Scripts (Copen)

Nori: Nice job getting inside the base in one piece.

Copen: Now the real battle begins.

Shutters? Heh. They think they're so clever.

Copen: But I can Bullit Dash through them before they close!

I must save Mytyl from those sinful adepts. I will let nothing stop me!

Lola: Keep cool, boss! Freakin' out don't help no one.

Copen: I know.


Soldier: We do all for the sake of the oracle Zonda! Now behold as we stride down the path of paradise!

Copen: I was expecting more resistance, to be honest. But flies are still flies. All buzz and no sting.

Nori: If you get in trouble, just heal from the pause menu.

Lola: Spikes? Aw man, I hate spikes! So stupidy-pointy...

Copen: I feel the animosity of this fortress's designer.


Lola: Sooooo... we go up, right?

Nori: Keep an eye out. There are traps everywhere.

A den of monsters beyond all human comprehension... who knows what true evil lurks beneath it all?

Copen: Not this nonsense again.

Spikes, spikes, spikes... they gleam all around me. Is this the adepts' rage laid bare for all humanity? It might indeed be just such a symbol.

Lola: Why'd Eden build this place in Tashkent of all places?

Nori: Eden is a group with strong religious overtones. Perhaps there is something unknown in this land. And perhaps it holds value for them.

Copen: No deity would pity an adept! Their faith is without meaning. Regardless, I care not what they worship... for I will send them both straight to hell.

Nori: That's the hexapyle, Copen. You better hurry.


Tenjian: It seems the intruder has come, oracle.

Zonda: We must reclaim the shards that were stolen from us. For us, and for the comrades who fell by his hand.

Tenjian: No need to dirty your hand. I brought "him" to the fight.

Zonda: I pray The Seven need not make any further sacrifices.


These conveyor belts... smells like a trap.

Nori: They're full of ideas! Gotta give 'em that.

Lola: I wonder if there's treasure in this pit. Or maybe cake!

Nori: I hope you know that pit is bad news, Copen. Please refrain from finding out what's at the bottom.

Copen: You don't really think I'm that stupid, do you?


Lola: I pray Mytyl is all right...

Though better lately, she's always been quite frail. Even if these monsters didn't harm her directly... simply being away from her treatment facility is dangerous. Come on, Mytyl... just hold on!

Soldier: The shards are in that round thing! Attaaaack!

Copen: You'll die before you hurt Lola, cowards!

Lola: Aw shucks, boss!

Copen: Mytyl needs those shards.

Lola: Mytyl needs... wait, so this *isn't* about me?!

Copen: You're also important, Lola. Just... slightly less so.

Lola: Man, that is some brotherly love right there... once we rescue her, you owe me a frosty mug of oil!


Milas: The intruder arrives! I understand you are a man of science?

Copen: Yes, and you're one of The Seven. What of it?

Milas: Nothing really. I was simply curious is all. But don't expect me to hold anything back, man of science!

< S T R I K E >

Milas: The oceans pay for the sins of your kind, scientist. I will abide it no longer. I call upon my septima! The power of nature itself! And when the people of this polluted Earth are no longer... then shall I create a pure world of oceans blue!

Copen: Unyielding naturalism befits a monster like you. There is nothing natural about your power! Septima is an affront to God! A curse!

Milas: Yet adepts increase. Is this not also the will of your god?

Copen: Not mine, friend. My faith is strong, and it will be your end!

Milas: You are but an oil slick on a dark and sunless sea.

Copen: And you're a beast that spits in the face of sanity. Enough! Time to wash you out with the tide!


Copen: Enemy down. Moving on.

Nori: Got it. Be careful out there.

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei]

Belladen 1 (Acura)


(Info on Belladen)



Okaerinasaimase. Akyura sama

Welcome back. Acura – sama



Nowa, Michiru no ichi wa wakatta ka?

Nowa, did you figure where Mytyl is at?



