Scripts (Copen)

Lola: I'm feeling something I can't quantify. Is it... dread?

Copen: Sounds like a bug. I'll take a look in a bit.

Lola: No way I'm getting that door open.

Copen: Let's find another route.

Lola: I tweaked your auxiliary camera to +3 control. It should be easier for you to see what's ahead.

Copen: These footholds are precarious.

Nori: Still, you should be able to cross 'em pretty easily. Just try not to fall.

Looks like this is still under construction. Idiots can't even build a secret base right...

Lola: Got a ledge up ahead! Just use the ol' Bullit Dash and get on over there.

I'm guessing I'm about halfway through this place.

Nori: The real bad stuff is ahead. Keep your eyes open.

Lola: I tried looking for ledge, but it's all one big pit. You have to drop, then Bullit Dash at the right moment!

Nori: We should be able to merge with the main route above.

Copen: We're back. Finally...

< Level 4 >

Soldier: Intruder on Level 4! All units, after him!

Copen: Time to swat these annoying flies.

< Level 5 >

Soldier: He's on Level 5? Stop him! Shoot him! Anything!

Copen: Swarm all you want, little flies. It won't help.

Soldier: I'm sorry, Zonda... I... failed you...

Is Zonda the one behind Mytyl's kidnapping?

< Level 6 >

Copen: These fools are throwing their lives away!

Soldier: I know I can't stop you. But maybe I can slow you... and that's enough for any good solider to die for!

Copen: Monsters. You've lost all sense of purpose.

Soldier: In the name of our utopia...

Copen: You damned fools. Sacrificing your lives won't atone for taking my sister.

I don't know what these people are plotting... but I'll crush this false paradise and their plans! I will get my sister back!


Where am I now...?

Teseo: Well, well! If it isn't our favorite big brother!

Copen: You!

Teseo: Uh, rude. My name is Teseo. Te-se-o. And you think I'm the bad guy. #MANNERS

Copen: You have manners? That's rich.

Teseo: No u. Humans, I swear. Can't live with 'em, can't wipe them out of existence. But I guess you have to start somewhere, right?

< S T R I K E >

Teseo: You break in here... smash the place... so like a primitive!

Copen: Don't lecture me, kidnapper.

Teseo: Do you ever not think about your sister? Seriously, so weird.

Lola: I really don't like this guy.

Teseo: Oh look! You built a friend! Not weird at all! I'm a bit of a hacker myself, you know? So how's the AI work? Plz to give details.

Copen: If you touch her, you'll pay with your life. I won't even give you time to make peace with God.

Teseo: LOL why you mad tho? And actually I don't pray to a god because I am one.

Copen: You would call yourself a god, you putrid freak?! It's time to ban this troll.


Teseo: I lost...? I... lost. Even with... the power to... rewrite reality itself...?

Copen: Reality isn't weak enough to be altered by the likes of you.

Teseo: Does not compute... there's no way... Hack the Planet... I won't... let it end... I used the last of my power... to put "it" in motion... but... it...

Copen: I didn't like the sound of that end bit there.

Nori: Something bad is coming, Copen. You'd better hurry.

Copen: Right.


After defeating Teseo, I moved deeper into the fortress.

Nori: A Plasma Legion? That's a Sumeragi prototype. What's it doing here?

< S T R I K E >

Copen: You know anything about this hunk of junk, Nori?

Nori: It's an automated tank being developed by Sumeragi. I didn't think it was finished, though.

Lola: Muh? I've heard that story somewhere else...

Copen: True. It was the same deal with that other drone, Fazent.

Maybe Teseo's final power put this in motion somehow.

Copen: He must think this is his last joke on us all.

A final reminder of the hate which moved him.

Copen: A child of science controlled by a taboo power... time to send this contraption back to the drawing board!


Copen: Is it over?

Lola: Gya! More feelings! The shards are reacting to something! Zonda and Mytyl have to be close!

Copen: I know the shards react to Zonda...

But why do they react to Mytyl? It's like when Lola first took human form...

