Zeno asked me to investigate this empty space that's under here.

Zeno: Target is straight ahead, GV.

<< GV passes by a flamethrower-wielding soldier and two armed shutters >>

GV: For a plain old storehouse, there's tons of security.

<< GV is inside the storehouse, with nothing notable in sight >>

Zeno: There should be a way to get you underground. Hang on a sec... ...And presto!

<< The floor ahead explodes, creating an access point leading underground >>

GV: ?!

Zeno: I maaay have planted a bomb when I was doing recon earlier, hehe. Here we go, GV! Hop down the rabbit hole and you're good. You may wanna head down before security shows up.

GV: ...There wasn't a more stealthy way to do this?

Zeno: S'all good man. It was quick and easy.

<< GV descends down the hole, landing in an area that is pitch black aside from a red panel to his left and red laser beams blocking the way to his right >>

Zeno: OK, looks like you made it in without issue.

GV: It's pitch black. I guess they left the lights off.

Zeno: Do you see any glowing panels? Those babies control the emergency power. Zap the panels with your lightning and you should see results.

<< The emergency lights are turned on, deactivating the beams >>

I can see some weird apparatus. Looks like a research facility.

<< GV proceeds out of the room and encounters lasers above shallow pits in the floor >>

Zeno: Watch out for those beams. You'll take damage if you make contact.

<< GV continues moving through the area >>

There's not a soul in sight, but I'm catching glimpses of mechs...

Zeno: Hey man, picking up some security mechs roaming around there. Things might get nasty. Take care getting to the target.

GV: Got it.

Hm, a blue panel now... That makes sense, considering I saw some blue beams on my way here. If I zap this, I should be able to get through that area now.

<< After deactivating the beams and descending to another floor where the emergency lights are off, floating lights are encountered >>

It's some floating electrical mechanism. If I zap it... Things should brighten up in here quite a bit. Maybe Sumeragi uses these in their everyday operations.

<< GV descends to another floor, with no further floating lights in sight >>

GV: ...Aaand it's dark again.

Zeno: Your flashfield should shed a bit of light, ya? You're so useful. Gunvolt: Keep one in every household.

GV: ......

<< GV proceeds through the area, finding and activating another emergency light system. This causes bodies that were previously seen laying on the floor to spring to life. >>

GV: Hey Zeno... Are those... Zombies?

Zeno: Zombies? C'mon man... This ain't no horror game.

GV: Making zombies in a lab... How very "evil organization" of them. You know, just like those retro games you love, Zeno.

Zeno: Yup. The first one is totes my favorite.

<< An alarm room is entered >>

Zeno: Looks like security is getting friendly with you, GV. You OK?

GV: Probably because of our -not- stealthy entrance.

Zeno: If you're gonna talk trash, that tells me you're OK. Although it's -you- after all, so I haven't really been worried.

GV: Good to know that my smack talk is evidence to you that I'm not dead.

<< GV clears the room and encounters a Hexapyle shortly afterwards >>

Zeno: Hey, a Hexapyle. Bust it down, and move along.

As I went further inside, it was once again pitch black.

GV: My Flashfield will give me a little light, but, ugh...

Zeno: Rather than whine about it, keep moving and light things up.

GV: Are you supposed to be a motivational speaker or something?

Zeno: Nah man, just thinking positively!

GV: Geez...

Zeno: This all reminds me of one of my favorite anime tunes.

GV: Sorry, not interested. Like, at all.

Zeno: Dude, 2D babestations and cutie pies are our nation's treasures!

GV: You... Really like that stuff.

<< GV encounters spike pits >>

GV: The terrain here is pretty rough. Looks like there's some spikes...

<< GV encounters a hovering platform above a large spike pit >>

Zeno: Looks like a plasma lift. Give it some voltage and it'll move.

GV: So I just gotta use my Flashfield...

<< GV reaches the bottom of another shaft >>

GV: Darkness yet again... 

Zeno: There might be more emergency lighting panels nearby. Take a good look around.

<< GV activates a panel, waking up more zombies >>

GV: So, these zombies... Are they some freak Sumeragi creation?

Zeno: Maybe. I wouldn't be surprised if they could make zombies, though.

<< GV activates three emergency lighting panels at once, fully lighting up the floor >>

Elise: Who... Turned the lights on? Is someone there?!

GV: Did that voice come from inside there?

Zeno: A girl's voice! GV, go check it out!

<< GV finds Elise >>

Elise: Hee...!

GV: Who are you?

She was really shaken.

Elise: ...You aren't with Sumeragi ...Are you?

GV: The name's Gunvolt. I'm here to help.