“Beranden” toiu tango ga kikkake ni, samazama na jouhou wo nyuushuu dekimashita

I used the word “Belladen” as basis and I was able to obtain a lot of data


Berande to wa, Tashikento ni sonzai suru Eden no kyoten yousai no you desu

It’d seem “Belladen” is a fortress base of “Eden” located in Tashkent 

エデンの構成員も一旦、 ベラデンへの撤収を始めた模様…

Eden no kouseiin mo ittan, Beraden he no tesshu wo hajimeta moyou…

The “Eden” members have withdrawn to Belladen as well…



Tashikento… Tashika, chuuou Ajia ni aru kuni no toshi datta ka

Tashkent… I think it was a city of a central Asia nation… 

ヤツらの本拠地…  そこにミチルが…!

Yatsura no honkyochi… Soko ni Michiru ga…!

So Mytyl is at… their home base…


ですが、今までシッポが掴めな かった情報が、急に入手出来たことは気になります 

Desuga, ima made shippo ga tsukamenakatta joujou ga, kyuu ni nyuushuu dekita koto wa ki ni narimasu

But it’s pretty odd… Info I couldn’t get my hands on suddenly became available… 


Ano Teseo to kai u nouryokusha no ukatsu suguri hatsugen to ii, wana no kanousei ga takai ka to

Also… That Psychic named “Teseo” made a pretty big slip of the tongue… I’d say that the probabilities of a trap are very high


かまわん…  こちらも打てる限りの手を打ち、

Kamawan… Kochira mo uteru kagiri no te wo uchi,

I don’t care… We’ll do all we can over here, too…


Yatsura no honmaru wo uchi otosu made da!

And bring down their fortress!


かしこまりました。 準備が整い次第、出発いたしましょう

Kashikomarimashita. Junbi ga totonoi jidai, shuppatsu itashimashou

Understood. We shall depart once the preparations are completed


アキュラくん! ぼくも腹はくくってるよ! 

Akyura kun!Boku mo hara wa kukutteru yo!

Acura – kun! I can’t sit idle, either!

ミチルちゃん、絶対に 助け出そうね!

Michiru chan, zettai ni tasuke desou ne!

Let’s make sure to save Mytyl – chan!


ああ… お前のことは頼りにしている

Aa… Omae no koto wa tayori ni shiteiru

Yeah… I’m counting you…



ここが連中の本拠地、タシケント要塞ベラデン―― 害虫どもの巣か 

Koko ga renchuu no honkyochi, Tashikento yousai Beraden… Gaichuu domo no suu ka

So this is their home base… The Tashkent fortress Belladen… The nest of those vermin…


Hito shirezu konooa mono wo tsukuru to wa, masa ni gaijuu da na…

To think they built this without anyone noticing… They are indeed vermin…


アキュラさま…どんな罠が待っているか判りません。 くれぐれもお気をつけて

Akyura sama… Donna wana ga matteiru ka wakarimasen. Kuregurre mo oki wo tsukete

Acura – sama… We don’t know what traps await us. Please be very careful


敵地  (エデン)

Tekichi (Eden)

Hostile land (Eden)



Tashikento ni sobie tatsu teki no shiro “Beraden”

The enemy castle, “Belladen”, rising over Tashkent…


Soko wa, itsuwari no rakuen ka

Is it a fake paradise?


Arui wa jinrui shinka no chuushinchi ka

Or is it the metropolis of human evolution?





1st half:




Buji, senyuu seikou shita you desu ne

It’d seem you managed to infiltrate sans a hitch



Daga, koko kara ga shounenba da…

But the real showdown is yet to begin…




Bouei shattaa ka. Koshaku na shikake wo…

Defense shutters? What an annoying obstacle…


Konna mono, burittsu dashu nara tojiru mae ni toppa dekiru!

I can overcome them before they close with the Blitz Dash!

(Spikes corridor)


罪に穢れし能力者 (バケモノ) どもの手から、 ミチルを取り返してみせる―― 

Tsumi ni kegarashi nouryokusha (bakemono) domo no te kara, Michiru wo torikaeshite miseru…

I’ll get back Mytyl from those Psychics (monsters) stained by sins…


Nanpi to tari tomo, ore wo tomeru koto wa dekin!