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei]

Belladen 2 (Acura)



バケモノどもの抵抗をはねのけ、 ベラデン内部を突き進む 

Bakemono domo no teikou wo haneoke, Beraden naibu wo tsuki susumu

I break through the resistance of the monsters and head deeper into Belladen…


Buji de ite kure… Michiru…!

Please be safe and sound… Mytyl!


Kanarazu ore ga sukui dasu!

I swear that I’ll rescue you!


楽園  (インフェルノ)

Rakuen (Inferuno)

Paradise (Inferno)



Tsuki susumu no wa rakuen no na wo kanseshi jigokuhen…

He advances further into the Inferno which crowns itself Paradise…


Kugutsu no ouja ga chi ni fushita toki,

When the puppet king is slayed… 


Hagane no gunjuu ga shounen ni kiba wo muku

The steel horde will defy the boy… 









Kono kankaku… nandarou, deeta de torae rarenai… zawameki?

This feeling… What is it? A hum that data can’t grasp…?



Bagu kamo shirenna. Ato de chekku shite oite yarou

Could be a bug, even. I’ll check it out later

(Closed shutter)


前の扉は、プロテクトが頑丈で 開けれそうもないね…

Mae no tobira wa, purotekuto ga ganjou de akere soumo nai ne…

The door in front has a very strong protection, doesn’t look like it’ll open…



Betsu no ruuto wo sagasu ka

Let’s search another route

(Enter hole area)



Hojo kamera seigyochi wo purasu san ni chousei shita yo

I set the auxiliary camera’s control value to 3+


Sukoshi wa mae ga mieru you ni natta?

Are you able to see a bit of what’s ahead?

(Advance a bit further)



Ashiba ga fuantei da na…

The footing’s unstable…



Akyura sama de areba, tobiishi no you ni ashiba wo watte ikeru hazu

Knowing you, you can jump across like a stepping stone, Acura – sama


Kuregure mo rakka nasaranai you

Please be careful not to fall into the holes



Dojou no sei ka? Osoraku kenzou ga ukaku ikazu tochuu de haki shita tsuurou darou

It’s the soil? Guess they left this corridor unfinished because construction didn’t go as planned 


Chuutou hanpa na yatsu ra me

What a bunch of incompetents

(Slightly before Retry Marker)



Kono mukou ni ashiba ga aru yo

There’s a platform on the other side


Osorezu ni burittsu dasshu da!

Do “Blitz Dash” without hesitating!




Moshiya, oji tzuke raremashita ka? Akyura sama?

Did you actually get cold feet there? Acura-sama?



… Nandato?

… What was that?



Douse modorenain dakara sassato burittsu dasshu sureba ii no ni

You can’t go back anyway so how about you use the Blitz Dash already?

(Halfway across area)



Tatemono no hirosa kara mite, daitai hanbun hodo wo sugita ka…

Going by the building’s width I’d guess I’m over halfway across…


そこからさらに険しくなると思われます。 周囲にはご注意を

Soko kara sara ni kewashiku naru to omowaremasu. Shuui ni wa gochuui wo

I think the terrain is going to become harder. Be careful of your surroundings

(Large hole section)



Chikei wo saachi shita tokoro… Kono shita wa ana

I searched the terrain… There’s a hole below

思い切って飛び降りて、ギリギリで ブリッツダッシュだ!

Omoi kitte tobi orite, girigiri de burittsu dasshu da!

Drop down at once and do a “Blitz Dash” when you’re almost there!

(Near the end of the area)



Osoraku, kono ue de mein ruuto gouryuu shiteiru hazu desu

I think that you can return to the main route by climbing upwards

(Cross the shutter)



Youkaku mein ruuto ni deta ka

I’m finally back on the main route

(2nd closed shutter)


このシャッターは開かないみたい。 先に急ごうぜ

Kono shattaa wa akanai mitai. Saki ni isogouze

This shutter doesn’t seem to open. Let’s hurry on ahead

(1st assault)

Eden Soldier (Blue):

レベル4エリアにて侵入者発見! 総員出撃だ! 同志を守れ!