Elise: I... Was kidnapped... By Sumeragi... B-but... When I woke up, I was all alone... Whaah... Sniffle...

Seems like some sinister stuff happened here. Did Adept Hunters nab her? ...Why is she here alone? But... More importantly...

GV: For now, let's just get outta here.

Elise: There's a path inside that looks like it goes to the surface... But... I can't get past the Hexapyle.

GV: All right. Stay here while I get it open.

Elise: The Hexapyle is over there...

GV: This one...?

Zeno: Break it down, dude!

GV: Right.

We made our way from there together...

Elise: Wh... What is this place?

We passed by one of the rooms and her mood suddenly changed.

Elise: Ahh! My... Head... Hurts!

GV: Are you alright?

Elise: That... That's right. This room is... Arrrgh!!!

She suddenly bolted into the room.

GV: Hey, wait!

Zeno: Did she... Get possessed by a spooky ghost or something?

GV: ......

<< GV finds Elise in a wrecked room >>

Elise: I r-remember now... I... We...

<< Elise weaponizes, splitting into two versions of herself >>

GV: Wha--!

She transformed... She's an Adept! But she was no ordinary Adept. There were two of her. She split into two people when she transformed... What was that?

Zeno: Hey, GV! What in the world...??

GV: She's an enemy. Cutting the transmission.

Zeno: H-hey!!

That was all I heard from Zeno before I cut him off...

Dominant Elise: Phew, I'm finally out of there...

The second girl turned and glared at the first.

Dom Elise: Hey dummy, how could you go and lose your memory like that?

Elise: Aahh... I'm so sorry...

GV: That gear... I assume you're with Sumeragi?

Dom Elise: That's right... I... We... Are Elise. The plan was for me to take the place of the useless girl...

Elise: Uuuh... So sorry!

I didn't even know it was possible for a Septima to do this. But, if she's with Sumeragi... Then what happened here?

GV: ...What happened to all the personnel working here?

Dom Elise: Oh? Didn't you see them on the way down? You know, the living corpses?

No way... Those zombies I saw back there were all her doing?

Dom Elise: We can reverse the touch of death. Hehe... Sumeragi really wanted that power. So that's why we gave it to them. Fulfilled their wishes. They got what they asked us for.

<< The Elises jump to opposite sides of the room >>

Dom Elise: Now, boy, once I kill you, you're gonna be my new plaything.


GV: Stop this! I have no desire to fight you!

Dom Elise: Hehe... Awe, but I really wanted to use this power. After all, that's the reason why I'm here, you know.

Elise: Huu... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

GV: You too! What's your deal?!

Dom Elise: Hehehe... It's no use. This girl does what I tell her to do. This girl is so... Weak... She can't do anything herself. That's why I'm here. I do everything she can't! But she'll be fine, so long as she listens to me.

Elise: ......

Dom Elise: Hoo hoo... See, Look! If I turn you into a zombie, you can go infect everyone for me. Turn them all into sick little monsters. Finally, no one will be able to call us a monster anymore... We will be the queens of this world filled with sweet death.

Elise: ...Uuh......

Not much sanity around here... I guess experiments will do that...

GV: I'm an Adept too, so I can see why you're frustrated... But a world like that isn't real life... It's just fantasy! I'll stop you here and now. Oversurge! Azure Striker! Put these two to rest, for good!

<< If GV only kills one Elise >>

Dom Elise: Ahahahahahaaa!! It's no use!! My Septima lets me manipulate life itself! If I die, she will bring me back to life. And if she dies, I'll bring her back! This is our true power! Limitless reincarnation!

Elise: Uuh... I'm sorry...

<< If GV only kills one Elise again >>

Dom Elise: Awe, too baaad! Ahahahaha!

Elise: I really am sorry...

GV: OK then... I'll just have to take you both down at the same time!

<< Elise is killed. As this happens, a violet snake with horns drops from one of them and slithers off-screen >>

When it was all over, I reconnected the line to Zeno.

GV: This is GV. Zeno, do you copy?

Zeno: What's your deal, dude? Just cutting the line like that... Not cool. Are you OK?

GV: Yeah... I'll give you all the highlights when I get back...



Zeno: Feel like doing a little supernatural spelunking, Geeves? We need you to check out Sumeragi's haunted house.

Gunvolt: Their...haunted house?

Zeno: Technically, a storehouse. But from the sound of it, it's ghost central.

Gunvolt: Okay, and what... You want me to go? And see? And kick their butts?

Zeno: Ha! No. Not exactly... I did some digging, and it looks like our real target is -under- the storehouse. There's some kind of huge facility down there. Of course, it's not listed on any official records.

Gunvolt: So "ghosts" are crawling out of a secret facility? Yeah, that's not suspicious.

