Scripts (Gunvolt)

Gunvolt: GV here. I'm inside.

Xiao: I don't have data on this joint, so be extra careful.


Gunvolt: I'll have to dash through before they drop.

The other adepts with mirror shards are sure to be here!

Joule: I'm glad you're excited, GV, but keep your head on.

Gunvolt: Er, right. Thanks, Joule.


Soldier: All that has transpired did so by the hand of Zonda! Look now upon our earthly paradise and despair!

Xiao: You good, GV? Remember to use your healing abilities if necessary.

Oh, right. I've got healing abilities.


Gunvolt: The decor here leaves something to be desired.

Xiao: It's a secret base. They're not interested in Feng shui.

He sure doesn't pull any punches.

Joule: I think we have to go up.

I'll have to wall jump up to make my way there.

Xiao: Man, this place is just lousy with traps!

Joule: With my help, GV can handle any trap they throw at him!

She says that, but her powers are weak right now. She can't help me as much as she usually would.

Gunvolt: Uh, you know it, Joule! I'm counting on you.


Those spikes look sharp. Also dangerous. If they wanted an intimidating design, they got it.

Joule: We'll put spikes here... oh, and a nice sofa in the corner!

Gunvolt: Yeah, I'm sure it sounded just like that, Joule.


Joule: This building is giving me the willies, GV.

Joule's telepathy allows her to sense things on occasion. It's become stronger since she lost her physical form.

Joule: I also sense... I dunno. It's like there's two of me.

Gunvolt: Maybe you're sensing the other shards? Don't worry, Joule. I'll get back what they stole from you.

Joule: Thanks, GV. You're the best.

Better smash this hexapyle and move on.


Tenjian: It seems the intruder has come, oracle.

Zonda: We must reclaim the shards that were stolen from us. For us, and for the comrades who fell by his hand.

Tenjian: You needn't go yourself, we can send "her" instead.

Zonda: I pray The Seven need not make any further sacrifices.


Xiao: Don't let it drag you into a pit or anything. That would put an end to this little operation.

Joule: What happens if we fall in a pit? Is it bottomless?

Gunvolt: Let's not find out.

Even if there is a bottom, I doubt I could climb out.

Joule: I know that, dork! I was just making conversation.

Gunvolt: What's **Eden plan got to do with Joule's stolen power?

Xiao: Nothing good, I imagine.

Strange I've come so far and still don't know. It makes me nervous...


Soldier: You're an adept, yet you turn your back on our ways! Return the shards you stole from our brothers and sisters!

Gunvolt: Those shards belong to Joule!

Joule: Oh, GV...

I just thought of Quinn-- who doesn't have a septima. She's proof that humans can treat adepts as equals.

Gunvolt: So what exactly did I turn my back on, huh? Taking what I want by force? Is that your "Adept Way"? If so, I'll gladly turn my back on you!


Desna: Ah, Gunvolt. Welcome. I, the goddess Desna, defend this fortress in The Seven's name. For Zonda, and the sake of our future, I will strike you down!

< S T R I K E >

Desna: The stars whispered to me of your arrival, adept. The stars see the shadow you cast on Zonda's pure future. Your very existence brings the world to the void's brink. You're a devil bringing pain with no regard for order. You know this to be true.

Joule: Don't listen to her, GV. Just ... don't. You're not a devil... you're an angel! And Quinn and I both know it!

Desna: Winsome nymphs like your muse have misled others for ages. For the stars' sake, I must consign you both into oblivion!

Gunvolt: ...Thanks, Joule. Look, crazy lady. Maybe I am some kind of devil. I dunno. But that's doesn't justify what Eden has done! Oversurge! Azure Striker! Burn the locks from her head!


Xiao: Another member of The Seven down. One more until you're done. Er, and then there's Zonda. But you're pretty close to done!

Gunvolt: Yeah. Pretty close.

Joule: Oh, GV...