Reberu foo eria ni te shinnyuusha hakken! Souin shutsugeki da! Doushi wo mamore!

We’ve found the intruder in the Level 4 Area! General sortie! Protect our comrades!



Sawagashii renchuu me… Damarasete kureru

What an annoying lot… I’ll make them shut up

(2nd assault)

Eden Soldier (Red):

もうレベル5だと!? ええい! 全兵力でヤツを止めろ!

Mou reberu faifu dato!? Eei! Zenheiryoku de yatsu wo tomero!

He’s already at Level 5!? Hell! Use our whole military force to stop him!



Fun, ikura mureyou tomo wakaran

Hmpf! You might try to band but it’s vain

(Repel 2nd assault)

Eden Soldier (Red):

同志パンテーラ…すみません… 後は貴女に…まかせます…

Doushita Panteera… Sumimasen… Ato wa anata ni… makasemasu…

Comrade Pantera… I am sorry… The rest is up… to you, milady…



Panteera… ka. Yahari Michiru wo saratta no wa yatsu no sashigane ka…?

Pantera, huh… So she’s indeed the one who ordered Mytyl’s kidnapping…?

(3rd assault)


命を粗末にしに来たか。 愚かな連中だ…

Inochi wo somatsu ni kita ka. Orokana renchuu da…

So you’ve come to waste your lives, huh? What fools… 

Eden Soldier (Yellow):

敵わぬことなど承知済み! 少しでもお前を消耗させられるなら… 

Kanawanu koto nado shouchi zumi! Sukoshi demo omaw wo shouhi saserareru nara… 

We know that we can’t defeat you! But if we can wear you down to some extent…

それこそが、我ら歩兵 (ポーン) の死命! 

Sore koso ga, warera hohei (poun) no shimei!

That’s what we foot soldiers’ (pawns’) doom is!



Yahari bakemono… Rikai dekinna

You’re indeed monsters… You’re beyond understanding… 

(Repel 3rd assault)

Eden Soldier (Yellow):


Subete wa, warera ga risoukyou no tame…

We live and die to make our Utopia a reality…

(Climbing the final stairs)



Bakemono domo me… Kisamara no inochi teido de,

Damned monsters… Don’t think that your meaningless lives


Ore no imouto wo saratta tsumi… Tsugunaeru to mou na

…are enough to redeem the sin of kidnapping my sister…


Yatsura ga nani wo takurandeiru no ka wa shiran ga…

I dunno what these monsters are up to but…


Kono itsuwari no rakuen… Fukumaden koto, yatsu no kuwadate, subete wo uchikudaki

I’ll destroy their schemes along with this fake Paradise which is but a pandemonium… 


Imouto (Michiru) wa kanarazu ore ga tori kaeshite miseru!

And I’ll rescue my sister (Mytyl) by my own hands!

Vs Teseo:

(Retry Marker)



Nanda… Kono basho wa?

What’s… this space?

(Teseo appears)


シスコン兄貴キターwww つってwww

Shisukon aniki kitaa www tsutte www

LOL! Gotta say… The siscon bro’s come~! LOL!



Kisama, ano toki no…!

You’re from back then…!


あ、自分テセオさんて言うんですケドw よろwww 

A, jibun Teseo san te iun desu kedo w yoro www

I’m named Teseo – san, just that ya know! LOL! Nice to meet U (yoro)! LOL

うはwww敵にも礼儀をかかさないテセオさん テラ紳士なんですケドwww

Uha www teki ni mo reigi wo kakasanai Teseo san tera kinshi nandesu kedo www

Whoa! LOL! Teseo – san doesn’t forget his manners even when facing the foe: he’s a super (tera) gentleman! LMAO


夜路…? 寺…? 何を言っている?

Yoro…? Tera…? Nani wo itteiru…?

Night-road (yoro)…? Temple (tera)…? What are you talking about?