Zeno: They may not be ghosts, but some kind of creepies must be crawling out. See what you can find. ...And don't forget your proton pack, huh?

Mission dialogue

Zeno: There should be a way in right around where you're standing. Lemme just flip the switch.

<< The floor explodes >>

Gunvolt: Nice switch.

Zeno: Okay, so maaaybe I rigged some explosives during my last visit. Sue me. Anyway, the facility we need you to check out is directly below. ...You, uh, might wanna hop in before security shows up. That blast was loud. Gunvolt: This has gotta be the least ninja infiltration QUILL has ever done.

Zeno: What can I say? I'm a trailblazer.

Zeno: All right, you're in.

Gunvolt: I can't see jitt down here. Did they kill the power?

Zeno: Do you see any glowing panels? Sumeragi facilities have a special grid for emergency power. Zap the panels with your lightning and you should see results.

Elise: Help me! Oh, please...

Gunvolt: Easy there. What's your name?

She looked scared out of her wits.

Elise: You mean, you're n-not one of them?

Gunvolt: I work for myself--odd jobs, you might say. The name's Gunvolt.

Elise: Sumeragi kidnapped me. They must have knocked me out... And when I woke up, I was all alone... I don't understand wh-what I did to deserve any of this!

Honestly, I had no idea what she was talking about. Was she an Adept? Did the hunters nab her? My first thought was that she must be important to have gotten herself thrown in a place like this.

Gunvolt: Listen. I'm gonna get you outta here. Okay?

Elise: I saw an exit in the back. But I can't get past the hexapyle.

Gunvolt: All right. Stay here while I get it open.

I went back for the girl, and then we checked out the hallway.

Elise: Wh...What is this place? But as we passed one of the rooms, she started flipping out.

Elise: Ahh! head...ANNNGH!

Gunvolt: What's the matter?

Elise: It was here. ...Here, here, it all happened here! ARRRGH!!!

And then she bolted into the room.

Gunvolt: Hey, wait!

Elise: I r-remember now... What -we- are here for...

<< Elise transforms >>

Gunvolt: What--! I'd never seen anything like it. She was an Adept, but... There were two of her. Not "twins, twice the fun" two. She actually divided into two people.

Zeno: Holy jitt, did she just go amoeba on you?

Gunvolt: Sorry, can't talk. This is about to get ugly.

Zeno: What, what is going on? That's what I wanted to know.

Elise 2: Free at last. I thought I'd never get out. The second girl turned and glared at the first.

Elise 2: How could you lose your memory, you stupid dolt? That is so cliche.

Elise 1: I'm sorry...

Gunvolt: That's Sumeragi gear you're wearing.

Elise 2: What's your point? This twit wouldn't do as she was told, so Sumeragi gave her an attitude adjustment.

Elise 1: I said I'm sorry!

A split personality given physical form? Even Joule can't do that. Then, a more horrible question popped into my head.

Gunvolt: Why are you the only one in here? Where did the personnel go?

Elise 2: Oh, you didn't see them on the way down? You know, the living corpses? Zombies? Even in a world full of Adepts, it sounded crazy.

Elise 2: Sumeragi wanted our power. The power of resurrection... So we gave it to them...all of them. I guess they should have been more specific.

Elise 2: Our name is Elise. And you're about to be the next to un-die.

<< Elise is killed >>

Gunvolt: Mission complete.

[Translation by Bapgei]

Elise Stage




Omae ni tanomitee no wa, Sumeragi ga kanri shiteiru “toaru souko no sennyu chousa” da. 

What I want to request of ya is: “infiltration and investigation of a certain warehouse” run by Sumeragi.


Jitsu wa kono souko... “Deru”n da to yo.

Truth is... “They” show up in that warehouse...




Show up?


…ユーレイだよ ま、ウワサだけどな

... Yuurei da yo. Ma, uwasa dakedo na.

... Ghosts, man. But it’s no more than a rumor.



... Itsu kara Fezaa wa goosuto basutaa ni nattan dai?

... When did Feather become Ghostbusters, anyway?



Muteki no aoki raitei (aamudo buruu) sama to goosuto... Ki ni naru taisen kaado ja aru ga, sou ja nee sa. 

The invincible Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue) – sama and ghosts... Sounds like a very interesting match’s line-up but it ain’t the case. 


Hoka ni mo choi to kusai hanashi ga atte, jizen ni shirabete mitan daga...

There were other stinking rumors as well so I checked it out beforehand...


Kono souko, chika ni tadappiroi kuukan ga hirogatte yagan no yo.

That warehouse... It’s got a gigantic space spreading beneath it, ya see... 


