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“The weak yield to the strong–as you will yield to my blades!”
Tenjian , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Tenjian, also known as "The Frozen Blade", is a co-founder of Eden, leader and strategist of Eden's "The Seven", possessing the rank of Queen, and the secondary antagonist of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Abandoned by his parents at a young age due to his Septima powers and nearly poisoned by a human offering food, he grew up to believe that only the strong survive.

Together, he and his adopted sister Zonda founded Eden, an organization dedicated to Adept supremacy.

A proud and fierce warrior who always has something to say about strength and power, Tenjian's loyalty to Eden is matched only by his hatred of humanity. Tenjian has an affinity for the Septima Permafrost, which he uses to bend ice to his will.

Website Description

Tenjian has the ability to freeze solid anything in his path with his “Permafrost” septima. He wields a total of seven ice-covered bladed weapons made up of swords, sickles, and chakrams in combat. His ingenuity is easily one of his strongest traits, and one of the qualities that allowed him to become the leader of The Seven.

His bladed arsenal isn’t just sharp, though. The blades on his weapons are frozen at temperatures that plummet below even absolute zero, to the point where simply coming into contact with them will cause the person’s molecular structure to lose its pliability, causing them to shatter where they stand.



Tenjian is a teenager with short, somewhat spiky white hair. He wears a white suit, a blue waistcoat with gold highlights, black shoes, and a white and black jacket draped over his shoulders with blue and silver highlights. He wears a black belt with a silver buckle and black gloves. His eyes are always shut. He is occasionally seen holding an apple.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Tenjian gains bright blue hair and his eyes open, revealing black eyes, each with a single pale blue pupil. He wears black and gray armor with white and blue highlights, with two wing-like appendages attached to his lower back. His swords are stored in two black half-spheres attached to his shoulders by arm-like appendages. When Tenjian uses his false Glaive, his appearance is identical, although his blue armor is monotone gray, and his eyes remain closed.


As the leader of Eden's elite, Tenjian is a serious, cold-hearted character. After narrowly surviving a poisoning attempt on his life, Tenjian developed a fierce Social Darwinist philosophy, believing that only the strong survive.

Always having something to say about strength, Tenjian is incredibly boastful, and despises those he sees as weak. In combat, Tenjian is shown to be arrogant. However, when it comes to adepts and those he deems strong, he does show respect. He even offers Gunvolt a place within Eden's ranks, though gladly attacks him when he refuses.

When it comes to humans and those he deems weak though, Tenjian neither shows mercy nor respect. As a result of the hardships he endured, Tenjian holds a burning hatred for humanity, and while he is willing to admit the possibility of humans willing to accept them, he sees it as just that: a possibility, one that can easily be ignored.

Tenjian is also fiercely dedicated to his adoptive sister Zonda, acting more like a mentor than just a protector at times, and is the only member of Eden seen having the audacity to order her around. Having been raised alongside her, he has vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure that she is safe, and that her vision of an Eden for all adepts comes true.

In the Japanese version, he's also fond of employing four-character idiomatic compounds to prove his finesse and culture.

Plot Role

Tenjian was born in China, where Adepts were hunted for sport. His parents discovered his Septimal powers soon after his birth, even before Tenjian himself did, and swiftly abandoned him, leaving the Adept to grow up in an orphanage. During his time, he taught himself the art of swordsmanship, becoming a self-trained master at it. His wise, calm demeanour made him popular among the other orphans, seeing him as a big brother of sorts.

However, after the owner died of sickness, the orphanage was shut down, and it's children left on the streets. Tenjian desperately ran around town to try and find people willing to adopt the orphans, but on account of his Septima, he was always rejected and persecuted. This, coupled with all the dangerous jobs they had to take to earn income, resulted in the orphans dying one by one, until all that was left was Tenjian himself, and a young girl whom he came to regard as his sister: Zonda.

Eventually, the two were approached by a man with lots of fruit, who offered them food. Immensely grateful at this extremely sparse act of kindness, the two accepted his gift, however, the man was in fact a member of a group of non-Adepts, who feared the duo, and had poisoned the food.

Eating a poisoned apple, Tenjian nearly died, but miraculously recovered. Flying into a fit of rage, Tenjian went on a rampage, freezing the entire town and its inhabitants, bar himself and Zonda.

