Special Missions, sometimes abbreviated to SP Missions, are additional stages that are unlocked after completing the game. They feature stages from the main game, but with a different layout, or otherwise added difficulty.

Azure Striker GunvoltEdit


"Hell bids you enter. Victory may come slowly, painfully -- perhaps never. But seek this despair, and you will be rewarded..." - Flavor text

"These are super difficult missions for those who complete the main story, "special missions". If you have top-notch skills, maybe you should give them a try." - Joule's briefing


  • Referred to as "special missions" and codenamed Gauntlet.
  • Joule is unable to revive the player via Anthem.
  • All would-be Jewel locations are replaced with medals.
  • There are no checkpoints.
  • These missions are considerably more difficult than its sequel's counterpart.
Name Composition Location
SP Mission 1 Biochem Plant and Subaquatic Base's second halves, but essentially
with more enemies. Biochem Plant has even more heavy boxes in your path to
destroy, Subaquatic Base also features Zombie Leapers. Afterwards, you fight either Viper or Merak.
Biochem Plant
Subaquatic Base
SP Mission 2 Datastore and Stratacomb's second halves, but with more enemies.
There are added barricades in Datastore, making traversing while floating harder.
Stratacombs features the tentacles from Pharma Lab, and the jellyfish from
Subaquatic Base that overheat you on contact. The Stratacombs also turn into
a light-switching nightmare. At the end you fight either Carrera or Elise.
SP Mission 3 Pharma Lab and Media Tower's second halves. The room where you fight
the Eidolon flower has tentacles next to any platform. Media Tower features
a harder catapult path to follow, as well as barricades along the way.
The stage boss will either be Stratos or Jota.
Pharma Lab
Media Tower
SP Mission 4 The first halves of Sinner's Row and Eridu, surprisingly. Sinner's Row has
additional tentacles and Spider Plants, and Eridu has Zombie Leapers. However,
neither of these portions force you to have to navigate places between pits.
The stage boss will either be Copen or Asimov.
Sinner's Row
SP Mission 5 Boss fights with Merak, Stratos, Jota, Carrera, Viper, and Elise,
in that order, Copen, Nova and his final form, then Asimov. As far as Asimov
is concerned, good luck, because you're not getting Anthem-buffed this time around.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Edit

"Welcome to this living hell, my friend. Do not fret over your inability to do more. Instead, give in and accept one final despair." - Flavor text

"One more possibly that might’ve existed… Is it a dream the saint (girl) had? Is it reality? Is it an illusion? The world is fleeting dangerous, just like erratically combined mirrors…" - Japanese flavor text, SP Missions 1-4

"In the core of the rotting altar (world)… The pure souls shimmer and bark again…“We only wanted to be like that”…" - Japanese flavor text, SP Mission 5

"Welcome to the Secret Mission! Okay, so I kinda need to apologize in advance, but... I can't use The Muse's song to bring you back here." - Mytyl's briefing


  • Referred to as "secret missions" and codenamed Ultimatum in English. In the Japanese release, SP missions 1 to 4 are codenamed Mirror World (Memories) (鏡界、メモリーズ)), while SP Mission 5 is codenamed Nightmare (Mother) (悪夢、マザー)
  • Mytyl is unable to revive the player via Anthem.
  • There are no challenges.
  • Essentially, playing as either character means playing through the opposite hero's stages with their layout. As such, they aren't too difficult, aside from SP Mission 5, which is a full-length boss rush.


Name Location Boss
Secret Mission 1 Seraph Interior Proto Legion GB
Secret Mission 2 Mysterious Manor Gibril
Secret Mission 3 The Sewers Milas
Secret Mission 4 Data Facility Teseo
Secret Mission 5 Seraph Interior
The Garden 3
The Garden 2
The Garden 3
The Garden 4
Proto Legion GB
The Seven
Plasma Legion
Fake Zonda
Reverie Zonda
Gunvolt + Anthem'd


Name Location Boss
Secret Mission 1 Downtown Fazent
Secret Mission 2 Babel (ASG2) Desna
Secret Mission 3 Isle of Dreams Asroc
Secret Mission 4 Prism Highway Ghauri
Secret Mission 5 Downtown
The Garden 3
The Garden 2
The Garden 3
The Garden 4
The Seven
Plasma Legion
Fake Zonda
Reverie Zonda
Copen + Anthem'd


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