"Now beat it. D'aint no one else who can do this but me. Got a little "promise" with Sumeragi, y'know."
Stella , Luminous Avenger iX [2]

Stella, also known as "The Sudarshana Gravity Well", is one of the elite Falcons serving Sumeragi and one of the antagonists of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

The young, confident president of a powerful manufacturing company, Stella ended up serving as one of Sumeragi's Falcons to protect her android assistant Dystnine, the only one to whom she'll open up. She has an affinity for the Septima Gravity, which allows her to alter the gravity of her surroundings and control their moments.


An Adept in possession of the "Gravity" Septima. Her control of gravity lets her swing high-density bladed discs at her enemies, as well as restrict their movements by altering the gravity around them. She is more capable of lowering gravity than raising it, though. She can lower the gravity over an entire area, but must focus on specific objects or people in order to increase gravity.

Stella became president of the electronic manufacturer "Gargantua" at a young age. The company grew and became the nation's leading manufacturer thanks to her shrewd decision making and top-notch business acumen. She has little faith in her subordinates and treats the corporation as her own "one-woman show." The sole exception is her android assistant Dystnine, to whom she has completely opened up.

Stella became a Falcon in order to protect Dystnine, who is in danger of being confiscated by Sumeragi for "research purposes."[2]


Stella is a young woman with dark skin and green eyes, with short, matching hair, complete with a long, thin ponytail and heavy eyeliner. She wears a white shirt and black undershirt with no sleeves, black short shorts, and brown heels with tan soles that expose her toes and heels, which are secured by a strap at the top. She also loosely wears a blue Falcon jacket with cyan rims, and has a Falcon Quill clipped to her left breast. Stella wears numerous pieces of gold jewelry, including a bangle in her right wrist, a neck-piece, a belt and a pair of hoop earrings. Her nails are painted green.

In her Weaponized Form, Stella's sclera turns black and her irises a dark green, though they are often obscured by her bangs, which turn a darker, more cyan shade. She is covered in white, black and green armor, with the lower half of her body enclosed in a blade-like shell. Attached to her back are two white appendages that hold duel bladed disks, each with a hole in the middle that generates purple energy and lightning when used with her Septima.


Stella is a typical serious, no-nonsense business woman with no desire for meandering or leisure when there is a job at hand, as seen with her first and only interaction with Copen.

The only person she seems to care about remotely is Dystnine. Upon her death she calls out to him by name, and on one occasion she refers to him as her "beloved Dystnine", suggesting a high level of affection.

Plot Role

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Sumeragi Building 13 - Encounter with iX

Copen, on the hunt for information on the Butterfly Effect, infiltrates Sumeragi Building 13, the largest Sumeragi base in the world, hoping to find clues there. After he breaks into the building, Stella becomes aware of him and alters the gravity in the building in an attempt to slow his progress, but Copen continues to press on, eventually crossing paths with Stella herself, who is accompanied by Dystnine.

Dystnine greets Copen and Lola and introduces both him and Stella, who tells him to not bother introducing himself to someone she's about to kill, sending him away to prepare her coffee, though not without expressing her affection for his human-like qualities. After he leaves, Stella informs Copen that although she has nothing against him, she must fight him nonetheless to save Dystnine from Sumeragi's clutches, much to Copen's confusion. She then transforms into her weaponized form and attacks him.

Despite her efforts, she is slain in battle by iX, calling out Dystnine's name as she dies.

Sumeragi Secret Bunker 2 - Apparition

As Copen makes his way through Sumeragi's underground bunker, Demerzel creates holograms of the various Falcons he's fought and killed to stop him. One such hologram is Stella, appearing before iX only to be swiftly slain.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave and a member of the Falcons chosen specifically for her powerful Septima, Stella has an affinity for the Gravity Septima, which as its name states, grants her dominion over gravitational forces. With her Septima, Stella can lower or raise the gravity of her surroundings at will. However, she is more skilled at lowering gravity than raising it. While she is capable of lowering the gravity in an area, she must focus on specific objects or people to increase their gravity. By turning her Septima on herself, Stella can stimulate flight.

In her Weaponized form, Stella mainly fights with twin discs that she can manipulate with her Gravity Septima. The discs are extremely sharp and can cut through most objects. She can also increase the size of these discs, turning them into giant buzzsaws. With these discs, she can fire beams of gravity or create a gravitational field that can pin opponents down and halt their movements. Stella can also fire green energy projectiles and utilize the stinger-like blade on her underside to slash and impale opponents. Stella can also use her gravity powers to manipulate the debris around her, forming high density cubes to crush opponents.