The seeds of hatred sown, he and Zonda eventually founded "Eden", a group dedicated to the supremacy of all Adepts, eventually attracting a large number of members from all over the globe, with Tenjian serving Zonda as her faithful "Queen".

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2


After the failure of the Diva Project, Sumeragi is thrown into chaos. Taking advantage of this, Eden hatches its plan to claim the power of the Muse. Tenjian, Teseo and Asroc hijack Sumeragi's massive airship, codenamed Seraph, and cause it to crash into the Sumeragi building. They also kidnap Mytyl, Copen's sister, and bring her aboard the airship. Tenjian and Teseo monitor Gunvolt as he fights his way through the airship, paying particular attention to the power of the Muse.

After Gunvolt and Copen managed to rescue Mytyl and stop the Seraph, Tenjian freezes the two rivals in place, allowing Zonda to imprison Joule in mirror shards. Zonda reveals her true form and Eden's goal of an Adept paradise. Tenjian tells her to leave out of concern for her safety. As soon as she does, Tenjian then offers Gunvolt a chance to join Eden's ranks, believing he could easily help build Eden. Gunvolt vehemently refuses and demands Joule's return, leading to a fight between the two Adepts. As Tenjian is using a false Glaive that only marginally boosts his powers, he is soundly defeated. Copen and Lola take advantage of the distraction to steal one of the shards and Tenjian leaves with eight shards in his possession.

Frozen City (Icebound)

Sometime after the Seraph hijacking, Tenjian, armed with the power of the Muse, led an attack on a nearby city, covering it in ice and using a five-star hotel as a base of operations. This draws the attention of both Gunvolt and Copen, who race to the city to stop him, battling each other in the process. Tenjian uses his Septima to freeze parts of the hotel and slow them down. The fights with both characters differ slightly:

Battle with Gunvolt

Tenjian congratulates Gunvolt for making his way to him, saying his reputation is earned. During the battle, Tenjian asks Gunvolt why he cut ties with QUILL only to fight his own kind. Gunvolt replies that they are all humans, Septima or not.

Tenjian tells Gunvolt of his past, using it as an example of how humans and Adepts can never coexist. Gunvolt counters by citing his friendship with Quinn, a human who was willing to give him shelter despite him being an Adept, forcing Tenjian to admit that there may be humans who share her kindness, but he considers them so few that they can be ignored. Realizing that Tenjian, like Copen, is too stubborn to listen to reason, Gunvolt faces Tenjian in battle again and manages to defeat him despite his enhanced powers.

Tenjian's final words are him desperately calling out to his sister Zonda before dying, allowing Gunvolt to claim his Mirror shard.

Battle with Copen

During his fight with Copen, Tenjian exposes his Social Darwinist beliefs and his beliefs that humanity is the source of all suffering. Copen calls him a monster and a godless sinner who has no right to speak of human history nor has any place in humanity.

Tenjian spitefully declares that there is no God in this world. After some more heated words, Copen engages Tenjian and defeats him. Desperately calling his sister Zonda in his death, Tenjian is killed,  allowing Copen to gain his Mirror shard and freeing the city from his grasp.

The Garden 1 (Eden)

Sometime after his death, a copy of Tenjian is created by Zonda, using her Phantasm Mirror Septima. As Gunvolt and Copen fight their way through the Garden, Tenjian and Zonda monitor their progress, and the G7 leader dispatches Desna and Milas respectively to deal with them.

The Garden 3 (Savior)

As Gunvolt and Copen make their way to the heart of the Garden, Tenjian leads the newly copied The Seven as the final line of defence standing between Zonda and her enemies. Like above, the fights with both characters differ slightly.

Battle with Gunvolt

Gunvolt is surprised to see Tenjian alive again, but Tenjian merely replies that he is an illusion crafted by Zonda's Septima with all the powers and memories of the original, also revealing that Zonda is his adoptive sister. Tenjian declares that even in death, he will do all he can to protect Zonda and see her desire for humanity's end come to fruition. Gunvolt sympathizes with Tenjian, saying that he too has people he wishes to protect and declares that he won't be defeated.