あwwもしかして話通じない系のヒトっすか? 鬼めwんwどwwww 

A ww moshikashite hanashi tsuujinai kei no hito ss ka? Oni me w n w do wwww

Ah! LOL… U the type who doesn’t know this stuff? LOL! Annoyin’! LOL! As a demon! LMAO!

そーいうアッタマ固い 旧人類サンにはwww 

Sou iu attama katai kyuu jinrui san ni wa www

LOL! When it comes to thick-headed old humans…

テセオさん、容赦しない んスケドww …つってね?

Teseo san, yousha shinain su kedo ww… Tsutte ne?

Guess U gotta say… Teseo – san will have no mercy… LOL! Right?

(Begin Teseo battle)



Hitonchi ni tottsute kuru to ka, kyuujinrui wa manaa ga natte nain desu kedo w

Old humans sure are rude! They breach into others’ houses! LOL!



Michiru wo saratta jaki domo ni, tokareru reisetsu nado aru ka!

I’ve got no courtesy to show to the fiends who kidnapped Mytyl!


ちょ、マジレスwww テラシスコンwww わろすわろす

Cho, maji resu www tera shisukon wwww warosu warosu

Whoa! LOL! U serious? Super siscon! LOL! LMAO!



Nani koitsu wa… Suggoku ya na kanji!

What’s with this guy…? He’s so ANNOYING!


うわ、ちょ、それロボじゃないスか? え? ちょ、マジwww 

Uwa, cho, sore robo janai su ka? E? Cho, maji www

Whoa! Hold it! That’s a robot, no? Huh? Hold it! U serious? LOL

テセオさんスーパーハカーっスからねw ロボとかキョーミ惹かれるんですケドw 

Teseo san supaa hakaa ssu kara ne w robo to ka kyoomi hikarerun desu kedo w

Teseo – san’s a super hacker, see! LOL! Robots and stuff like that are very interestin’! LOL

それAIのプログラムとかどうなって るんスか?詳細希望券www

Sore AI no puroguram uto ka, dounatterun su ka? Shosai kibouken www

How’s the AI program like? How ‘bout U tell me the details, bud? LOL!


穢れしその手で、ロロに触れてみろ… 光速で撃ち貫いてくれる 

Kegarashi sono te de, RoRo ni furete miro… Kousoku de uchi tsuranaite kureru

Try to touch RoRo with your filthy hands, I’ll shoot through you a light-speed!


Kisama ni wa, kami ni inoru ma mo atae wa sen!

You won’t be given time to pray to God!


あるぇー、もしかしてまじおこ? まじおこっスか? www 

Aree, moshikashite maji oko? Maji oko ssu ka? www

Huh? U really pissed off? Pissed off for real, man? LOL!

神とかwwwむしろテセオさんがネットの神なんですケドww つってwww

Kami to ka www mushiro Teseo san ga netto no kami nan desu kedo ww tsutte www

LOL! Gotta say that… U talkin’ ‘bout God? LOL… Teseo – san himself is the God of the internet! LOL!


バケモノが、神を騙るか…! 傲岸不遜たる背徳者が…! 

Bakemono ga, kami wo kataru ka…! Gougan fusontaru haitokusha ga…!

Don’t swindle God, you monster…! You highly arrogant heretic…!


Sono hairi, ore ga toumetsu suru!

I’ll wipe out… that paradox!

Teseo defeated:


そ…そんな… テセオさんが… 負ける…? 

So… Sonna… Teseo san ga… makeru…?

I… impossible… Teseo – san’s… lost…?

現実すら書き換える ワールドハックの… この…テセオさんが…?

Genjitsu sura kakikaeru waarudo hakku no… kono… Teseo san ga…?

Teseo – san… With his “World Hack”… capable of rewriting reality… lost…?



Chokushi shiro. Kisama gotoki kakikaeru hodo, genjitsu wa amaku mo yawaraku mo nai

Witness by yourself. Reality isn’t so naïve or elastic to allow itself to be overwritten by someone like you


認めない…認めないぞ…! テセオさんの… ワールドハックは… 

Mitomenai… Mitomenaizo…! Teseo san no… waarudo hakku wa…

I won’t admit… Won’t admit that…! Teseo – san’s… “World Hack” ain’t…

こんなところで…  終わらない… 

Konna tokoro de… Owaranai…

…It ain’t gonna end… here….

