At an undisclosed conference room...


Executive A: We've suffered major losses from the Diva Project's failure.

Executive B: How did we let so much capital be tied to a single enterprise?

Executive C: I knew this was coming! You see what happens when youngsters are running things?

Executive A: What's done is done. Besides, the fault is not with Nova. If you want to blame someone, blame the terrorists.

Executive C: Gunvolt and QUILL? Bah! What vermin.

Executive A: Nova was respected by many of Sumeragi's Septimal Adepts.

Executive B: His passing leaves us vulnerable to strikes by foreign powers.

Executive C: Our nation need fear nothing so long as we have the Kamishiro! With its latest upgrades, it is unstoppable! Once that barrier is in place, no overseas power would dare--

< Alarm begins blaring >

Executive C: Aaaah! Wh-what's happening?!

Executive B: This alert is for... N-no. Impossible!

< Fade to black >

Fake Zonda: Pop the corks, boys! The Diva Project is back on the books! With Nova gone, your defenses are pathetic. Now let Eden's love flow throughout your little nation!

Inside the Seraph, Sumeragi's massive airship...

GV: ......!

Gunner: Give up, chump! There's no escape!

Grenadier: How dare you interfere with Sumeragi business! You stole the Seraph and caused it to go out of control!

GV: That wasn't me. I... Ah, forget it. You won't believe me.

Gunner: We see that uniform of yours. We know you're with QUILL! Sumeragi has sworn to crush every last one of you terrorists!

GV: Wrong again, pal. QUILL and I split a long time ago. I just dig the outfit. It's got panache.

< Joule appears >

Joule: Now do you see why I told you to get some new clothes?! *Sigh* Anyway, let me guess... You need my help.

GV: Nah, I'm good, Joule. These guys don't seem too toug-

Grenadier: Hey! Who ya talkin' to over there? This kid's creeping me out. Open fire!

< The gunners shoot GV, but the attacks have no effect >

Grenadier: The heck? My attack went through him!


GV: It's called Prevasion. And it makes your attacks useless.

Gunner: Prevasion...? Oh crap! He's the Azure Striker! That crazy powerful septimal adept everyone warned us about?!

Joule: Yep! Say hello to the Azure Striker, Gunvolt! ...Friends call him GV. Wait, why am I talking to these losers? They can't hear me.

< All three soldiers begin trembling >

Gunner: Oh crap!

Boy, Sumeragi sure has lowered their guard standards.

< If GV spared the three soldiers >'

Joule: Way to go, GV! You're a real angel of mercy!

GV: ......

< GV moves on from the room >

Xiao: GV, do you copy? How are things on your end?

GV: Green across the board here, Xiao.

Xiao: Glad to hear it. Even the Azure Striker isn't completely invincible, right?

Quinn: Hey, um, GV?

GV: That you, Quinn? What's up?

Quinn: Sorry to barge in, but I was kinda worried about you.

Xiao: I think it was more than kinda, actually.

GV: I know I'm a bit rusty in the field, but I'm fine. Really. You don't have to worry about me, Quinn.

Joule: Hmph!

Quinn: Thanks, GV. I'll fix a snack when you get back, okay? What would you like?

Xiao: Er, I'm kind of in the middle of something here, Quinn.

Quinn: Oh right! Sorry! I just... Just don't die, okay?

GV: Quinn...

< Joule appears >

Joule: Quit flirting with her!

GV: Um, I wasn't flir-

Joule: Oh yes you were! ... ... ... ... Fine. I don't care.

< Joule disappears >

GV: I really stepped in it this time... (Guess she won't be helping much this mission...)

< S T R I K E >

(Sumeragi's airship, the Seraph, has been skyjacked. "It's their fault! We won't let them get away with it!" I assumed Xiao knew his stuff and set out for the Seraph.)

Joule: ...Hmph!

< A large shutter blocks the way >

(Hmmm... A shutter... If I just tag that panel and use my Flashfield...)

< GV raises the shutter >

(Heh. Bet you didn't know I could do that...)

Xiao: By the way, GV. How are your EP levels looking?

(EP powers my Septima, and my lightning abilities. It drains any time I use Prevasion or my Flashfield.)

GV: You and Quinn are real mother hens. You know that? You both know that I can charge my EP whenever I want, right? (Double-tapping [Down] will instantly recharge my EP. So long as I tap double down, I can stay at full charge.)

Xiao: But if you use up all your EP, you'll overheat, right? And you can't recharge while overheating! Joule isn't around to watch after you, so just be careful!

GV: Fine. I'll be careful.

Xiao: Why do I have a hard time believing that?

Joule: ......

(All this worry about overheating brings me back...)

GV: ......

Joule: GV...

< A second shutter blocks the way >

GV: Another shutter, eh? Not gonna work, guys.

Xiao: You know, I'm amazed a ship this big can stay afloat. This kind of tech is pretty much unheard of.

