Garden 1 arena

"The enemy citadel, The Garden, rises above Tashkent. A false paradise? Or the nexus for the next step in human evolution?" - Flavor text


The Garden 1 (Belladen 1 in Japan) is one of the final levels in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, codenamed "Eden". This mission involves storming The Garden, which is Eden's HQ in Tashkent.

This mission is one of few played by both Gunvolt and Copen.



Xiao: This is The Garden. Eden's headquarter fortress. The other adepts and mirror shards should all be there. That includes Zonda, by the way--so take extra care.

Gunvolt: Don't have to tell me twice.


Copen: This is The Garden--the hornet's nest itself. An apt description. And I know what to do with such pests...

Nori: This is certainly a trap of some kind, Copen. Be careful!

Stage Composition

  • Note: This stage has the same layout for both GV and Copen
  • There are a LOT of spikes here. This stage is not recommended for the Lethal Lavaliere pendant or the Heaven or Hell sub.
  • The layout's the same, but expect GV and Copen's medals to be in slightly different spots.
  • This stage is the first to introduce Elite Troopers. They fire 4-round bursts from their rifles and turn invisible if you try to shoot them. The Flashfield and Stellar Spark can short out their stealth suits.
  • The 2nd half will involve a long series of bottomless pits, conveyor belts, and Trappers floating in midair. Have fun.
  • Depending on who you're playing as, you'll either fight Desna or Milas. Milas is less difficult because Hydro Zapper doesn't affect Bullits, but Desna's Entangled Strands can cause Overheat.
  • Using 5 different Bolts/EX Weapons in the stage yields a 200 "Secret" Kudos Bonus for Copen, and a 400 "Secret" bonus for GV. You do not need to hit any enemies with the weapons, so you can gain this bonus at the very beginning of the stage.


Note: As one of several shared stages, the challenges are effectively the same between Gunvolt and Copen.

  • On Foreign Soil: Clear within 11 minutes. (Reward: Kripp Alloy x3)
  • RT Overlay: Clear within 7 minutes. (Reward: Proto Infrastructure x5)
  • Fortress Invasion: Clear with Rank B or higher. (Reward: Nanochip 98 x3)
  • Raised Alarm: Clear with Rank A or higher. (Reward: High-end NcGbx x3)
  • Red Alert: Clear with Rank S or higher. (Reward: Phoenix Ore x2)
  • Oppression: Defeat 80 enemies and clear the stage. (Reward: Electrum x3)
  • Operation Acrobat: Clear the stage without hitting ANY spikes. This includes activating Prevasion. (Reward: Shock Response Plate x2)
  • Garden Be Thy Name: Obtain all 5 medals and clear the stage. (Reward: Garnet x10)
  • Charms of Tashkent: Clear 3 times. (Reward: 10K Vig)


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