Mochiron ofisharu ni wa sonzaishinai koto ni natteru kedo... na.

Obviously, though, it “officially” doesn’t exist... See?



Himitsu no chika shisetsu ni yuurei ka... Ikani mo tte kanji dane... 

A secret underground facility and ghosts... I get the feeling indeed...



Ma, yuurei ka douka wa tomokaku nani ga deru ka wakanne.

Well. Ghosts asides, we dunno what’ll show up in there.


Sore mo fukumete, omae ni wa sono chika no kuukan wo chousashite hoshii te wake sa.

We want ya to check that space and investigate the ghost rumors as well. 




Buried Soul



Kakusareta chika shuuyou shisetsu (katakonbe) no aruji, shinobu souja.

The hidden underground detention facility’s (catacombs’) master, the creeping twin snakes… 


“Netamashiki seimei rinnen (anrimiteddo enbii)”

The “Jealous Life Reincarnation (Unlimited Envy)”…


Rinnen wo yaburi, seimei wo moteasobu kiba ga shounen wo honrou suru…

They destroy reincarnation and the fangs that toy with life trifle the boy…



Chika shisetsu

Underground facility

1st Half:




Boku wa Sumeragi ga kanri suru souko no mae made kiteita.

I came to the front of the warehouse run by Sumeragi...


Souko no chika ni hirogaru nazo no kuukan no chousa... Sore ga Jiino kara no irai da.

The job Gino gave me was to check out the odd space spreading beneath it



Mondai no souko wa sono saki daze, GV.

The warehouse in question is up ahead, GV.

(Enter the warehouse)



Tada no souko ni shite wa zuibun na keibi da ne.

Security is pretty high for a mere warehouse...



Sono heya kara chika he ikeru hazu da... Chotto matte na...

You should be able to go underground from that room... Wait a min...


... Pochi tto na.

... Bingo.




いやあ、事前調査の時にちょっと爆弾をな? ニヒッ 

Iyaa, jizen chousa no toki ni chotto bakudan wo na? Nihii.

See, I placed a bomb there during the pre-investigation, y’know? Nih-hih!

さーてGV! その穴から地下の空間へ降りられるはずだ 

Saate GV! Sono ana kara chika no kuukan he orirareru hazu da.

OK, GV! You should be able to drop into the under-space from that hole.


Keibi no renchuu ga atsumattekuru mae ni tobikon jimai na.

Drop in before the security guys gather.



... Motto onbinna houhou wa nakatta no?

... You didn’t have a more discreet method at hand?


いいだろ? 手っ取り早くて

II daro? Tettori hayakute

Why not like this? It’s faster, too.

(Sneaking in)


OK  無事潜入できたようだな

OK! Buji sennyu dekita you da na.

OK! Looks like you managed to sneak in.


…真っ暗だね 電気が来ていないみたいだ

... Makkura da ne. Denki ga kite inai mitai da.

It’s pitch-black. Looks like there’s no power.



Chikaku ni ranpu mitee na mono wa miataranai ka?

Can’t you spot a lamp-like thing close by?


Soitsu wa hijou dengen no kanri souchi da.

That’s the emergency power supply managing device.


Sono souchi ni omae no raigeki wo chochoii to nagashiteyareba sono furoa ni akari ga tsuku hazu da.

If you make some of your thunder flow into the device then the lights of that floor should light up.



奥に何かの培養装置が見える 何かの実験施設なのだろうか

Oku ni nani ka no baiyou souchi ga mieru. Nanika no jikken shisetsu na no darou ka.

I can see some kind of nurture device further in. Maybe it’s some type of experiments facility.

(Protective wall)


ビーム防壁(シールド)には気をつけろよ 触れるとダメージを受けちまうからな

Biimu bouheki (shiirudo) ni wa ki wo tsukero yo. Fureru to dameeji wo ukechimau kara na.

Be careful with the Beam Bulwark  (Shield). You’ll receive damage if you touch them.




Hito no kehai wa kanjirarenai... ga, busoushita meka ga soko kashiko ni miukerareru... 

I can’t feel human presence... but armed mechas can be seen there and there.



Doumo, keibi mega ga urochoro shiteru mitee da na.

It’d seem that the security mechas are roaming around the place.

ますますもってキナくせぇ GV、進める所まで進んでみてくれ

Masu masu motte kinakusee. GV, susumeru tokoro made susunde mite kure.

This is turning more and more intriguing. GV, try to advance all you can.





(Emergency power)



Aoi hijou dengen...

Blue emergency power... 


Tashika koko ni kuru tochuu, ashimoto ni ai biimu bouhei (shiirudo) wo mikaketa.

