< S T R I K E >

Lola: Phew, somehow we made it on board. It'd be real spiffy if we could just ride this thing all the way to the main building, but...

Copen: I'm picking up some enemies. Looks like they've already noticed us.

Lola: Yeah, that's no big shocker. Ohhh weeell! C'mon Boss, let's REALLY let 'em know we're here!

Lola: Hey Boss, hang on a sec! I'm detecting some crazy gravitational irregularities! The entire building has weakened gravity! We must be dealing with one tough cookie if they can pull off something like this. You can jump a lot higher now, so make sure you don't woosh off into the air and bump your noggin into something, okay?

Lola: Maaan, I love taking the elevator! I wish we could do this every time... Looks like the data room is just ahead! Let's hope it has what we're looking for!

< Stella and Dystnine encounter >

Lola: Looks like we have a...woman and an android?

Dystnine: This is Stella, Director and President of Gargantua, the largest electronics manufacturer in the nation. I am Dystnine, Gargantua's top-of-the-line multi-purpose android. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Stella: C'mon now, Dystnine. I'm gonna be gettin' rid o' these bozos--we don't need no introductions.

Dystnine: Understood. My sincerest apologies.

Stella: When ya say boneheaded stuff like that, ya sound creepily human. But that's what I like about ya.

Dystnine: Your words are wasted on me, ma'am.

Stella: Now beat it. D'aint no one else who can do this but me. Got a little "promise" with Sumeragi, y'know. Get yer butt home and start gettin' my coffee ready, cuz I'm gonna need a big ol' mugful when I'm through here.

Dystnine: ...... Understood. I shall prepare our finest coffee, and wait eagerly for your return. May fortune smile upon you.

< Dystnine vanishes >

Stella: Ey now, iX. Let's get this show on the road. I got nothing' against ya, pal, but... If I don't bring ya down, Sumeragi's gonna come callin' for my Dystnine.

Copen: What are you talking about?

Stella: Don' you worry 'bout it. It's my business. Got nothin' to do with you. Just need ya to know that...

< Stella transforms >

Stella: ...I got a good reason for deliverin' the poundin' that yer about to get!

< If Stella wins >

Stella: Now I don't hafta worry 'bout Dystnine goin' anywhere. Ain't nobody gonna take my beloved Dystnine away from me!

< When Stella is defeated >

Lola: Alright! Now we just gotta gather that data! Initiating remote access! Bi-boop-beep! I got my eyes on some tasty-looking data! Aw, this sucks. Most of it's pretty heavily encrypted. It's gonna take me forever to analyze all this stuff!

Copen: We should have expected as much. Let's start analyzing it as soon as we get back.

Lola: Roger that. I just hope info on the "Butterfly Effect" is buried in there somewhere.

< C L E A R >

< E N G A G E >

RoRo :

휴우~ 겨우겨우 수송 열차에 잠입했어. 이대로 목표인 빌딩까지 갈 수 있으면 편할 텐데…

Phew. Barely made it to the transport train. I hope we can conveniently just move to the building like this…

Acura :

이 반응은… 안타깝지만 이미 적에게 발각된 모양이야.

This signal’s… Sorry to disappoint you, RoRo, but the enemy has already found us.

RoRo :

그럼 그렇지… 어쩔 수 없지! 화끈하게 날뛰어 볼까!

Ugh. Of course. Well, no other option now! Time to go all out!

RoRo :

아, 잠깐 기다려, 아큐라! 비정상적인 중력값이 감지됐어! 빌딩 전체의 중력이 약해져 있는 것 같아. 누군가의 셉티마 때문이겠지만 규모가 이 정도라면 보통 녀석은 아닐 거야… 점프력이 높아졌으니까 폴짝 점프했다가 적에게 박치기하는 일이 없도록 조심해!

Hold on a sec, Acura! Got some unnatural gravity readings here… as if this entire building is under lower gravity! It should be due to somebody’s Septima, but by this scale, I think it won’t be a normal Septima Holder. You’ll jump much higher now, so make sure not to bump into enemies when you jump!

