Sumeragi Building 13 is part of the first round of boss stages from Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, alongside Store Ruins and Auto-fab Plant. Described as "the largest Sumeragi property in the world", Copen infiltrates this building in order to find information on the Butterfly Effect. Due to the intense security surrounding it, Jin proposes a plan to hop aboard a cargo train and sneak in that way.


Lola: The largest Sumeragi property in the world, Building 13. If we wanna find info on the Butterfly Effect, there's no better place to start looking for clues

Kohaku: But if it's a Sumeragi building, won't it have super-tight security?

Jin: Yes, it will. However, there is a hole in their defenses. They bring in raw materials by rail. Compared to a stationary building, security on a moving train has far more blind spots. While it would be impossible for us, with your mobility, Mr. iX, you should be able to catch up to a high-speed train, right?

Kohaku: Oh, Jin... I love how you can ask for something so over-the-top with such a straight face...

Copen: No, I think he's right. It's a good plan. Let's do it.

Stage Composition

  • The first half of the stage takes place on a moving train. While this is nothing new by Gunvolt standards, there is a midboss at the end of the train.
  • The second half of the stage will feature odd jumping physics due to Stella's Gravity septima. Expect floaty jumps and the hazards associated with such.

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Building 13 emblem 1
Up in the air between two cargo containers.
Building 13 emblem 2
Hidden inside a container. Look for the side that looks damaged.
Building 13 emblem 3
Use Anchor Nexus to fly straight up to the robot, or use Rising Cyclone to give you a boost up. Be careful.
Building 13 emblem 4
Proceed past the stairs after the open area.


  • A doll of Lumen is floating at the wide area near the start point of the second half.
  • A photo or magazine with Isola on it can be seen floating in a hallway near the end of the stage.


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