< C L E A R >

misspelled in game, meant to be "Eden's plan" **

[Translation by Bapgei]

Belladen 1 (Gunvolt):


(Info on Belladen)


おかえりなさい、GV。 シアンさん 

Okaerinasai, GV. Shian san

Welcome back, GV. And Cyan – san…

あなたたちが無事で、 本当によかった…

Anatachi tachi ga buji de, hontou ni yokatta…

I’m so glad to see both of you are alright…


ただいま、オウカ。 …心配してくれて ありがと

Tadaima, Ouka… Shinpai shite kurete arigato

I’m back, Ouka… Thanks for worrying about us




Oh my…!



… Nani?

… What?



I was surprised as well 

シアンがオウカに対してお礼を言うなんて …珍しいこともあるものだ

Shian ga Ouka ni taishite orei wo iu nante… Mezurashii koto mo aru mono da

That was indeed a rare happening: Cyan was actually thanking Ouka for something


ふふ…いいえ、 なんでもありませんよ

Fufu… Iie, nandemo arimasen yo

Heh, heh… No, it’s nothing



Tadaima, Ouka

I’m home, Ouka


はい、GVも。 おかえりなさい

Hai, GV mo. Okaerinasai

Yes! Welcome back too, GV


オウカが居るだけでなんだか和むね。とても決戦前とは 思えないなあ

Ouka ga iru dakede nandaka nagomune. Totemo kessename to wa omenai naa

Ouka makes things feel peaceful. Doesn’t look like the prelude to a battle!


決戦前? シャオ、耳寄り情報って言っていたけど…

Kessen mae? Shao, mimi yori jouhou tte itteita kedo…

The battle? Xiao, you said you had “reliable info” but…


実は…調査の結果、 ついに判ったんだ。 エデンの本拠地が

Jitsu wa.., chousa no kekka, tsui ni wakattan da. Eden no honkyochi ga

See…I figured out where the Eden home base is at through my investigations…






場所はタシケント。 そこに、エデンの本拠地―― ベラデンと呼ばれる要塞がある 

Basho wa Tashikento. Soko ni, Eden no honkyochi… Beraden to yobareru yousai ga aru

They’re in Tashkent. There’s the Eden home base… A fortress they call “Belladen”…


Nani wo takudandeiru no ka… Eden wa ima, subete no kouseiin wo Beraden

I dunno what they’re up to but… it’d seem that Eden is having their members return to “Belladen”…

その帰還経路と時間をかせぐため交通機関を占拠して いたようだね

Sono kikan keiro to jikan wo kasegu tame, koutsuu kikan wo senkyo shiteita you da ne…

The takeover of transportation facilities was to secure a retreat road and stall for time… 

残りのミラーピースを持った能力者も、きっとベラデンに 集まっているはずだよ

Nokori no miraa piisu wo motta nouryokusha mo, kitto Beraden ni atsumatte iru hazu da yo

I’m sure that the Psychics who have the remaining “Mirror Pieces” must be in “Belladen” too


タシケント――確か、中央アジアにある 国の都市だったか

Tashikento… Tashika, chuuou Ajia ni aru kuni no toshi datta ka

Tashkent… Wasn’t that the capital city of a central Asian nation?


Tooina… Sonna tokoro made douyatte?

It’s pretty far away… How are going to get there?



Genchi made, boku no shirai ni okutte moraeru you, junbi shite moratteru

I’m asking an acquaintance to ready things. They’ll take us to the area


Sore de. Kyuu de wa arun dakedo ima kara shuppatsu shite moraenai ka na

And… I know it’s very sudden but could you get ready to leave ASAP?