I don’t care how many of them there are: they can’t stop me!


あんまり気負いすぎないでよ。 短気は損気

Anmari kioi suginai de yo. Sonki wa tanki

Don’t get carried off by your impatience. Impatience brings defeat



Aa, wakatteiru…

Yeah, I know that…




Wana ka…!

A trap…!

Eden Soldier (red):


Subete wa doushi Panteera no mikokoro no mama ni…

Everything is according to the desires of Pantera, our comrade…


Omae wa izure rakuen he to itaru warera no sugata wo, yubi wo kuwaete nagameteiro!

Bite your fingers as you contemplate us, who will eventually travel to paradise!

(Defeat all enemies)



Honkyochi dakara, sukoshi wa tegotae ga aru kato omotta ga…

I expected more resistance: this is their home base, after all…

いくら群れようと、所詮ザコはザコか… 口ほどにもないヤツらだ

Ikura mureyou to, shosen zako wa zako ka. Kuchi hodo ni monai yatsu ra da

They might try to band but weaklings are weaklings… Barely worth a mention



Pinchi no toki wa, pouzu menyuu kara “hiiringu” de tairyoku kaifuku wo osusume shimasu

I suggest that you use the “Healing” in the pause menu to regain HP if you run into trouble

(Second spike area)


なにあれ。 あんな地形、見たことないよ…

Nani are. Annna chikei, mita koto nai yo

What was that? I’ve never seen a terrain like that…



Kono yousai wo dezain shita yatsu no “akui” ga mieru you da na

It’s like we’re looking at the “malice” of whoever built this fortress

(Climbing area)



Koko wa ue ni nobotte iku shikanai you da ne

Looks like we’ll have to climb upwards

(Finish climbing)



Doko mo kashiko mo torappu darake desu ne…

This place is littering with traps…


人外魔境, 伏魔殿――

Jingai makyou, fukumaden…

Freakish evildoers, an abode of demons…


Soko ni hisumo wa oni ka hebi ka…

What lurks in here? Demons? Or snakes…?

(Second climbing area)


またこの仕掛けか…  莫迦の一つ覚えのように

Mata kono shikake ka… Baka no hitotsu oboe no you ni…

This trap again… They can’t learn the lesson, huh…


Shuui ni wa surudoku hikaru wana (toge), wana (toge), wana (toge)…

The area is surrounded by sharply glowing traps (spikes), traps (spikes) and traps (spikes)…


Sore wa, ore tachi ningen ni muketa bakemono domo no tekigaishin…

Maybe those were a manifestation of the hostility that…


Sono shouchou na no kamoshirenai

…those monsters were aiming at humans…

(Climb up second area)



Shikashi, nande mata Eden no renchuu wa kono kuni ni konna yousai wo…

But, say… Why did these “Eden” guys build this fortress in this nation…?



Eden wa shuukyouteki sokumen ga tsuyoi soshiki desu

“Eden” is an organization with a strong religious appeal…


Kono Tashikento to iu tochi ni, nani ka michi no…

Maybe there’s something unknown in these lands of Tashkent that…


Kare ra ga motomeru youna kachi ga atta no kamo shiremasen ne…

…they are aiming for, something valuable to them…


能力者 (バケモノ)に慈悲を与える神などいるものか。 故に、ヤツらに信仰など必要ない 

Nouryokusha (bakemono) ni jihi wo ataeru kami nado iru mono ka. Yue ni, yatsura ni shinkou nado hitsuyou nai

Like there’d be a god that grants mercy to those Psychics (monsters). Come to these, they don’t need faith either


Yatsura ga nani wo agamateiru no wa shiran ga…

I don’t know what these guys worship but…


Sono taishou goto, kono ore ga  uchi horobosu made da

I’ll wipe them out along with their symbols

(Gate Monolith)


ゲートモノリスです。 急ぎましょう、アキュラさま

Geeto monorisu desu. Isogimashou, Akyura sama

A Gate Monolith. Let us hurry on ahead, Acura – sama

2nd half:

(Tenjian & Pantera)


