Copen turning a foolish Gunvolt to stone
The stone debuff is an official status ailment in Azure Striker Gunvolt that petrifies Gunvolt, leaving him vulnerable to enemy attacks.

In-Game Description Edit

If Gunvolt looks the wrong beam attack straight in the eye, he will be turned to stone. In this state, he will take more damage than usual.

Rapidly tap [D-pad] and other buttons to break free.

Effects Edit

The stone debuff effectively immobilizes Gunvolt and prevents him from attacking in any way, shape, or form (e.g., Flashfield, offensive skills). Additionally, Gunvolt's sustains greater damage than usual from enemy attacks.

Gunvolt's EP will be kept at zero as long as he is afflicted with the stone condition.

Causes Edit

There are two enemies who have the ability to inflict the stone status. In both instances, a beam of light is shined on Gunvolt; the best way to avoid affliction is to have Gunvolt turn away from the light source.

Elise using her Gorgon Gaze attack

Elise: Beginning at battle phase two, Elise utilizes a tag team combo in which her dominant and submissive personalities shine petrifying beams of light in opposite directions. At the beginning of this attack, the personalities will place themselves at opposite corners of the screen. The attack proceeds with the personalities moving in opposite vertical directions while shining their Gorgon's eyes in front of them. The beams themselves deal no damage but inflict the stone debuff if Gunvolt faces the light source.

Copen: Upon the defeat of Elise, Copen begins using the attack "Gorgon Gaze" in all subsequent battles. He shines a beam of light in front of him that inflicts the stone status if Gunvolt faces the light source; the beam itself deals no damage.

Notes Edit

The stone debuff lasts indefinitely unless Gunvolt breaks from it. The only way to do so is through button-mashing.