If memory serves, I did spot a blue beam bulwark (shield) under my feet on my way here...


Hijou dengen ga tsukeba, asoko kara shita he orirareru ka mo shirenai.

If I turn on the emergency power then I might be able to drop from there.

(Lamp mecha)



Me no mae wo fuyuu suru dentou (raito) meka... Raigeki wo nagaseba, ichijiteki ni kairo wo bousou sasete...

A lamp (light) mecha floating in front of me... If I feed it with thunder I can momentarily make its circuits go berserk...


Dentou no akari wo tsuyoku suru koto ga dekiru hazu da.

And then that should make the lamp’s brightness become stronger.


Tashika, kore mo Sumeragi ga hanbaishiteiru gyomuyou no denka seihin datta ka...  

If memory serves... This was an electric appliance for professional use sold by Sumeragi...

(Further depth)



Mata kurakunatta...

It’s become black again...


どーせ雷撃で照らせんだろ? 便利だよなオマエって 

Doose raigeki de terasen daro? Benri da yo na omae tte.

But you can light it up with the thunder, right? You’re useful, man.


Ikka ni ittai, Ganboruto tte ka?

One Gunvolt per house, maybe?





なんだ…こいつらは? ゾンビ…?

Nanda... Koitsura wa? Zonbi...?

What... are these? Zombies...?



Zonbi tte... Oi oi, horaa geemu ja neen da zo.

“Zombies”? Oi, oi... This ain’t a horror game, man!



Daikigyou no jikken shisetsu ni zonbi... Pazuru mitai na shikake...

Zombies in a large corporation’s facility... Puzzle-like setups...


Tashika ni, Jiino ga sukina retoro geemu mitai da ne.

It does look like one of those retro games that Gino loves.



... Ore wa yappa, issakume ga ichiban suki dakedo na.

... Guess the 1st installment is my favorite one, yeah...

(Warning device)


セキュリティに感知されちまったようだな  GV、大丈夫か?

Sekyuriti ni kanchisarechimatta you da na. GV, daijoubu ka?

Looks like you’ve been detected by the security. GV: are you OK?



... Ano toki no bakuha no sei ja nai no?

... Isn’t this a result of the explosion?



Sore dake nikumareguchi ga hatakeruna yoyuu tte koto dana.

If you can smack that much abusive language then you’re perfectly OK.


Ma, omae no koto dakara, mono kara shinpai nante shitenee kedo yo.

Well. Knowing you, though, I’m not worried in the least.



Shinpai wa ii kedo, nikumeraguchi wo hatakeru dake no koto wo shita tte jikaku wa motte ite hoshii yo.

It’s good to be concerned, but I’d prefer to be aware of when I smacked abusive language

(Gate Monolith)



Geeto monorisu ga aru na.

There’s a Gate Monolith.


Hakashite saki ni susumouze.

Destroy it and head on ahead.

2nd Half:




Oku ni susumu to, mata antan toshita kuukan ga hirogatte ita.

I headed further inside and more darkened space spread out.


Raigekirin wo tsukaeba wa tashou wa mieru kedo...

If I use the Thunder Scale then I can see a bit yet...



Kurai to fuhei wo iu yori mo susunde akari wo tsukemashou... tte ka?

Instead of saying it’s dark and complaining, let’s move on forward and turn on the lights... I guess?



Aa, Jiino tte sonna ni shinjin fukatta?

Ah. Gino: were you always that deeply faithful?


いーや? たんなるノリだよノリ!

Iiya? Tannaru nori da yo nori!

No, I guess? It was but a mood, see!







Docchi kattee to, ore so iu kashi no anison wo omidasune.

I’m not sure which or what, but it makes me recall the lyrics of some anime song.



Gomen, sugoku doudemo ii...

Sorry, I don’t feel like it... 



Geemu ni anime ni manga... Nadeshiko bijin... Dore mo kono kuni no takara daze. 

Games, anime, manga... Lovely beauties... They all are this country’s treasures. 



Suki da ne... Kimi mo.

You too... like those, huh?



どうも床が荒れてるみたいだ 鋭いトゲみたいになってる場所がある

Doumo yuka ga areteru mitai da. Surudoi toge mitai ni natteru basho ga aru.

The floor’s become rough, even… There are spots that have become like sharp spikes...



Daijobu ka?

You OK?


Ashi wo torarenai you ni narubeku jinchou ni susundekure.

Advance carefully, and watch out for those

(Plasma Lifter)


そいつはプラズマリフターだな  電気エネルギーを動力にして進む乗り物だ

Soitsu wa purazuma rifutaa da na. Denki enerugii wo douryoku ni shite susumu norimono da.