パンテーラ…来ているようだよ。 ヤツが

Panteera… Kiteiru you da yo. Yatsu ga

Pantera… We’ve got visitors. It’s him



Kare ni ubawareta miraa piisu. Kanarazu tori modosa nakereba ikemasen

We MUST get back the “Mirror Pieces” he stole from us


Kare no te ni kakari, chitteitta doushi tachi no tame ni mo…

This is also for the sake of our comrades who were defeated by him…


キミの手をわずらわせることもないさ。 “彼”を向かわせてある

Kimi no te wo wazura waseru koto mo nai sa. “Kare” wo mukawasete aru

You needn’t bother to do it yourself. I’ll send “him” to deal with that guy



G7… Kore ijou, gisei ga denakreba yoi no desu ga…

Let’s hope that no more of the G7 die… 

(Belt conveyor area)



Kore wa… wana… beruto konbea to kit aka

So this is… a trap… Now’s belt conveyors, huh



Tsugi kara tsugi he to, yoku maa omoitsuku mono desu

Trap after trap… I’m surprised they came up with all of these…

(Crossing across belt conveyor area)



Kono ana, doko ni tsunagatte irun darou?

I wonder… Where do these holes lead to?



Akyura sama, wakatteiru to wa omoimasu ga ochireba zoku auto desu

I think you know it, Acura – sama, but if you fall… You’re out of league...


Kuregure mo, ochite miyou nado to kangaenai you…

Try not to think of dropping into the holes…



Kangeru wake ga nai darou

… Like I’d think of doing THAT




Akyura sama. Teki no kichi ni shienki wo okuru koto wa dekimasen. Ochireba soku auto desu.

Acura-sama, I can’t send a support unit into the enemy’s home base. If you fall, you’re out of league… 

(Second belt conveyor area)


それにしても…ミチルちゃん、 無事だといいけど…

Sore ni shite mo… Michiru chan, buji dato ii kedo…

All of that asides… I hope that Mytyl – chan’s alright…



Saikin wa fukuchou ni mukatta to wa ie, Michiru wa umaretsuki karada ga yowai

Despite her recent improvement, Mytyl has always had a weak body


Tatoe man ga ichi no kakuritsu de, yatsura ga higai wo kuwate inakatta toshitemo

Even in the slim chance that they haven’t harmed her…


Ryouyousho no soto ni iru to iu dake de kiken da…

Merely being outside the sanatorium is dangerous for her…


Buji de itekure… Michiru …!

Please be safe and sound… Mytyl…!

(Long corridor)

Eden Soldier (blue):

ミラーピースはあの玉コロの中だ! 総攻撃で奪い取れ!

Miraa piisu wa ano tama koro no naka da! Soukougeki de ubai tore!

The “Mirror Pieces” are inside that ball! Attack at once and get them back!



Zako ga… RoRo ni wa yubi ippon furesase wa sen…!

Weaklings…! I won’t let you lay a single finger on RoRo…!



Akyura kun…

Acura – kun…



Miraa piisu wa Michiru no tame ni hitsuyou na mono da… Kisama ra ni wa watasan

Mytyl needs these “Mirror Pieces”… I won’t surrender them to you lot!


って、ぼくのためじゃないのー! そりゃあミチルちゃんは大事だけどさー

Tte, boku no tame janai noo! Sorya Michiru chan wa daiji dakedo saa

What! You didn’t mean me!? I know that Mytyl – chan is very important but…



Fun… Michiru no tsugi kurai ni wa daiji ni shiteiru tsumori da

Hmpf… Starting with Mytyl, you’re the second most important thing to me



Mou, shisukon oniichan nanda kara…

Sheesh… Talk about a siscon big bro…


Michiru chan tasukete modottara, boku no mente, bacchii tanonda yo?

Take care of my maintenance once we rescue Mytyl – chan and we’re back home!

Vs Nimrod:


待ってたぜ、侵入者(イントルーダー)。 オレは ニムロド 。お前さん、科学者…なんだってな?

Mattetaza, shinnyuusha (intoruudaa). Ore wa Nimurodo. Omae san, kagakusha… nandatte na?

