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Skills Menu on Lower Screen

Skills are a battle mechanic in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series. They are powerful techniques that are much stronger than regular attacks or can provide Gunvolt with non-offensive aid, and can only be used periodically. Gunvolt can unlock these skills when he reaches specific level up milestones. They consume SP instead of EP upon use; Gunvolt begins each stage run with three SP and consumed SP will regenerate after 1 minute and 7 seconds per SP.

Upon use, a skill requires a cooldown before it can be used again. This factor, along with the SP consumption factor, limits the use of special skills.

This article is exclusive to the Skills of playable characters. To learn more about a boss' Skill, go to the "Skill" section of their respective page.

Offensive Skills Edit

Some skills are damage-dealing and can deal massive damage if used correctly.

Skill Learned at Cost Max Damage Cooldown Time
Astrasphere Level 1 1 SP 120

6/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

Luxcalibur Level 13 2 SP 250

6/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

Voltaic Chains Level 40 3 SP 1 Tag = 200
2 Tags = 250
3 Tags = 300
4 Tags = 350
5+ Tags = 400

6/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

Dragonsphere Data Facility (GV2) 0 SP 10 seconds
Crashbolt Mysterious Manor (GV2) 0 SP 10 seconds
Grand Strizer Level 60 (GV2) 3 SP Varies with Kudos 10 seconds


Astrasphere Edit

ライトニングスフィア、Lightning Sphere

"Lightning that flickers / Like a star, and purges all / That violate its realm! Astrasphere!"

Gunvolt summons three electric orbs that briefly circle around him, dealing damage over time. Gunvolt remains stationary and is invulnerable to enemy attacks for the duration of this attack.


Luxcalibur Edit

スパークカリバー、Spark Calibur

"Sacred sword agleam / Barbarous and bathed in blue / Cleaving right from wrong! Luxcalibur!"

Gunvolt unleashes a large electrical sword in whatever direction he's facing, dealing massive, instantaneous damage to any enemy within its range.
Voltaic Chains

Voltaic Chains

Voltaic Chains Edit

ヴォルティックチェーン、Voltic Chain

"Bolts of rebellion / A thunderous voice in his heart / Speaks of one true law! Voltaic Chains!"

Gunvolt summons several chains that crisscross the screen. He then charges them with electricity that deals instantaneous damage to any enemy that is in contact with the chains. The damage output scales with the number of tags on-screen.
Grand Strizer

Grand Strizer

Grand StrizerEdit

グロリアスストライザー、Glorious Strizer

"Let praise be unleashed / As blades of lightning cleave sky / Yielding great glory!" Grand Strizer!

Gunvolt unleashes a large electrical blade similar to Luxcalibur, but larger and much more powerful. The amount of damage dealt is determined by the amount of Kudos Gunvolt has at the moment of the skill's activation.

With enough Kudos, it can kill a boss in one hit, making it the single most powerful skill in the series, depending on the amount of kudos. Kudos that has been banked or lost will not affect this skill's power. Costs 3 SP.




霆龍玉、Tei Ryu Gyoku (Thunderclap Dragon Sphere)

Gunvolt creates a stationary orb of electricity in front of him for a short time that damages foes on contact.




吼雷降、Kou Rai Kou (Roaring Thunder Fall)

A lightning bolt strikes Gunvolt, hitting nearby enemies and any enemies above or below Gunvolt.

Offensive Skills & Kudos Edit

As Gunvolt damages his enemies, he accumulate score multipliers called "Kudos." When using an offensive skill, Gunvolt accrues 1 Kudos per 1 point of damage. The Kudos count essentially determines the overall performance score in a stage, which in turn determines the rank received at the end of a mission.

The Kudos count continues to increase throughout Gunvolt's endeavors on stage but will not increase the actual stage score until Gunvolt "locks-in" or applies the multipliers to his current stage score. One effective way to lock-in Kudos is to use an offensive skill. Thus, when anticipating a particularly hard boss fight, one way to salvage the stage score is to use an offensive skill on the boss mid-fight to apply the Kudos multiplier earned thus far to Gunvolt's total score. Upon locking in, the Kudos count resets to zero.

On another note, if Gunvolt defeats a boss using an offensive skill, he will earn a bonus +500 Kudos before the multipliers are applied to the stage score (e.g., if the Kudos count is at 523 upon use of an offensive skill and the offensive skill lands a finishing blow on the boss, 1023 Kudos multipliers in addition to the Kudos gain from damage dealt to the boss will be applied to the overall stage score).