GV: Everyone knows Sumeragi has their share of secret R&D. I've even heard rumors that they can control gravity.

Xiao: Gravity? I dunno... Still, they're way ahead with Septima tech. So maybe they have other tech that's equally unlikely.

< Checkpoint >

GV: That's a checkpoint. (If my HP ever falls to zero... I'll restart from the last one I touched. I should probably touch this one here. You know, just in case.)

GV: Security sure is tight today.

Xiao: Right? And yet someone was able to hijack the Seraph. Most likely someone with Septimal powers.

GV: An adept who doesn't belong to Sumeragi or QUILL?

Xiao: Or it could just be someone looking for attention.

Joule: This seems really complicated for a prank.

(Xiao's probably right about septima being involved.)

< Hexapyle >

Xiao: Look! A Hexapyle! Destroy it to complete this area!

GV: You seem excited, Xiao. First time seeing a Hexapyle?

Xiao: We don't have anything like 'em back on the mainland.

Xiao: You'll reach the hanger if you head down from there. I hear Sumeragi keeps new weapons and tech on airships.

(That sounds like something Sumeragi would do.)

Teseo: This is Gunvolt? Dude must be pretty bored to show up here. I'm shocked, really. Get it? "Shocked?" Cant I get some (You)? No? Anyway, guess it's time to see what the fuss is about.

< GV reaches the hanger, with a large drone suspended from the ceiling coming into view. A string of some kind briefly appears above it, followed by it lighting up and being dropped out of the airship. >

GV: What was that? Was that a Sumeragi mech? (Should I pursue it?)

Xiao: Wait, GV! I'm plotting your course and... Oh yeah, this is bad. The Seraph is going to crash right into a Sumeragi skyscraper!

GV: Are you serious?!

Xiao: Dead serious. If you don't stop it, all kinds of civilians are going to suffer!

GV: Worry about the mech later, then. Got it.

Xiao: Okay, there should be an emergency control room just ahead. Your Septima, Azure Striker should let you seize control. And it's gonna crash soon, sooo. Yeah. Try to hurry?

GV: I'm on it.

< Joule appears >

Joule: Fiiiiine! Fine. I guess I have no choice.

GV: Er, about what, Joule?

Joule: You can use my wings even though you're a big flirty cad! This is special, GV. Between you and me.

< Anthem >

(Joule is a telepathic adept known as "The Muse." She amps up septimal power for my electromagnetic field. In layman's terms, linking with her allows me to fly. I can also use Prevasion and my Flashfield without using EP.)

< GV proceeds through a long corridor, and behind him a green wall of light appears and begins converting everything it touches to cyberspace >

Joule: Did you see that light? I've got a bad feeling about this.

GV: Yeah, me too. (It gave off a power like mine.)

Teseo: This dude has some sort of weird aura going on WTF.

Tenjian: The power of the Muse... We're close now.

Teseo: Oh hai Tenjian. Didn't see you there.

Tenjian: Stop fooling around! We must keep close watch.

< GV encounters platforms leading up and above the wall of life's range >

(Just need to climb up there and I should be safe!)

Xiao: Looks like the control room is dead ahead, GV!

GV: Got it. I'm heading in.

< The control room comes into view >

GV: That's the control device. I'll use my powers to override the controls...

Joule: Look out, GV! Incoming Septima wave!

GV: What the--

< S T R I K E >

GV: Xiao, a huge mech just appeared out of nowhere.

Xiao: Wait... It can't be! A Plasma Legion?

GV: Er, you know this thing, Xiao?

Xiao: It's a 10th generation Sumeragi tank. But I didn't think it was anywhere near ready!

(Maybe they're using septima to bring it online somehow?)

Joule: Who cares how it works when you have me and my song?! I won't let you die, GV. I will keep you safe!

GV: Thanks, Joule. Oversurge! Azure Striker! Come forth, divine thunder!

< The Proto Legion JB is destroyed >

GV: Well, I took it down. But where did it come from?

Xiao: No time for questions! You've got to stop the Seraph right now!

GV: Oh, right. Huge flaming skyscraper crash. Yeah, I'm on it.

Xiao: Tag that machine and give it a good zap!

< Fade to black, with an error noise >

GV: This data is write-protected. I can't do anything with it! Is there a Septima that's better than mine at hacking...?

Xiao: What are we going to do? What about all those people?

< C L E A R >



Executive A: 以上が, ディーヴァプロジェクト中止によって出たグループ全体の損失ですか

Executive B: 社運をかけた一大プロジェクト.  その損失も甚大,か... これは, どうしたものか...

Executive C: フン! だからワタシは言ったのだ! あんな年端もいかない若造にプロジェクトをまかせるなどと...!

Executive A: まあまあ, 今はそんなことを言っても仕方がないでしょう. それに, 紫電くんの手腕は見事だったじゃないですか. 恨むなら, あのテロリスト—

Executive C: ガンヴォルト... フェザーか. クソッ! あのいまいましい羽虫どもめッ!