Yatsura ga nani ka takurandeiru ijou, ikkoku mo hayaku kocchi mo koudou shinakya naranai

We know that they’re up to something so we gotta get on the move ASAP

いつも急かして、GVには 本当に申し訳ないけど…

Itsumo sekashite, GV ni wa hontou ni moushiwake nai kedo…

I’m sorry of always making you rush, GV, but…



Kamawanai yo. Boku datte Shain wo, hayaku moto no sugata ni modoshite agetai kara ne

I don’t mind. I also want to get Cyan back to normal ASAP, too… 



GV… Arigatou…

GV… Thank you…



Fufu, Shian san ttara saki hodo kara orei wo itte bakkari desu ne

Heh, heh…Cyan – san’s been thanking everyone since she came back


なによ…いいじゃない。 別に…オウカは、GVの無事でも祈ってて

Nani yo… Ii ja nai. Betsu ni… Ouka wa, GV no buji demo inottete

What, why not? No big deal… You just pray for GV’s safety, Ouka… 



Hai. Watashi wa nani mo shite ageraremasen ga, kono ie de ofutari no buji wo inotte imasu…

Yes. I can’t directly help you but… I’ll be praying for your safe return from this house… 

シアンさん…どうか… GVを守ってあげてください

Shian san… Douka… GV wo mamotte agete kudasai

Cyan – san… Please… Please protect GV… 


まかせて。 それがわたしの願いだもん 

Makasete. Sore ga watashi no negai damon

Leave it up to me. That’s my wish as well

進もう、GV… あなたが望む道をまっすぐに

Susumou, GV… Anata ga nozomu michi wo massugu ni

Let’s head on ahead, GV… Trekking the road you wish to trek… 


ああ、また行って来るよ、 オウカ

Aa. Mata itte kuru yo, Ouka

Yeah. I’m going to leave again, Ouka


Boku tachi sannin wa, Ouka wo nokoshi, sono mama Tashikento he to mukatta

The three of us left Ouka behind and headed for Tashkent… 


GV…シアンさん… どうかご無事で…

GV… Shian san… Douka gobuji de…

GV… Cyan – san… I pray that you come back safely…



ここがエデンの本拠地 タシケント要塞“ベラデン”… 

Koko ga Eden no honkyochi Tashikento yousai “Beraden”…

This is the Eden home base: the Tashkent fortress “Belladen”…


Miraa piisu wo motta nokori no nouryokusha mo koko ni atsumatteiru hazu da yo

The Psychics who’ve got the remaining “Mirror Pieces” must be here too

もちろん、連中の親玉 パンテーラも… GV、気をつけて…

Mochiron, renchuu no oyadama Panteera mo… GV, ki wo tsukete…

And their big cheese Pantera  is there too… Be careful, GV…



Aa, wakatteru yo

Yeah, I know


敵地  (エデン)

Tekichi (Eden)

Hostile land (Eden)



Tashikento ni sobie tatsu teki no shiro “Beraden”

The enemy castle, “Belladen”, rising over Tashkent…


Soko wa, itsuwari no rakuen ka

Is it a fake paradise?


Arui wa jinrui shinka no chuushinchi ka

Or is it the metropolis of human evolution?





1st half:




Kochira GV, sennyuu ni seikou

This is GV: I managed to sneak inside


その施設のデータはないんだ… 慎重にね

Sono shisetsu no deeta wa nainda… Shinchou ni ne

I’ve got no data on that facility… Be very careful



これなら、閉じる前にダッシュで 駆け抜けられる!

Kore nara, tojiru mae ni dasshu de kake nukerareru!

I can use dash to run past them before they shut!

(Spikes past shutters)


シアンの魂の欠片―ミラーピースを持つ 残りの能力者は、この場所にいるはずだ

Shian no tamashii no kakera… Miraa piisu wo motsu nokori no nouryokusha wa, kono basho ni iru hazu da

The Psychics who’ve got Cyan’s soul shards… The “Mirror Pieces”… should be here…



GV… Kimochi wa ureshii kedo, amari kioi suginai de ne?

GV… I appreciate your concern for me but don’t rush it, OK?