Gunvolt manages to defeat Tenjian, but The Frozen Blade has one final, desperate trick up his sleeve: a second Special Skill, Seven Slashes. Putting his all into this attack, he encases Gunvolt in a large snowflake and slashes it seven times, the seventh strike shattering the snowflake and killing Gunvolt. Having exhausted all his power, Tenjian dies instantly. However, a few seconds later Gunvolt is revived by Joule's Anthem, ultimately rendering his sacrifice worthless as Gunvolt goes deeper into The Garden.

Battle with Copen

Copen is surprised to see Tenjian alive again, but Tenjian merely replies that he is an illusion crafted by Zonda's Septima with all the powers and memories of the original. Disgusted, Copen calls him an abomination whose existence is a crime against life itself.

Tenjian points out Copen's hypocrisy in using Septima, a power he reviles, to save his sister and declares that he will do what he must for his sister Zonda. Copen proceeds to mock Tenjian's sibling bond, calling it false and the two lock horns once more, Copen managing to defeat Tenjian again.

Later, during her final fight with Copen, Zonda uses her Eden's Presence Special Skill to summon illusions of the Seven to aide her, Tenjian being one of them.

Armed Blue Gunvolt

Track 2 - All for Eden...

Tenjian first appears checking in on Gibril and Teseo. After the two confirm they are ready, Tenjian explains the plan and their respective roles; Gibril is to attack the Sumeragi radio tower "Amaterasu" and cause chaos, while Teseo goes to the main computer behind the scenes and disable it, warning him of a Sumeragi hacker on-par with even Teseo.

Gibril ponders why Sumeragi has Adepts that work with humans, calling them a bunch of idiots. Tenjian states that everyone has their own ideals, but should they stand in Eden's way, they will be wiped out, before urging the two to go wild and show Eden's strength, officially starting their mission, slyly telling Zonda to get ready.

Track 5

Tenjian manages to contact Nova directly and both exchange some words as Tenjian tries to convince him to embrace Eden's ideals yet Nova declines, claiming to be uninterested in them.

However, Nova suspects that the reason Eden is being so flashy is because they are using the attack to camouflage "something" although he doesn't know what it is.

After a few more exchanges stating that neither will yield to the other, Tenjian cuts the call, amusing Nova.

Track 7

Tenjian contacts Gibril after the satellite laser strike by Nova which ended her attempts to destroy the Kamishiro barrier repeater in the Media Tower. He orders her to retreat and she eventually complains despite her objections that she hasn't fulfilled her missions yet.

Track 9

Tenjian contacts Zonda once she's successfully infiltrated Japan. He states her mission is about to begin yet, at the same time, he feels sad at having her alone burden with the espionage mission.

He also asks her if he saw anyone else intrude Japan taking profit of the span in which the barrier wasn't working. Upon hearing her reply, he warns here that there's another party apart from Sumeragi is present in Japan and that she should be wary of them.

Other Appearances

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Tenjian makes a cameo as a collectible pixel sticker in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave and the leader of The Seven, Tenjian is one of the most powerful adepts in Eden, possibly second only to Zonda. Tenjian wields Permafrost, which grants him dominion over ice, which he can utilize for a variety of purposes.

The ice he generates has proven to be incredibly hard, serving as an effective prison for even those like Gunvolt and Copen, though both eventually broke out. However, his ice is very vulnerable to Copen's Prism Break, which can easily shatter his frosty attacks. Tenjian is able to shape the ice he creates into multiple different shapes, most notably swords, showing his prowess in swordsmanship.

The blades of these swords are said to be frozen at temperatures below Absolute Zero, draining heat on contact to a degree that overcomes what's possible in standard thermodynamics. Anything Tenjian touches with these blades freezes and become brittle. Tenjian focuses the effects of his Septima through his blades to compensate for the fact that, on its own, his Septima has a wide radius of effect and is hard to handle.

When he gains the power of The Muse, Tenjian's power increases to the point where he is able to encase an entire city in ice. He shows the ability to spontaneously freeze areas far away from his location, and can even alter them to a degree by adding things like spikes. He is also able to manipulate the hotel's security system in his stage, though it's unknown if this is through Septima or more mundane means.