*Note 1: Stella's weaknesses are Anchor Nexus and Rising Cyclone.

*Note 2: EX Stella's discs are almost always spinning around her, except when she launches most attacks. Additionally, her projectiles split into smaller shots that fly diagonally upon impacting the floor or walls.

Skill Description
Stella - Edged Saucer

Edged Saucer
エッジソーサー Edge Saucer

Stella's basic attack - she launches bladed discs which then travel along the terrain. During this attack, she leaves herself defenseless until the discs return.

The EX Boss will increase the speed of the discs.

Stella - Sword Dive

Sword Dive
ソードプレッジャー Sword Presser

Using her lower half as a massive blade, she launches herself at Copen with this quick attack, before somersaulting backwards to slash at him. If Copen happens to be directly underneath her, she will go straight down and omit the somersault.

The EX Boss will finish this attack by spinning her discs around her, discouraging tagging attempts.

Stella - Heavy Shackles

Heavy Shackles

Stella fires high-gravity beams from her discs. Anyone caught in the beams will have their gravity greatly increased, stunning them. Mashing the buttons might let you break out before Stella slams the discs into the ground, sending out shockwaves.

The EX Boss reduces the delay on both the gravity beams and slamming the discs.

Stella - Cage Chakram

Cage Chakram

Stella's discs connect and form a sphere of gravitational energy that will slowly chase after Copen, trapping him and causing constant damage if he is caught. While the sphere is chasing you, Stella will also fire energy projectiles.

The EX Boss' version of this move moves faster and she occasionally makes a pass with Sword Dive.

Stella - Graviton Pandemonium

Graviton Pandemonium
グラヴィトンスクラバイター Graviton Scrabiter

"In the swirling chaos forgotten / Remnants form together, / Pulverising all in their path! Graviton Pandemonium!"

Stella's SP Skill. She spins her discs in a large circle around her and summons pieces of debris around Copen to crush him into a cube. After doing this five times, her discs become increase in size to fill the entire upper half of the area, pulling the debris blocks up towards them. During this attack, the area's gravity is lowered, and Stella's defense is increased.

Orbital Edge can destroy the blocks.

The EX Boss version will lower the discs to the ground after the blocks are crushed, leaving few safe zones.

Battle Lines


Battle Start:
Hona, iku de! Uaa!
Let’s go for it! Uah!

Edge Saucer:
Fuu! Mou ippatsu!
Heh! Here’s one more!

Sword Pressure:

Heavy Shackles:
Misetaru wa! Fuuun! Tsuburetokii!
I’ll show ya! Fuunn! Get crushed!

Cage Chakram:
Itekomashitaru! Nigasahen!
I’m gonna beat ya up! Ya can’t escape!

Light Bullet:

Gravity Pandemonium:
とっておきや! グラビトンパンデモーニアム!はあっ!ああっ!往生しい!行くで!フィニッシュ!
Totteoki ya! Gurabiton pandemōniamu! Haaa! Aaaa! Oujoushii! Ikude! Finisshu!
T’is my ace! Graviton Pandemonium! Haahh! Aaahhh! Be gone! Let’s go! Finish!
(SP Version):
Okawari ya!
Here’s more!

2nd Phase:
Not bad!

3rd Phase:
Ki… Irete okou ka
Let’s… focus...



  • The Falcons are inspired by the Christian hierarchy of angels (known as Orders or Choirs), with their design based off the astrological signs of the western zodiac. Stella is inspired by the seventh Choir, "Principalities/Rulers", and is based off the seventh zodiac, "Libra".[1]
  • The names of the Falcons are all derived from various films. "Inters" and "Stella" are taken from Interstellar, a 2014 epic science fiction film.
  • Part of the Japanese name for Stella's SP Skill, "Scrabiter", is a made-up word created by Inti Creates, the meaning of which is currently unknown.[3]
  • Stella's title is partially derived from the Sudarshana Chakra (सुदर्शन चक्र), a spinning disk used as a weapon by the Hindu god Vishnu.
    • A "Gravity Well" refers to the gravitational pull that a large body in space exerts. It is also the name of a Special Weapon from Mega Man X3.
  • Stella may be of Egyptian,and Indian descendant. Both due to her Halloween costume and her title.


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