Support Skills Edit

In addition to offensive skills, Gunvolt can learn a plethora of support skills that can temporarily or instantaneously bolster Gunvolt's battle capabilities or save him in a pinch. The use of support skills does not "lock-in" the Kudos multipliers to the overall stage score.

Skill Learned at Cost Duration Cooldown Time
Galvanic Patch Level 3 1 SP Instantaneous 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Septimal Burst Level 10 1 SP 30 seconds 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Split Second Level 18 1 SP Instantaneous 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Alchemical Field Level 24 1 SP 30 seconds 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Septimal Shield Level 30 (GV2) 1 SP 30 seconds 10 seconds
Galvanic Renewal Level 30 (GV1)/35 (GV2) 2 SP Instantaneous 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)
Infinite Surge Level 50 (GV2) 2 SP 30 seconds 10 seconds
Septimal Surge Level 65 (GV1)/ 70 (GV2) 1 SP 30 seconds 8/10 seconds (GV1/GV2)

Galvanic Patch Edit

ヒーリングヴォルト、Healing Volt

Gunvolt instantaneously recovers a fourth of his maximum health.
Galvanic Patch

Galvanic Patch

Septimal Burst Edit

ブーストヴォルト、Boost Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt recovers his EP at a faster rate than usual. Multiple uses do not stack the effects.

Septimal Burst

Septimal Burst

Split Second Edit

チャージングアップ、Charging Up

Gunvolt instantaneously restores his EP to a full meter. Using this support skill cures Gunvolt of the Overheat or Chaff status.

Split Second

Split Second

Alchemical Field Edit

アルケミィライズ、Alchemy Rise

Upon use, Gunvolt will recover health, gain credits, and gain experience at twice the usual rates. The effects of this skill do not apply to the Kudos gain from collecting the hidden characters (i.e., collecting a hidden character will not set your Kudos count to 2,000).

Alchemical Field

Alchemical Field

Galvanic Renewal Edit

リヴァイヴヴォルト、Revive Volt

Gunvolt instantaneously recovers maximum health.

Galvanic Renewal

Galvanic Renewal

Septimal Surge Edit

アンリミテッドヴォルト、Unlimited Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt's damage output is doubled.

Septimal Surge

Septimal Surge

Septimal Shield Edit

シールドヴォルト、Shield Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt's damage taken is halved for a short amount of time. This skill is only available in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Septimal Shield

Septimal Shield

Infinite SurgeEdit

エターナルヴォルト、Eternal Volt

Upon use, Gunvolt's EP will never deplete for a short amount of time. This skill is only available in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Infinite Surge

Infinite Surge

Copen's SkillsEdit

Similar to Gunvolt, Copen is also able to make use of skills. However, as he is not an Adept, Copen doesn't gain any new skills by leveling up. Instead, he has two powerful skills available from the start.

Shred StormEdit

Copen - Shred Storm

Shred Storm

ストライクソウ、Strike Saw

May claws shatter chains / Of those who traipse in my wake / Begone you impure! Shred Storm!

A Special Skill carried out by the “Bits” and covers the whole screen. It’s a storm of slashes that draw the “Claw” (爪) Kanji on the screen. It instantly kills all enemies on the screen, and deals significant damage to bosses.

This is the only skill for Copen that can be assigned a shortcut.



If you open the Pause Menu, the “Shred Storm” icon will become the “Healing” icon. If you touch it, you can recover all of your HP.

Twin Shredder Edit

クロスディザスタ X-Ross Disaster

"Dual blades perform their / Fervorous dance, ready to / Strike with conviction! Twin Shredder!"

Copen's Special Skill in Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. It seems to be an evolved version of Shred Storm, using both himself and Lola to destroy all on-screen enemies at once.

Boss SkillsEdit

When a boss reaches their third and final bar of life, they will perform their own unique special skill. After being performed for the first time, this skill may be performed randomly as part of their regular moveset. As bosses do not have Skill Point limits, it's possible for a boss to use their special move several times in a row. Check the "Skill" section on any boss' respective page for more details.

Unused SkillsEdit

Gunvolt unused skills
In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, two additional offensive skills for Gunvolt known as Electroshock (雷霆開放 Thunderclap Discharge) and Shadowstriker (電影将来 Thunder Shadow Summon) were planned but ultimately unused. Although menu graphics were drawn for them, voiceovers were recorded for both their Japanese and international names, and it is possible to equip them like a normal skill, attempting to use them will only freeze the game.

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