That’s a Plasma Lifter, alright. A platform that advances by turning electrical energy into power.



To iu koto wa, raigekirin wo tsukaeba...

Which means that if I use the Thunder Scale...

(Darkness again)



Mata kurayami da...

Darkness again...



Doko ka ni hijou dengen ga aru kamo shire nee na.

There might emergency power somewhere ‘round there.


Miotosanee you chuui shitoke yo.

Be careful not to overlook it.

(Zombies again)


このゾンビたち…皇神の実験体か それとも…

Kono zonbi tachi... Sumeragi no jikkentai ka. Sore tomo...

These zombies... Sumeragi test subjects? Or, otherwise...



Donna jikken wo surya, zonbi nante mon da dekiagaru no ka nee...

What kind of experiments would end up creating zombies, anyway...?

(Voice calling for help)


あ…明るくなった…? だ、誰かいるんですか!?

A... Akaru kunatta....? Da, dare ka irun desu ka!?

I-it’s... brightened...? I-is there someone!?



Ima no koe... Kono oku kara...?

That voice... It came from further in...?


女の声だ! GV、急ごうぜ!

Onna no koe da! GV, isogouze!

It’s girl’s voice! Let’s hurry, GV!

(Elise appears)







Anata wa?

Who are you, miss?


Kanojo ga osoru osoru kuchi wo hiraku.

She opened her frightened and terrified mouth.



... Sumeragi no hito ja... nain desu... ka...?

You’re not... a member of... Sumeragi...?



Boku wa Ganvoruto... Nandemo ya mitai no mono desu.

I am Gunvolt... Something like a jack-of-all-trades.



Wa... watashi... Sumeragi no hito tachi ni... tsu... tsukamatte...

I... I got... got c-caught by... the Sumeragi people...


Dee... Demo... Kitzuitara dare mo inaku natte te...

B... But... When I gained consciousness... they were gone...


Uuu... Gusun...

Uh... * Sob *...



Douyara, hidoku konran shiteiru you da.

It’d seem she’s terribly confused.

彼女も能力者狩りの被害者だろうか? …何故一人でこんな場所に

Kanojo mo nouryokusha kari no higaisha darouka? Naze hitori de konna basho ni...

Is she a victim of the Psychic Hunters? Why is she alone in this room? 


Iya... Ima wa sore yori mo...

No... Now there are more important things to do...


Tonikaku, koko kara dasshu shimashou.

In any case: let’s get out of here.



Kono oku ni, soto ni derare souna tsuuro ga...

There’s a corridor that could lead outside further in but...


Demo... Geeto monorisu ga jama shiteite...

But... A Gate Monolith blocks it and so...


わかりました あなたはここで待っていてください

Wakarimashita. Anata wa kono de matte ite kudasai.

Understood. Please wait in here.



So... Sono saki ni geeto monorisu ga...

T... There’s a Gate Monolith on ahead...

(Gate Monolith)



Kore ka...

This is it, huh…



Tottoto kowashite yarou ze!

Let’s break it at once!





VS Elise:




Goryuushita kanojo to tomo ni sara ni oku he to susundeiku...

I head further inside with her, who’s caught up to me...



Uu... Ko... kono basho wa...?

Uh... W-what’s... this place...?



Douchuu, nani ka no heya no mae de kanojo no yousu ga kyuuhenshita. 

Her state suffered a sudden change along the way in front of some room. 


あ…う…う… 頭…頭がいたい…!

A... U... U… Atama... Atama ga itai...!

Ah... Uh... Uh…  My head... My head hurts...!



Daijobu desu ka?

Are you alright, miss?



So... Sou yo... Kono saki no heya... wa...

T... True... The room on... ahead...


A... Aaaa...!

Ah... A~h...!


Totsujo, kanojo ga oku no heya he to kakedasu.

She suddenly ran off towards the room further in.





(Retry Marker)



Kanojo... Goosuto ni demo toritsukare chimatta no ka?

That gal... Did she get possessed by a ghost or what?



(Elise awakens)


おもい…だした…  わたし…アタシは…!

Omoi... dashita… Watashi... Atashi wa...

I now... remember… I am... I’m...

(Elise transforms)



... Tsu!!

* gasps *


Henshinshita... Sumeragi no nouryokusha ka!

She transformed... She’s a Sumeragi Psychic!


Kedo, akiraka ni hoka no nouryokusha to wa chigau... Kanojo wa, “futari” datta.

But she was clearly different from other Psychics since... There were “two” of them.


Henshin no shunkan, futari ni bunretsushita you ni mieta ga... Are wa ittai...

It looked like she split into two during the transformation yet... What was that?


おい、GV! こりゃあ一体…!?

