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Special Missions are a set of additional stages in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, unlocked after all the main story missions are beaten. They are versions of the boss stages from the main game, but shortened and featuring different and/or more enemies, along with bosses with attacks altered to be much harder to avoid or more damaging, colloquially referred to as "EX bosses".


Name Stage Composition Boss
Special Mission 1 Second half of Store Ruins stage with standard enemy/trap alteration. Rebellio (EX version)
Special Mission 2 First half of Sumeragi Building 13 stage with standard enemy/trap alteration. Midway battle against Garand is replaced by a Electroshock Drone and a Laser Drone. Stella

(EX version)

Special Mission 3 Second half of Auto-fab Plant stage with standard enemy/trap alteration. Crimm

(EX version)

Special Mission 4 Second half of Radio Tower "Artemis" stage with standard enemy/trap alteration. Midway battle is replaced by a Mini MLRS. Isola

(EX version)

Special Mission 5 First half of Data Center Alpha stage with standard enemy/trap alteration. Midway battle is replaced by several Psi-Users and Zap Bots. Bakto

(EX version)

Special Mission 6 Second half of Data Center Beta stage with standard enemy/trap alteration. Dystnine

(EX version)

Boss Rush A single, long boss rush consisting of every single boss in the game. Unlike the other Special Missions, the bosses are fought under the same conditions as the main game, without the upgraded attacks of EX bosses (with the exception of Demerzel). The Falcons

Giga Lola

Blade (Berserk Trigger)

Butterfly Effect


Demerzel (EX version)