… Arigatou, Shian

… Thank you, Cyan




Kore wa… wana ka!

It’s… a trap!

Eden Soldier (red):


Subete wa doushi Panteera no mikokoro no mama ni…

Everything is according to the desires of Pantera, our comrade…


Omae wa izure rakuen he to itaru warera no sugata wo, yubi wo kuwaete nagameteiro!

Bite your fingers as you contemplate us, who will eventually travel to paradise!

(Defeat ambush)



GV, buji da ne?

You OK, GV?


Mada saki wa nagasou da… Pinchi no toki wa kaifuku sukiru wo wasurenai you ni ne

There’s still a long road ahead… Don’t forget to use the healing skill if you run into trouble



Kaifuku sukiru… Tsukaeru you ni natte ita ka na

The healing skill… Am I able to use it already?

(Overcome spike corridor)



Ima no chikei wa…

What was that terrain…?


さすが敵の本拠地… 警備も厳重なようだね

Sasuga teki no honkychoi… Keibi no genjuu na you da ne

As expected of the enemy’s home-base… The security is pretty tight



Egetsunai na

Talk about nasty...

(Climbing area (1))



Koko wa ue ni nobotte iku shika nasa sou ne…

Looks like we’ll have to climb upwards…



Shian no iu toori, kabe wo kette susumu shika nai ka

Guess I’ll have to follow her advice and wall-kick to continue…

(Finish climbing (1))



Doko mo kashiko mo wana darake da

The place is filled with traps everywhere…



Heiki dayo. Kore kurai no wana, GV to watashi no chikara ga areba!

It’s no problem. If GV and I combine our strengths these traps are nothing!



To wa iu Shian dakedo, chikara wo ubawareta  ima no kanojo de wa…

Cyan says so but now that she got her strength stolen…


Nini de boku wo pawaa appu saseru koto wa dekinai…

She can’t power me up when she wishes to…


Iza tte iu toki wa, tayori ni shiteru yo

I’m counting on your help if things get awry

(Climbing area (2))



Shuui ni harimegurasareta toge… jissai ni dameeji wo ukeru kikensei mo aru kedo… 

These spikes spread around the walls… There’s the danger that I’ll injured by them but…


Sore ijou ni, kimochi teki ni iatsukan no youna mono wo kanjiru na…

I personally feel something akin to intimidation from them…



Toge darake ni sureba ii tte mon janai no ni ne!

So it’s not as simple about turning the whole area into a sea of spikes!



… Shian?

… Cyan?

(Finish climbing (2))



GV… Kono tatemono… Sakki kara, sugoku iya na kanji ga shiteru… 

GV… This building… It’s been giving me the creeps for a while already…




Shian no motsu sehin kannou nouryoku wa, toki ori sonna “kehai” wo kanji torero koto ga aru

Cyan’s “Telepathy Ability” feels those “presences” from time to time

その力は、精神体となったことで 生前よりもより強まっているようだった…

Sono chikara wa, seishintai to natta koto de seizen yori mo yori tsuyomatteiru you datta…

It’d seem that her ability has become more powerful now that she’s become a “mind body” than what it was when she was alive


それに、なんだか…不思議な気配… わたしがもう一人いるような…

Sore ni… nandaka… fushigi na kehai… watashi ga mou hitori iru you na…

And, also… I feel… some strange presence… Like there was another me…



Nokori no miraa piisu ga koko ni atsumatteiru tte koto kamoshirenai…

Maybe it’s because the “Mirror Pieces” are gathering here…


Daijoubu, ubawareta Shian no chikara wa zettai ni boku ga torimodosu yo

Don’t worry: I swear I’ll get back the strength they stole from you, Cyan…


GV…ありがとう。 わたしもがんばるからね

GV… Arigatou. Watashi mo ganbaru kara ne

GV… Thank you. I’m gonna do my best too

(Gate Monolith)


