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"Under the authority of the Great Sumeragi, I will collect your head, iX."
Blade , Luminous Avenger iX

The Institute for the Promotion of Human Evolution "Sumeragi", also known as the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution and often shortened to just Sumeragi, is a massive corporation that has come to dominate the entire world, functioning as its effective government. Under the leadership of its supervisory AI, "Demerzel", the institute has pursued a policy of genocide, mercilessly slaughtering "Minos", those without Septimal powers, in order to bring about the next step in mankind's evolution.

Sumeragi serves as the antagonist group of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.


After Asimov killed Gunvolt and Joule after the two refused to join him, he took over the Sumeragi Group, which had just been thrown into chaos as a result of Gunvolt's actions, and became its shadow leader. Hiding his identity and adopting the persona of an AI named "Demerzel", he saved the company from collapse and continued friendly relations with humanity. However, after Adepts began to outnumber humans, Demerzel revealed his true intentions. Under him, Sumeragi re-branded as the Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution and began killing humans indiscriminately, branding them "Minos" (taken from the word "minority") to usher in a new age.


Luminous Avenger iX

By the time the game begins, Sumeragi has already has ensured adept supremacy via the purging of Minos. No opposition is ever mentioned, if it actually exists, as the Minos lack the means to even the playing field against Adepts and their Septima. The only exception is one man; the one both Minos and Sumeragi call "iX", for the X-mark that he stamps into his enemies.

Sumeragi's Falcons make multiple attempts to defeat iX, but each and every one ends in failure and the deaths of the Falcons. Not even Blade, the best of the best, seems to be able to stop him.

In an attempt to purge the last of the Minos, Sumeragi develops and deploys the Giga Lola on a worldwide scale, tanks that employ the same EX Weapon technology that iX himself uses.

By this time, however, iX has managed to track the location of Sumeragi's two biggest assets; the Butterfly Effect that allows them to locate and control Adepts, and Demerzel itself. iX manages to break into the facility where they are kept, and destroys them both, depriving Sumeragi of both their greatest weapon and their leadership.


The Falcons

Several Falcons, Blade among them


The effective successor to Swordsmen, Falcons (Winged Warriors in the Japanese version) are a group of elite soldiers that make up of the strongest Adepts in the nation, having been chosen specifically due to their formidable power. They are the only ones trusted with Falcon Quills, which further increase their abilities.

Unlike the Swordsmen, many of whom were implied to have willingly volunteered their services, it is suggested that Sumeragi either forcibly conscripts all of its Falcons or strong-arms them into "accepting" the position. As a result, there exists varying levels of commitment amongst the Falcons; some, such as Isola and Crimm embrace their new calling with professionalism and even zealotry, whereas others are far more reluctant, such as Bakto and Rebellio, showing no signs of prejudice against Minos, even the infamous "iX".

Six Falcons, in addition to Blade, serve as the main bosses of Luminous Avenger iX.

Sumeragi Special Forces

The Sumeragi Special Forces is a task force that specializes in global operations (namely hunting down Minos and the infamous iX) and are the main adversaries that Copen faces. Sumeragi Soldiers belong to this group.

Sumeragi Infantry

Sumeragi Infantry or Sumeragi Soldiers are the main frontline forces from the Sumeragi Special Forces; the main armed forces of Sumeragi Institute of Human Evolution. Unlike the old Sumeragi, the soldiers of current Sumeragi are now Adepts and their mission is to maintain the peace in Sumeragi Controlled Districts, and, under direct orders from Demerzel hunt down every Mino they can find.

They are divided into 5 types; Standard Gunner, Launcher, Flame Gunner, Grenadier, and Psi-Users.

Known Members


  • Blade - Direct Subordinate to Demerzel, Enforcer




  • Similar to the Sumeragi Group, the Sumeragi Institute has a Christian motif, with the Falcons, bar Blade, having been inspired by the Christian Hierarchy of Angels (also known as Orders or Choirs).
    • Rebelio was inspired by the 1st Choir, Seraphim.
    • Dystnine was inspired by the 2nd Choir, Cherubim.
    • Crimm was inspired by the 4th Choir, Dominions/Lordship.
    • Bakto was inspired by the 5th Choir, Virtues/Strongholds.
    • Isola was inspired by the 6th Choir, Powers/Authorities.
    • Stella was inspired by the 7th Choir, Principality/Rulers
  • The Falcons (except Blade) each represent one of the Greek Zodiac, as well as object based off the Zodiac which is incorporated in their design.
    • Rebelio represents Aries and is based off a sheep/ram.
    • Crimm represents Cancer and is based off a crab.
    • Stella represents Libra and is based off a balance scale.
    • Dystnine represents Taurus and is based off a bull.
    • Isola represents Virgo and is based off a maiden.
    • Bakto represents Leo and is based off a lion.
  • The names of the seven bosses were derived from various films.
    • "Blade" is taken from Blade Runner, a 1982 science-fiction film.
    • "Rebellio" is taken from Rebellion, a 2011 French historical drama.
    • "Crimm" is taken from Pacific Rim, a 2013 American monster film.
    • "Inters" and "Stella" are taken from Interstellar, a 2014 epic science fiction film.
    • "Dynein" and "Dystnine" are taken from District 9, a 2009 science fiction action film.
    • "Isola" is taken from Solaris, the name of three films all based on a philosophical science fiction book.
    • "Bakto" is taken from Back to the Future, a 1985 science fiction film.

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