I’ve been waiting for you, intruder. I’m Nimrod. Say… You a scientist, right?


…G7のメンバーか。 いかにもオレは科学者だがそれがどうした?

… G7 no menbaa ka. Ikani mo ore wa kagakusha daga sore ga doushita?

… One of the G7, huh. I am a scientist indeed. What about it?


いやあ、なんだ。 別にそれがどうだって ワケじゃあねぇが、 

Iyaa, nanda. Betsu ni sore ga dou datte wake jaa nee ga,

Oh, it’s nothin’. It’s not like it’s anythin’ too important but…

そうだとすれば、これからお前さんを倒すのにも、 気合が入ると思ってな?

Sou dato sureba, kore kara omae san wo taou ni mo, kiai ga hairu to omotte na?

I was thinkin’ that if it’d motivate me further to beat ya up, y’know? 

(Begin Nimrod battle)



Kagaku no hatten te no wa, itsumo umi wo yogoshi shizen wo gisei ni shitekita

“Scientific progress” has always dirtied the seas and sacrificed nature…


Ore wa sore ga gaman naranee no sa

I can’t stand that, ya see


Ore wa ore ni yadotta dai nana na hadou (sebunsu) no. Shizen no chikara de…

My plan is to use the 7th Wave (Sevens) I have -  the power of nature - to…


Bunmei ttsuu osui ni hitari kitta munouryokusha wo haijo shite,

Get rid of those Non – Psychics immersed in the filthy water of “civilization”…


Umi wo yosanee, jizen to tomo ni ikiru sekai wo tskuritee to omotteiru

And create a world in which the seas aren’t contaminated and we coexist with nature…


行き過ぎた自然主義者(ナチュラリスト)か… バケモノらしく野蛮な考えだ 

Iki sugita shizen shugisha (nachurarisuto ka… Bakemono rashiku yaban na kangae da…

An extremist naturalist, huh… Barbaric ways of thinking, just like monsters

自然の力だと? 貴様らのその異様な力が自然の摂理であるものか 

Shizen no chikara dato? Kisama ra sono iyouna chikara ga shizen no setsuri de aru mono ka

The power of nature? You claim that you bastards’ freakish powers are nature’s providence? 


Dai nana hadou (sebunsu) wa, kami no hou ni tsubaki kakeru norowareta chikara hoka naranai

The 7th Wave (Sevens) is but a cursed power that scoffs at God’s laws: that’s all it is


そうか?能力者は日々増え続けている… それは、神さんの意志だとは思わねぇか?

Souka? Nouryokusha wa hibi fue tsuzukete iru… Sore wa, kami san no ishi dato wa omowanee ka?

Is that so? Yet the Psychics increase day after day… Ya don’t think that’s God’s will?


思わんな! 仮にそうだとしてもそんな神ならば、オレには要らない 

Owanna… Kari ni sou dato shitemo, sonna kami naraba, ore ni wa iranai

I don’t think so… And even if that’s the case… I don’t need YOUR “God”… 


Ore wa ore no kami nomi wo shinji… Kisamara wo kuchiku suru!

I only believe in MY “God”… And I’ll wipe you all!



Haa, yappa anta to wa hanashi ga aisou mo nee. Maru de umi (mizu) to  juuyuu (abura) da…

Huff… Thought as much… We can’t agree with each other. We’re like the ocean (water) and heavy oil (oil)…


フン…そこだけは意見があうようだ。 背理の獣… 

Fun… soko dake wa iken ga au you da. Hairi no kemono…

Hmpf… That’s the only thing we seem to agree on. You paradoxical monster…


Sono bankou, ore ga toumetsu suru!

I’ll wipe out… your barbaric ideas!

Nimrod defeated:


G7の一人を討滅完了。 このまま奥へ進む

G7 no hitori wo toumetsu kanryou. Kono mama oku he susumu

I beat one of the G7. I’ll head deeper inside


承知しました。 どうかお気をつけて、 アキュラさま

Shouchi shimashita. Douka oki wo tsukete, Akyura sama

Acknowledged. Be very careful, Acura – sama

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