In his Armed form, along with his ice bending techniques being advanced to impressive levels, he also shows the ability to utilize cold air. Using this, he can use the air to achieve flight by propelling himself forward, and can use it to instantly freeze his opponents, as seen in his Frigid Blossom Special Skill. His true Special Skill, Seven Slashes however, pushes his power to it's utmost limits, enabling him to freeze solid concepts like space, time and souls. The resulting attack is a guaranteed kill. However, this attack is so extreme that it freezes Tenjian himself to death, making it a desperate last resort.

The scripted nature of the gameplay scenario in which Gunvolt fails to dodge Seven Slashes may imply that it is the canonical version of events, and hence Tenjian was able to actually defeat Gunvolt and would have killed him if not for Joule's Anthem. This is a feat that not even his sister Zonda was capable of.


Skill Description
Tenjian - Shadow Ice Cut.jpg
Shadow Ice Cut
A short-ranged attack from a straight blade. The slash becomes an ice wall that remains on the field. The ice wall can only be broken with repeated shooting. He will follow up this attack with a back step and dashing thrust.
  • It will also break if Tenjian flies through it or when he changes phases.
Tenjian - Lunar circle ring.jpg
Ice Chakram
Circular Lunar Loop
A long-ranged attack from two Circle Moon Rings. Their circling and special orbits will confuse the player. They also block bullets/tags. He can follow up this attack by leaping at your position to slash.
  • The rings shatter if Tenjian changes phases while they fly.
Tenjian - Frost Bursting Shear.jpg
Freezing Splitting Slash
Extreme Frozen Slash
Tenjian performs a dash at you before jumping diagonally off-screen. The attack also generates ice spikes with contact-damage. Can be destroyed with shooting or Flashfield.
  • From this move, Tenjian can either perform Shadow Ice Cut, or perform a downward thrust, followed by launching one of his swords boomerang buzz-saw style in an upwards or downwards arc.
    • The ice spikes automatically shatter if Tenjian performs the down-thrust.
Tenjian - Ultra-Freezing.jpg
Ultra Freezing (All Freeze)
Tenjian’s septima, which he uses at the start of his second phase to freeze the floor. Be careful: the frozen floor will be slippery.
  • In Garden 3 and Special Mission 5, the floor will be frozen from the start.
Tenjian - Frozen Snowflake Break.jpg
Frigid Blossom
Ice Flower Snow Cut (Apple Severance)*
"Strike down cold petals / On a plain of perfect white / With this frosted blade! Frigid Blossom!"

Tenjian’s Special Skill: After taking a few seconds to gather frosty air, he flies upwards off-screen. From there, he marks an area (~1/5th of the screen in your general area) for a second or so before flash-freezing it. Should you be caught in this area, you will be trapped in a giant snowflake, which he cleaves in one slash for massive damage. He will attempt to freeze you 4 times. Even if you dodge all the freezes, he will still try to get a diving slash in on you. Getting caught by this attack will short out Gunvolt's EP/empty Copen's Bullits, so Prevasion can't save you here.

Tenjian - Seven Slashes cornered.png
Seven Slashes
Silk Snow Plough (Rakshasa Seven Stars)*
"In the wintry night / Seven blades trace seven paths / To fight Spring's cruel thaw! Seven Slashes!"

Tenjian's true Special Skill. He will only activate this when his health drops to 0 during his second fight with Gunvolt. He gathers energy and flies up similar to how Frigid Blossom starts, but this one works a bit differently. The freezing pattern has been changed, and the first 3 freezes generate ice pillars to stifle your movements. Getting caught in any of these initiates an unavoidable attack where GV is slashed multiple times before Tenjian unleashes one final slash downwards.

  • The pattern goes; column ~1/6th of screen centered on you, row along the floor, column ~1/6th of screen centered on you, column ~1/5th of screen.
  • Unlike Frigid Blossom, you cannot stop this attack from activating. Tenjian becomes completely invincible before and during this attack.
  • Tenjian dies right after this attack finishes, whether it succeeds or fails.
  • Like Frigid Blossom, this attack ignores Prevasion. It is impossible to stop this skill from activating, but it is avoidable, albeit incredibly difficult to pull off.
    • Since the player will likely never be able to avoid it, dying to this skill guarantees that Joule will activate her Anthem afterwards, which lasts the rest of the level until the second Zonda fight.
  • Tenjian will never use this move when fighting Copen.
    • He will not use this move if Joule already activated her Anthem.