Oi, GV! Koryaa ittai...!?

Oi, GV! What the hell is that...!?



Teki da... Tsuushin kiru yo.

The enemy... I’ll cut the transmission.



O, oi!?

H, hey!?



Jiino no kotoba wo saigo made kikazu ni, boku wa tsuushinki no suicchi wo kitta.

I turned the radio off and didn’t listen to what Gino was saying

Elise (strong):


Fuu, yatto derareta waa...

Phew. I finally came out.



Bunretsushita kataware ga, mou ippou wo nirami tsukeru. 

The split counterpart glances at the other one.

Elise (strong):


... Chotto anta, nani kioku shistsuku shichatteru no yo.

Hey, cha... What made you go and turn amnesiac, huh?

Elise (weak):


Auu... Gomen nasaii...

Auu... I’m sorry~...



... Sono sugata, Sumeragi no nouryokusha ka.

That look... A Sumeragi Psychic?

Elise (strong):


Sou... Atashi wa... Ie, “atashitachi” wa Eriize.

Correct... I’m... No, “we’re” Elise.


Atashi wa, tsukaenai sono ko ni kawatte aitsura no iinari ni naru you tsukurareta betsu jinkaku...

I’m a split personality created so that I would do what they said instead of that useless girl over there.

Elise (weak):


Uu... Sumimasen...

Uu... I’m sorry...



Betsu no jinkaku ga, dai nana hadou wo baikai ni jittaika shiteiru... Sonna koto ga arieru no ka?

The split personality uses the 7th Wave as medium to materialize... Is such a thing possible?


Daga, kanojo ga nouryokusha to iu no nara, kono shisetsu no yousou wa...

But, if she says she’s a Psychic, then this facility’s condition...


Kono ni ita hoka no ningen wa doushitan da?

What happened to the others humans here?

Elise (strong):

…あらァ? 途中で見なかったかしら? 

... Araa? Tochuu de minakatta kashira?

Oh my? Didn’t ya see ‘em ‘long the way?


Renchuu no nare no hate... Ikeru shikabane (zonbi) wo...

Their wrecks, those living corpses (zombies)...



Masaka... Ano zonbi tachi wa kanojo no dai nana hadou no higaisha datta no ka...

No way... Those zombies were victims of her 7th Wave...?

Elise (strong):


“Zettai no shi” sura tsukugaesu kono chikara... Fufu... Sumeragi mo hosshigaru wake yo ne?

This power, which can even overcome “absolute death”... Heh, heh. Sumeragi would like to have it, wouldn’t they?


Da – ka – ra... Kanaete ageta no... Aitsura no negai wo.

So – then – I... granted them... Granted them their wish.


... Aa iu katachi de ne.

... In that form, that is.

さぁ ボウヤも一度殺して、アタシのオモチャにしてあげるわ

Saa. Bouya mo ichido koroshite, atashi no omocha ni shite ageru wa.

OK. I’ll kill ya once, boy, and then turn ya into my toy.

(Begin Elise battle)


やめろ! 無駄に争う気は無い!

Yamero! Muda ni arasou ki wa nai!

Stop! I don’t intend to fight in vain!

Elise (strong):



Heh, heh...


Atashi wa tada, kono chikara wo tsukaitai dake.

I just wanna use this power, anyway.


Datta sore ga, atashi ga tsukurareta riyuu (imi) damono.

‘Cause that’s the reason (point) of my creation, y’know.

Elise (weak):


Auu... Sumimasen... Sumimasen...

Au... I’m sorry... I’m sorry...


…ッ! あなたも、何故…!

... Tsu! Anata mo, naze...!

... Huh! You, too, miss...? Why...!

Elise (strong):

ふふふ…ムダよ そのコはアタシの言いなり 

Fufufu... Muda yo. Sono ko wa atashi no iinari. 

Heh, heh, heh. It’s in vain! That girl does my bidding.


Sono ko wa nee... Tottemo yowai no... Jibun ja nan ni mo dekinai...

That girl... Ya see, she’s very weak... She can’t do anythin’ by herself...


Dakara, atashi ga kawari ni yaru no.

So I do it on her exchange.


Sono ko ga dekinai koto... Zenbu!

All that that girl can’t... do!


Sono ko wa, atashi no iu koto sae kiite ireba ii no.

That girl only needs to obey my orders and that’s it. 

Elise (weak):


Elise (strong):


Fufu... Mitenasai.

Heh, heh... Contemplate...

ボウヤをゾンビにしたら地上のヤツらもみんなゾンビにしてあげる  誰もがみんな、化物になるのよ 

Bouya wo zonbi ni shitara chijou no yatsura mo minna zonbi nishite ageru. Dare mo minna, bakemono ni naru yo.

