Lola: I can feel it in my circuits! The Butterfly Effect is nearby!

Copen: ...!

<< Rebellio is encountered >>

Lola: Hey, haven't we seen this guy before?

Rebellio: ......

Copen: He's like a mindless puppet.

Lola: I'm still getting vital signs, so he must be the real thing.

Copen: This must be someone's Septima at work. Either that, or some new tech. But it doesn't matter. I won't let anything get in our way now.

<< The copies of Rebellio, Stella, and Crimm are defeated >>

Copen: We found it. The Butterfly Effect... No...

Copen: It's Mytyl. My only sister...

Lola: My Septima Engine can sense her consciousness. Even without a body...I can feel it... She's...crying... Her Septima is the original source of my powers. They took Mytyl's living, human brain...and put it in this horrible machine! It's all...just too much... I'll NEVER let those Sumeragi bastards get away with this!

Copen: I'll ease your pain, Mytyl...

Butterfly Effect: PLEASE

Butterfly Effect: KILL ME

<< Butterfly Effect is defeated and the machine begins exploding >>

Copen: You have been suffering for so long... At least it was me who could give you peace... You can rest now, Mytyl.

Butterfly Effect: THANK YOU


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