Sumeragi Secret Bunker 1 is one of the final stages in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

As the Minos create a diversion, Copen sneaks into the underbelly of Building 13, hoping to find the Butterfly Effect and the AI Demerzel. What awaits at the end strikes like a bolt from the blue...


Stage Composition

  • This stage has an eclectic mix of elements from previous stages, such as spike pits, the lasers from Data Center Alpha, and the cloaked beam cannons from Data Center Beta
  • Waiting at the end is Blade, who already has Berserk Trigger activated. Prevasion won't save you here...

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Sumeragi bunker emblem 1
Sumeragi bunker emblem 2
Sumeragi bunker emblem 3
Sumeragi bunker emblem 4
Just before the hexapyle there is a floating platform. Go under it. Be aware that the area is a bottomless pit.


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