Once I turn you become a zombie, I’ll turn all the guys up there into zombies too. They’ll all become monsters.


Sounareba mou dare mo atashitachi no koto wo bakemono nante yobanakunaru...

And once I do that no-one will call us “monsters” anymore... 


Shi to iu yasuragi ni michita sekai de atashitachi wa kuiin ni naru no!

We’ll become the Queens of a world filled with peace, with “death”!

Elise (weak):






Gendou ni shouki wo kanjirarenai... Kore mo... Jikken no eikyou nanoka...

I can’t feel sanity in their behavior. Is this...consequence of the experiments, too?


Boku mo nouryokusha da... Anata no kimochi sukoshi wa wakaru.

I’m also a Psychic... I understand a bit of your feelings, miss.


... Kedo, sonna sekai wa tada no moushuu ni suginai!

... But! That world is but a deep-rooted delusion!


Anata no koto wa, boku ga tomete miseru.

I’ll put a halt to you girls.

迸れ! 蒼き雷霆よ(アームドブルー)!! 彼女たちに安らかな眠りを!

Hotobashire! Aoki raitei yo (aamudo buruu)!! Kanojotachi ni yasuraka na nemuri wo!

Surge out! Azure Thunderclap (Armed Blue)!! Give them a peaceful rest!


Elise (strong):

あははははッ!! ムダムダ!! 

Ahahahahaa! Muda muda!!

Ah, hah, hah, hah, hah! It’s in vain!!


Datta atashi tachi wa seimei (inochi) wo ayatsuru nouryokusha!

‘Cause we’re the Psychics who control life!


Atashi ga shindemo, kono ko ga atashi wo ikikaeraseru.

If I die this girl will bring me back to life.


Kono ko ga shindemo, atashi ga kono ko wo ikikaeraseru!

If this girl dies then I’ll bring this girl back to life!

これが“生命輪廻(アンリミテッドアニムス)”! アタシたちのチカラッ!!

Kore ga “seimei rinnen (anrimittedo animusu)”! Atashitachi no chikaraa!!

This is “Life Reincarnation (Unlimited Animus)”! Our power!!

Elise (weak):


Uu... Sumimasen...

Uh... I’m sorry...

- (2nd Resurrection)

Elise (strong):

ザァンネン~! あははははッ!!

Zannenn! Ahahahahaa!

What a pity~! Ah, hah, hah, hah, hah!!

Elise (weak):



Please forgive me...



Sore nara... Futari douji ni taoseba...!

Come to these... If I could defeat them at the same time...!

Special Skill:


Mawaru rinnen ga seimei wo tsumugu

The revolving reincarnation spins life...


Fukagyaku no tobari wo koete...

And crosses the irreversible curtain...


Tamashii yo, gensei ni kaere.

You soul: return to the living world...



Snake Shuriken (weak): やっ!



Snake Shuriken (strong): ふっ!



Jacode  Whip (weak): えい!



Jacode  Whip (strong): はっ!



Viper Rondo (strong):やるわよ!


Yaru wa yo! 

Aaa... Gomennasai!

Let’s do it!

Ah... I’m sorry!

Jealous Gorgon (weak): 見てください…えいっ!

Mitekudasai... Eii!

Please look here... Eii!

Jealous Gorgon (strong): こっちを見なさい!喰らいなさい!

Kocchi wo minasai! Kurainasai!

Look here! Take this!

Resurrection (weak): うぅ…リザレクション!生き返って!

Uu... Rizarekushon! Ikikaette! 

Uh... Resurrection! Come back to life!

Resurection (strong): アァァァァ…リザレクション!起きなさい!

Aaaaaa... Rizarekushon! Okinasai!

A~h...! Resurection! Wake up!

Take out gauges (weak): うっ…



Take out gauges (strong): ぐっ!



Defeated (weak): これで、楽に…

Kore de, raku ni...

Now I can finally be at peace...

Defeated (strong): こんなところで…!

Konna tokoro de...!

It can’t end here...!

Elise defeated:



Kanojotachi no shoumetsu wo kakuninshi, boku wa futatabi tsuushinki no suicchi wo ireta.

Once I’d made sure of their destruction, I turned on the radio again.

…こちらGV ジーノ、応答して

Kochira GV. Jiino, outoushite.

This is GV. Answer me, Gino.



Oioi GV... Sakki wa nanda yo, ikinari tsuushin wo kiriyagatte...

Oi, oi, GV... What was that, man? You cut me off all of a sudden...


Buji nanda na?

You alright? 






Kuwashii setsumei wa kaette kara suru yo...

I’ll explain in detail once I get back...

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