Frigid Blossom:

  • While the Kanji 氷華雪断 means Snow Flower Ice Cut, the furigina ひょうかせつだん can also be read as Apple Severance, which is likely a reference to Tenjian's past and his Snow White basis.

Seven Slashes:

  • 七星, Seven Stars, stems from the East Asian name of the Big Dipper aka the Plough. Another name for it in Japanese is Seven Sword Stars (七剣星).
  • While the Kanji 羅雪 means Silk Snow, the furigana (らせつ, Rasetsu) means Rakshasa, a man-eating supernatural being from Hindu mythology.

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Shadow Ice Cut Ha! There! Ha! Haa! Seii! Haa! はっ! せいっ! はっ!
Ice Chakram Ha! Gotcha! Haa! Soko daa! はっ! そこだっ!
Freeze Splitting Slash Get ready! Hah! Two halves, one slash! Hmph! Go! Mairu! Haaa! Ittou ryoudan!
Funn! Yuke!
まいる! はぁっ!一刀両断!
ふんっ! ゆけ!
Permafrost Turn all to ice... Permafrost! Itetsuke… Ouru furiizu! 凍てつけ…
Frigid Blossom I take it you're ready for this?
Frigid Blossom!
Hah... This is what cool-headed looks like... There!

(Caught) This is it... Slash!
Kakugo wa ii ka? Hyōka Setsudan!!
Haa… Shin no reitetsu… Seaa!
(Caught) Owari da… Issen!
はぁぁ… 真の冷徹… せあぁ!
(Caught) 終わりだ… 一閃!
Seven Slashes I can't...! I bet my life on this...
Seven Slashes!
Hah... If I have to die, you're going down with me... There!

(Caught) I'll bring you along to my grave...
It's, all, or, nothing...! Now, break and scatter! ...!?
Yabureru wake ni wa... ikanai...! Kono inochi wo kashite…
Rasetsu Shichisei!
Haaa… Shinabara morotomo… Seaaa!

(Caught) Omae wo tsureteiku… Kenkon itteki…! Kudake chiree!! Guoo!
はぁぁ… 死なばもろとも… せあぁ!
(Caught) お前を連れていく…坤一擲…! 砕け散れぇ!! ぅぐあっ!?
1st Phase Down What...!? Nanii!? 何っ!?
2nd Phase Down What... power... Kono… chikara wa… この…力は…
Defeated ...!? Ugh... Zon... daaaa...!! Uguaa!? Uuu...!? Pan… teeraaaa!! ぅぐあっ!? うぅっ…

Special Skill Chants

Frigid Blossom:

Strike down cold petals
On a plain of perfect white
With this frosted blade

絶対零度 一刀両断

Frozen icy petals which dance in the white darkness
They fall into the ground and are quickly cut loose
Absolute zero: Be cut in half

하얀 어둠 속 흩날리는 얼음 꽃잎,
땅에 떨어질 틈도 없이 베어 버리는
절대 영도 일도양단
In the white darkness, the frigid blossoms dance.
They will be sliced away before they can ever reach the ground.
By the Absolute Zero, Everything will be cut in half!

Seven Slashes:

In the wintry night
Seven blades trace seven paths
To fight Spring's cruel thaw


Alcor that twinkles in the freezing skies…
The slashes’ trajectory drawn by the seven blades…
No – one shall remain after the snow melts…

극한의 하늘에 반짝이는 알코르.
일곱 칼날이 그리는 참격의 궤적.
눈이 녹으면 그 자리에는 아무도 남지 않으리.
In the frozen skies, the Alcor shines bright.
With the seven blades drawing the slashes’ trajectory,
none shall remain after the snow thaws!


"The power of The Muse... We're close now."
Tenjian, observing Gunvolt

"Two birds? One stone? Excellent. Now freeze, little birds!"
Tenjian, about to freeze Gunvolt and Copen

"We have her! We trapped The Muse is mirror shards, Zonda. Now, when are you going to abandon that ridiculous disguise?"
Tenjian, having captured The Muse

"Despite our abilities, Adepts are hounded by our inferiors. Eden is a new land where we Adepts can live in peace."
Tenjian, explaining Eden

"Enough, Zonda. We need to get you out of here. I have the shards, so if you'd be so kind as to... move along?"
Tenjian, urging Zonda to leave