ゲートモノリスだ―― 破壊して先に進もう

Geeto monorisu da… Hakai shite saki ni susumou

A “Gate Monolith”… Let’s destroy it and head on ahead…

2nd half:

(Tenjian & Pantera)


パンテーラ…来ているようだよ。 ヤツが

Panteera… Kiteiru you da yo. Yatsu ga

Pantera… We’ve got visitors. It’s him



Kare ni ubawareta miraa piisu. Kanarazu tori modosa nakereba ikemasen

We MUST get back the “Mirror Pieces” he stole from us


Kare no te ni kakari, chitteitta doushi tachi no tame ni mo…

This is also for the sake of our comrades who were defeated by him…


キミの手をわずらわせることもないさ。 “彼女”を向かわせてある

Kimi no te wo wazura waseru kotomo nai sa. “Kanojo” wo mukawasete aru

You needn’t bother to do it yourself. I’ll send “her” to deal with that guy



G7… Kore ijou, gisei ga denakreba yoi no desu ga…

Let’s hope that no more of the G7 die… 

(Belt conveyors (1))



Ima no wa, beruto konbea…

Those were belt conveyors…



Ashi to torarete, anasoko ni otorasarenai you ki wo tsukete yo?

Be careful! Don’t get your feet caught! It’ll toss you into the abyss!


Ippatsu auto nanda kara ne?

You’d be defeated straight away, you know?

(Belt conveyors (2))



Kichi no naka dakedo, kon oana… Ochitara doki ni tsunagtterun darou?

These holes inside of the base… If we fell, where would we end up at?



… Ochinai kara ne?

… I’m not going to fall, you know?


Kono fukasa. Ochitara hagigaru koto wa fukanou darou

It’s so deep. It’ll be impossible to climb out there if we fell



Wa… Wakatteru tte

I… I know that


Chotto, ki ni natta dake dakara

I was just wondering…

(Overcome belt conveyors)



Sore ni shite mo…

And, anyways…


Eden wa Shian no chikara wo ubatte, ittai nani wo takurande irunda…?

Eden stole Cyan’s power: and what do they plan to do with that…?


どうせヤツらのことだから、ろくでも ないことに決まっているよ

Douse yatsura no koto dakara,  roku demonai koto ni kimatteiru yo

Knowing the lot it’s obvious that they’re up to no good


これまで戦ってきたけど、未だ連中の 目的は見えない―― 

Kore made tatakatte kita kedo, mada renchuu no mokuteki wa mienai…

I’ve fought them all the way here but I can’t grasp their ultimate goal…


Bukimi da na…

It’s creeping me…

(Long corridor)

Eden Soldier (blue):

ガンヴォルト…! 能力者でありながら我らに仇なす背教の徒! 

Ganvoruto…! Nouryokusha de ari nagara warera ni adanasu haikyou no to!

Gunvolt…! The disciple of apostasy who defies us despite being a Psychic! 

同志から奪ったミラーピース、 …返してもらおうか!

Douhira kara ubatta miraa piisu, kaeshite morau ka!

Give us the “Mirror Pieces”… that you stole from our comrades!



Are wa, Shian no mono da!

Those belong to Cyan!




ボクの脳裏に浮かぶのは、オウカの姿―― 第七波動(セブンス)を持たない人でも… 

Boku no nouri ni ukabu no wa, Ouka no sugata… Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) wo motanai hito demo…

I recall Ouka in my mind… Someone who doesn’t have a 7th Wave (Sevens)…


Boku mitaina nouryousha wo osorezu, hedatenaku sesshitekureru hito wa iru

There are people like her that don’t fear Psychics like me and connect with them without reticence… 


Haikyou datte?



Buryoku (chikara) de tasha wo oasetsukeru koto ga, omae tachi ga shiniru “oshie” dato iu no nara,

If submitting others with weapons (force) is the “teaching” you believe in...


Sonna oshie, somuite touzen da!

It’s obvious that I’m going to disobey it!