RoRo :

와~ 엘리베이터를 이용하니까 편하고 좋네! 매번 이러면 좋을 텐데… 이 앞에 데이터 0룸이 있는 것 같아! 우리가 찾는 정보도 있을지도 몰라!

Wow. Being able to use the elevator is so convenient! Why can’t we just use elevators like this all the time Looks like the Data Room is just ahead. It might have the data we’re looking for!

(typo here. 데이터 0 -> 데이터 룸)

< Inters and Dynine encounter >

RoRo :

여자와… 휴머노이드?

A girl… and a humanoid?

Dynine :

이분은 국내 최대 규모를 자랑하는 전자 기기 업체 “가르강튀아”의 대표 이사 사장이신 인텔스 아가씨입니다. 저는 가르강튀아에서 제작된 아가씨의 전담 만능 비서 휴머노이드, 다이나인. 앞으로 잘 부탁드립니다.

You stand before Lady Inters, CEO and President of this nation’s greatest electronics company “Gargantua”. My name is Dynine. An all-purpose humanoid secretary made by Gargantua for her service. Pleasure to have your acquaintance.

Inters :

됐어, 다이나인. 곧 없애 버릴 상대에게 그런 인사까지는 필요 없잖아.

Enough, Dynine. You don’t really need do that much greeting to a person we gotta kill.

Dynine :

네, 실례했습니다.

Understood. My apologies.

Inters :

그런 바보 같은 점도 인간 같아서 난 마음에 들긴 하지만.

But I quite like you for those stupid parts, that makes you look more human.

Dynine :


I do not deserve such praise, my lady.

Inters :

넌 물러나 있어. 여기서부터는 내가 맡아야 해. 스메라기와 그렇게 “계약” 했으니까. 넌 먼저 돌아가서 날 위해 커피 타임이라도 준비하고 있으렴.

Now, stand back. I have to take it from here, as per Sumeragi’s “Contract”. Would you mind going back home first preparing a coffee time for me?

Dynine :

……알겠습니다. 최고의 커피를 준비하고 기다리겠습니다. 무운을 빕니다…

……Understood. I will prepare the best coffee for you and await your arrival. Good hunting, my lady.

< Dynine vanishes >

Inters :

이봐, 익스. 슬슬 시작해 볼까. 너에게 원한이 있는 건 아니지만… 내가 널 해치우지 않으면 스메라기가 다이나인을 빼앗아 갈 거야…

Hey, iX? Let’s get this started. I don’t really have anything against you, but if I don’t take you down, Sumeragi’s gonna take Dynine away from me.

Acura :

무슨 소리냐?

…What do you mean?

Inters :

아니… 그냥 혼잣말이야. 너와는 상관없는 얘기지. 하지만…

Nothing. Just speaking to myself. That had nothing to do with you. But…

< Inters transforms >

Inters :

나한테도 물러설 수 없는 이유가 있다는 뜻이야!

I’m telling you, I too have a reason to not hold back!

< If Inters wins >

Inters :

이제 다이나인을 다른 곳에 보내지 않아도 돼… 나의 사랑스런 다이나인… 아무에게도 넘길 수 없어…!

Now I won’t have to send Dynine anywhere… I’m NOT letting anyone take my lovely Dynine!

< When Inters is defeated >

RoRo :

좋았어~ 이제 데이터만 회수하면 돼! 원격 접속 시작! ……띠링! 의심스러운 데이터 발견! 아~ 근데 안 되겠어… 거의 암호화되어 있어서 완전히 해독하려면 시간이 걸릴 것 같아…

Alright! Now all we need to do is retrieve the data! Commencing remote connection! ……DING! Found some suspicious data! …But uh, I don’t think this will work for us. Almost every part of this thing’s encrypted and it will take some time to decrypt.

Acura :

어쩔 수 없지… 나머지는 기지로 돌아가서 해독하자.

Oh well… Let’s decrypt the rest of this data when we get back to the base.

RoRo :

알겠어. “버터플라이 이펙트”의 정보가 있어야 할 텐데…

Got it. I hope it has some info about the Butterfly Effect…

< C L E A R >

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