"Still fighting? Hmm. That's the Azure Striker for you. It seems it's time to take this Glaive for a little test run..."
Tenjian, about to face Gunvolt

"Your reputation is earned, Adept. I'm pleased you were able to make it this far."
Tenjian, facing Gunvolt again

"I've prepared since our last fight... Now... En garde!"
Tenjian, after his transformation

"In my land, Adepts were hunted from birth. My parents abandoned me to wander the streets alone. When I finally collapsed from hunger, a human gave me food. The food was poisoned! ...I barely survived. It was then I realized our two kinds cannot know peace."
Tenjian, explaining his backstory

"Nothing so crude I fear. I am Tenjian... And yet I am not. I am an illusion made with Tenjian's powers and memories. A replica made by my sister Zonda's septima, Phantasm Mirror. Now I will defeat you so we can create our perfect world."
Tenjian, on his resurrection

"Indeed. Well, not by blood. But that's a small matter. We are orphans who suffered and grew as one. We are family! Thus I am able to stand before you even in death. She desires humanity's end, and I will see it done! Come! Offer up your life as sacrifice to our cause!"
Tenjian, explaining his bond with Zonda to Gunvolt

"Just the arrogance I expected from one so utterly weak. You and your kind are the reason for all suffering!"
Tenjian, facing Copen

"You humans have abused Adepts for the last time! You fear what you cannot comprehend. It sickens me! Those with superior power have the right to rule. That is the only truth of this world. Do you not see it? Look at humanity's history! The strong cull the weak as Eden does now. "
Tenjian, showing his beliefs

"Yet you use Septima, a power you revile, to save your sister! This form may be fake, but I also do what I must for my sister. You have stood against my sister Zonda for the last time!"
Tenjian, facing Copen a second time

"Not but blood. But we were raised together. We had no real family, and so made our own. No matter how empty my life, I will give it for my sister!"
Tenjian, explaining his bond with Zonda to Copen

Designer Comments

Source: Armed Blue: Gunvolt Complete Works

When I first thought of using fairy tales as motifs, the first draft I drew was the Snow White draft; and when you think Snow White, you think the seven dwarves. I used the swords to link the number seven into his design. I also put remarking puffed sleeves slits on his armor. At first, I considered adding more elements from the fairy tales, but they were ditched the more I worked on his design. In the end I was left with the nobleman-like portions, such as a high collar and a *haut-de-chausses, and I chose *shotel swords to go along with his shoulder slits. But as a result, he became something like a swordsman who is versed in many types of styles, excellent!

--(Araki Munehiro)

* Haut-de-chausses are short, puffy pants that stop above the knee. Shotel swords are a type of sword with a rounded blade, closer resembling a sickle.




  • The members of Eden are based off classical fairy tales and represent the pieces on a chessboard. Tenjian is based off Snow White and The Snow Queen, and represents the queen.
    • Tenjian is one of two Eden members to be based off two fairy tales, the other is Asroc.
  • The Seven are all named after missile. Tenjian is named after the Tien Chien (天剑), a Taiwanese missile system series, which translates to Sky Sword.
  • Tenjian is the only boss to have more than one special skill in the same fight.
    • The concept of a major boss character using a last-resort attack before dying permanently may have been inspired by Hidden Phantom from Mega Man Zero, another game by Inti Creates, who does just that in his final battle in the game's boss rush.
  • Tenjian is the only member of The Seven to have the exact same role in both Gunvolt and Copen's storylines. All of the others are first fought in a stage of their own in one storyline, and first fought in The Garden in the other storyline.
  • Tenjian has the most screen time out of all The Seven, appearing in five different stages (unlike the rest who appear in one or two, depending on the storyline).
  • Tenjian is seen cosplaying as a Chinese Zombie in the Halloween Artwork. This is a reference to his nationality.
  • Frozen City, Tenjian's stage, is the only stage to have two different theme variants depending on if you're playing as Gunvolt or Copen.
  • Although Tenjian can make things go below absolute zero, it is practically impossible to go below absolute zero in real life (absolute zero is the complete absence of heat.)
  • Tenjian is similar to Jota in many ways:
    • Both have proud and fierce personalities
    • Both have swear their loyalties for their great causes
    • Both serve as the personal secretary within their organizations
    • Both of their Armed forms are themed after full-ledge swordsman