最後の力で… “アレ”を…動かして… おいたんス…ケド… 

Saigo no chikara de… “are” wo… ugokashite… oitan su… kedo…

Gotta… say… I used the… last of my power… and… put “that”… 


Tsut… te…

…into motion…



Yatsu me, saigo no shunkan ni nani wo shidekashita?

That rascal… What did he do before dying?


アキュラさま、 危険な予感がします。 先を急ぎましょう

Akyura sama, kiken na yokan ga shimasu. Saki wo isogimashou

Acura – sama, I’ve got a dangerous feeling about this. Let us hurry on ahead





Vs Plasma Legion:

(Retry Marker)



Teseo to ka iu nouryokusha wo taoshtia ore wa yousainai wo tsuki susumu…

I defeated that Psychic named Teseo and headed further inside the fortress…

(Plasma Legion appears)



Kore wa, Purazuma region?

Is this a Plasma Legion?

皇神(スメラギ)の未完成兵器が、 何故こんなところに?

Sumeragi no mikansei heiki ga, naze konna tokoro ni?

What’s an unfinished Sumeragi weapon doing here?

(Begin Plasma Legion battle)



Sumeragi dato? Shitteiru no ka, Nowa?

What? Sumeragi? You know about this thing, Nowa?



Purazuma region… Sumeragi ga kaihatsuchuu no mujin sensha no saishin kishu desu

The Plasma Legion… A new type of unmanned tank being developed by Sumeragi…

しかし、開発は難航しており、完成の目処 は立っていなかったはず

Shikashi, kaihatsu wa nankou shiteori, kansei no medo wa tatte inakatta hazu

However the development was met with difficulties and there was no given completion date yet… 


ん? なんかソレ、似たような話をどこかで聞いたような…

N? Nanka sore, nita youna hanashi wo doko ka de kiita you na…

Huh? Say… Haven’t we heard a similar story somewhere before?


フェイザント―― あの時の戦闘機と同じか… なるほど

Pheasanto… Ano toki no sentouki to onaji ka… naruhodo

The Pheasant… This is just like when we faced that fighter jet… I see…


Teseo to ka iu nouryokusha ga itteita saigo no chikara… Kore wo ugokasu koto datta ka

The “last strength” that that Psychic named Teseo was talking about… The guy was talking about making this thing work

バケモノごときが… こざかしい真似を

Bakemono gotoki ga… kozakashii mane wo

Damned monsters… Playing with clever tricks…


Tsumari kore wa, yatsu no shuunen nit suki ukoseru enki…

So this is a resentful demon being forcibly moved by that guy’s tenacity…


Ii darou… Kindan no chikara ni ayatsurareshi kagaku no ko yo

Fine… You child of science being controlled by a forbidden power…


Sono enkon… Ore ga toumetsu suru!

I’ll wipe out… that resentful soul!

Special Skill:





Plasma Legion defeated:



Owakatta ka

It’s over?


…! このカンジは…  ぼくの中にあるミラーピースが反応してる… 

…! Kono kanji wa… boku no naka ni aru miraa piisu ga hannou shiteru…

…! This feeling… The “Mirror Pieces” within me are reacting…


Panteera to Michiru chan wa sugu chikaku ni iru hazu da!

Pantera and Mytyl – chan should be very close by!



Miraa piisu ka…

The “Mirror Pieces”, huh…

パンテーラに反応するのは判る。 だが、なぜだ? 

Panteera ni hannou suru no wa wakaru. Daga, naze da?

I understand that they react when detecting Pantera. But… Why?

ロロが初めて人型になった時といい、 なぜミチルにまで反応する?

RoRo ga hajimete hitogata ni natta toki to ii, naze Michiru ni made hannou suru…?

It happened when RoRo gained that “humanoid” form too but… Why do they react when Mytyl’s close by…?

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