga deki agareba

If the “world of Psychics” that the Miss talks about becomes a reality… 


Ore no kaiyou kyoukai hozen keikaku mo susume yasunaru ttsuu wake da

My “Marine Environment Conservation Plan” will become easier to execute 


自然は大切なのは理解する. だけど, 人々を排さずとも, 他の道はあるだろう!

Jizen wa taisetsu na no wa rikai suru. Dakedo, hitobito wo haisazu tomo, hoka no michi wa aru darou!

I understand that nature’s important. But there must be another way that isn’t wiping off people!


小せえ.. 小せえぜ, ガンヴォルト. アンタそれでテロリストだった男か?

Chisee… Chiseeze, Ganvoruto. Anta sore de terorisuto datta otoko ka?

Small… You’re small fry, Gunvolt. And you’re the man who was a terrorist?

手段にこだわる小さな男じゃ, 大海原は守れねえさ!

Shudan ni kodawaru chiisana otoko ja, oounabara wa mamorenee sa!

A small man who hesitates on how to act can’t protect the open seas!


能力者と無能力者を区別する... そんな小さな心で, 守られる海なんか, ありはしない

Nouryokusha to munouryokusha wo kubetsu suru… Sonna chiisana kokoro de, mamorareru umi naka, ari wa shinai

A small heart like yours that classifies people as Psychics or Non-Psychics… Can’t protect any seas!

迸しれ! 蒼き雷霆 (アームドブルー)よ! 大海に溺れし矮小な心に雷光(ヒカリ)を示せ!

Hotobashire! Aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) yo! Taikai ni yogoreshi waishou na kokoro ni raikou (hikari) wo shimese!

Surge out! Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)! Show thunder (light) to this dwarf heart drowned by the grand oceans!

Special Skill:


Suimen ga utsu waga utsushimi 

My copies reflect in the water’s surface…


Subete wo nomikomu ooinaru chouryuu 

A great tide that swallows it all…


Chijou no kegare wo kiyomenagasu

Cleanse up the surface’s filth… 

AQUA AVATAR (アクアアバタール)


Transformation: みてな!



Aqua Trident: おらぁ!もひとつぅ!

Oraa! Mou hitotsuu!

There! Have one more!

Harp Boomerang: せゃぁ!



Splash Dash:  行くぜ?オリャアア!まだまだぁ!

Ikuze? Oryaaa! Mada madaa!

Let’s go, OK? Orya~h! It ain’t over yet!

Vortex Rush:  海の怒りを知りな!

Umi no ikari wo shirina!

I’ll show you the ocean’s anger!

Hydro Zapper:  この音色、海に捧ぐ… 耐えりゃしねぇ!

Kono neiro, umi ni sasagu… Taerya shine!

I offer this song to the oceans… You won’t withstand THIS!

Aqua Avatar:  藻屑と消えな…アクアアバタール!

Mokuzu to kiena… Akua Abataaru!

Sink into the oceans… Aqua Avatar!


Nagare wa tomaranee…

The flow won’t stop… 


Oshimai daa!

This is the END!

1st gauge:  強ぇな、アンタ…

Tsueena, anta…

You’re pretty strong…

2nd gauge:  潮…満ちたぜ…!

Shio… Michitaze…!

The tide… has risen…! 

Defeated:  潮騒が…聴こえる……

Shiosai ga… kikoeru…

I can hear… the ocean’s roars… 

Nimrod defeated:


GV, お疲れ様! 残りのエデン構成員は撤退していったみたいだ

GV, otsukare sama! Nokori no Eden kouseiin wa tettai shite itta mitai da

GV! Good work out there! The surviving Eden members ran away, too!


了解. ミッション完了, これより帰還する

Ryoukai. Misshon kanryou, kore yori kikan suru

Roger. Mission completed. I’m going back.

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