Store Ruins is part of the first round of boss stages in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, alongside Auto-fab Plant and Sumeragi Building 13. With the hideout running low on food, Copen goes to a ruined shopping mall in hopes of scavenging victuals. For some reason, the place is crawling with Sumeragi's bots and goons...


Kohaku: Aw man, that's not good... Our pantry's looking pretty barren.

Lola: Hey Boss, we've got no time to waste! We gotta procure us some food!

Kyota: Are you guys gonna go look for something to eat? I know a good spot you can check! There's a busted-up store real close by!

Copen: Busted-up store?

Kohaku: It's basically in ruins. The adults always told us to stay away because it's too dangerous, though. You might be able to find some stuff that's still edible if you look around.

Lola: OK! Copen and I will just pop right down to the store! Be back in a jiff!

Stage Composition

  • The stage itself will be a mix of going up and down across the ruined floors of the store. Naturally, there will be enemies everywhere.
  • Being one of the first levels after the tutorial, there are no real gimmicks. But for those just starting out, Rebellio might be a bit of a troublesome boss...

Emblem Locations

Image Notes
Store ruins emblem 1
Breakable ceiling.
Store ruins emblem 2
False floor below the stairs leading to the roof.
Store ruins emblem 3
Another breakable ceiling, above where the Psychokinesis user appears.
Store ruins emblem 4
On top of some platforms just before the hexapyle.


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