Vs Nike:


とうとうこの場所にたどり着きまシたね。 ガンヴォルト 

Toutou kono basho ni tadori tsukimashita ne. Ganvoruto

So you have finally come this far. Gunvolt

ワタシはベラデンを守るG7がヒとり ニケー … 

Watashi wa Beraden wo mamoru G7 ga hitori Nikee…

I am Nike, one of the G7 that protect “Belladen”… 

パンテーラと、我々の 未来のため、あなたを倒シます…!

Panteera to, wareware no mirai no tame, anata wo taoshimasu…!

I shall defeat you for the sake of Pantera and our future…!

(Begin Nike battle)


アナタがここに来ることハ星の語りかけ によって判っていまシた

Anata ga kokoni kuru koto wa hoshi no katarikake ni yotte wakatte imashita

The stars told me that you would eventually be coming here


星? なにを言っているんだ?

Hoshi? Nani wo itte irun da?

Stars? What’s she talking about?



Hoshi wa subete wo oshiete kuremasu. Anata wa, doushi Panteera no mirari ni sasu ippen no kage…

The stars tell everything. You are a piece of a shadow that shines upon comrade Pantera’s future

アナタを野放シにシていれば…いずれこのセカイは、混沌に満ちる コトでシょう… 

Anata no nobanashi ni shiteireba… izure kono sekai wa, konton ni michiru ktoo de shou…

If you are let loose then… That would mean that this world will be eventually be filled with chaos…


Mukidou de, muchijutso… Sekai no chijutso wo midasu akuma…

A demon that disrupts the world’s order, who is trackless and disordered…


Sore ga anata na no desu… Ganvoruto

That is YOU… Gunvolt…


こんな女の言うコトなんて、 聞いちゃだめ! GV 

Konna onna no iu koto nante, kiicha dame! GV

Don’t pay attention to this gal’s chatter! GV!


Anata wa, akuman nanka janai…

You’re no demon…

わたしや、あのコ…オウカの… 天使なんだから!

Watashi ya, ano ko… Ouka no… tenshi nanda kara!

You’re my… And that girl’s… Ouka’s… angel, you know!


妖精ハ古来より人を惑わす… アナタを惑わす妖精ごと… 

Yousei wa kourai yori hito wo madowasu… Anata wo madowasu yousei goto…

Fairies have bewitched humans since ancient times… You and that fairy that bewitches you…

この星のため…お眠りなさい。 ガンヴォルト 

Kono hoshi no tame… Onemuri nasai. Ganvoruto

… I shall put you two to sleep… For the sake of this planet… Gunvolt…


ありがとう、シアン。 …ボクが… 

Arigatou, Shian. Boku ga…

Thank you, Cyan… I…


Boku ga tatoe, omae ni iu you ni akuma datta toshitemo

Even if I was the “demon” you say that I am… 

お前たちの行いが、正当化されていい 理由にはならない! 

Omaetachi no okonai ga, setiouka sarete ii riyuu ni wa naranai!

That won’t become an argument to justify your actions insofar!

迸れ!蒼き雷霆(アームドブルー) よ!その鋭き稲妻で金色の髪を燃やし断て!

Hotobashire! Aoki raitei (Aamudo buruu) yo! Sono surudoki inazuma de kiniro no kami wo moyashi tate!

Surge out! Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)! Burn and cut off the golden hair with your sharp lightning!

Nike defeated:


また一人、G7を倒したみたいだね。これで残る G7はあと一人… 

Mata hitori, G7 wo taoshite mitai da ne. Kore de nokoru G7 wa ato hitori…

Looks like you’ve beaten another of the G7. There’s only one of them left…

そして、その先にはパンテーラが待っている… あと一息だよ。がんばって

Soshite, sono saki ni wa Panteera ga matteiru… Ato hitoiki da yo. Ganbatte

And Pantera is waiting on ahead… We’re almost there. Do your best







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