Sinner's Row
Tonight, the pleasure quarter belongs to Zonda. As Gunvolt chases the lustful menace down, he crosses paths with an avenger...-flavor text


Sinner's Row is the location of a mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Kaleidoscope". Gunvolt must chase down Zonda, a dangerous adept of Sumeragi's that has slipped inside after defeating Zeno.


Moniqa: Sorry for pinging you in the middle of the night... Your target has fled into the sketchy side of a town nearby. You can thank the said target for taking Zeno out of the game.  Proceed with extreme caution...

 Stage Composition

  • The stage's main gimmick is the pink mirrors floating midair, created by Zonda's septima. Using these mirrors, Zonda weaves a labyrinth of disconnected stage segments, featuring new enemy placements, gauntlet rooms, and even upside-down segments.
    • You can tell whether or not you chose the right path by Zonda screaming "Waga ai yo!" (Lit. "my love!" or "this is love!")
      • This is easier in versions with in-stage dialogue because Zonda makes (really) creepy commentary as you go through the stage.
  • This stage features a LOT of bottomless pits. Carefully navigate the rooftops using the neon signs as platforms, and be careful about the enemies that appear.
  • A number of cable launchers hang nearby large pits or gaps. Shock them with Flashfield to make them launch a wire that you can stand on. Just don't stand in front of them as they fire, it hurts.

Copen "The Adept Slayer"

In the Stage's ending, you will find Zonda killed by a mysterious person who will be your opponent. He will mainly use weapons based on the specific bosses you've defeated so far. He doesn't use his Special Skill and is the only boss that is not a member of Sumeragi or an Adept.

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