Executive A: 紫電くんは, 皇神に署属する第七波動能力者たちの多くから慕われていました

Executive B: 今回の損失と, 彼の逝去でグループ全体が混乱している今, 海外に攻め込まれでもしたら...

Executive C: フンッ! 最終国防結界"神代(かみしろ)".. アレがあるだろう? 羽虫どもの時はぬかったが, 今の神代は以前よりも何倍も強化されている. あの物理結界がある限り, 海のムコウからの攻撃など...

(Siren rings out)

Executive C: ぬわッ!!? なッ... なんだッ!?

Executive B: このアラート音は... まさかッ!!

Pantera: フフ, 最終国防結界の解除. 紫電亡き今, 実に容易かったよ. ディーヴァプロジェクットはまだ終っちゃいない. さあ, われら"エデン"の大いなる恋ッ! この国にあまねく広めようじゃないか!

大型自律飛空艇 飛天 内部...

Gunvolt: ...ッ!

Soldier A: 追い詰めた! 取り囲んだぞッ! 子ネズミめ!

Soldier B: 我ら皇神の大型自律飛空艇 飛天! そのコントロールを奪い去り飛天を暴走させているのはキサマだな?

GV: ちがう... と言っても信じてもらえないんだろうね

Soldier C: トーゼンだッ! その服... 知っているぞ! 我ら皇神の怨敵ッ! あのテロ組織フェザーのメンバーだろう?

GV: フェザーか... とっくに辞めたんだけどな. これは, これ以上にベンリな服がないから, 着ているだけなんだけど

'< Cyan appears >

Cyan: もー, だからその服, 変えた方がいいって言ってたのに... それで, どうするの? チカラかっそか?

GV: シアン... いや, その必要はない... このくらいなら...

Solider B: なんだキサマ? 誰と話しているッ! 気味の悪いガキめッ!  ええい, 撃ち抜けえッ!!

Solider B: ざ, 残像ッ!? 攻撃が... 通り抜けたッ!?


GV: 電慈結界カゲロウーー どんな攻撃もボクには通用しない

Solider A: カゲロウ...? まさか... 電子を操る最強の第七波動 蒼き雷霆の能力... まさかオマエはッ!

Cyan: この人はGVーー 蒼き雷霆ガンヴォルト. ま, どうせアナタたちにはわたしの声は, 聴こえていないんでしょうけど

Solider A: うわああっ!

(やれやれ. しばらく見ないうちに皇神兵の質も落ちたな)

< If GV spared the three soldiers >

Cyan: さっすがGV! 不殺の天使!


< GV moves on from the room >

Xiao: GV, 聴こえる? 平気か?

GV: シャオ. ああ, 問題ないよ

Xiao: ああ, よかった... 君は無事で... いくら無敵の蒼き雷霆アームドブルーでも方が一ってコトはあるからね

Ouka: あの, GV...

GV: その声はオウカ? なぜそこに?

Ouka: ごめんなさい. GV. あなたのこと, 心配で...

Xiao: オウカはどうしてもキミの無事を確認したいって言うからさ

GV: 確かに久しぶりのミッションだけどボクは平気だよ. だから心配しないで, オウカ

Cyan: むうっ!

Ouka: GV... 判りました. 帰ってきたら, お夜食つくっておきますから. なにがいいですか?

Xiao: はははー... 今は作戦行動中なんだけど

Ouka: ご, ごめんなさい. それじゃあ, GV. てきとうに用意しておきますね. だから... 無事に戻ってきてください

GV: オウカ...

Cyan: もうっ! GV! オウカにデレデレしちゃって!

GV: そんなつもりは...

Cyan: ふーんだっ! GVなんてしらないっ!

GV: まいったな... (まあ, シアンの力なしでもなんとかなると思うけど)

< S T R I K E >

(突如何者かにジャックされた皇神の大型自律飛空艇 "飛天"... これは"連中"のしわざに違いない. 見過ごせないよ! そう言う"シャオ"の言葉を信じ, ボクはこの"飛天"に潜入したのだった)

Cyan: むー…

GV: これは, シャッターか... (奥にある制御盤をロックオンし, "雷撃鱗"を流しこめば...! 蒼き雷霆によるハッキング--これじゃ疑われても仕方ないか...)

Xiao: そういえばGV, EPの残量は大丈夫?

GV: (EPはボクの第七波動 --雷撃の力のエネルギー原だ. カゲロウは発動したり, 雷撃隣を使うと徐々に減っていく) オウカも君もみんな心配性だね. EPはいつもすぐにチャージ出来るって言わなかった? (EPは下をすばやく二回押すことで即座にMAXまでチャージ出来る. こなめに下を二回押してチャージしていれば尽きることはない)

Xiao: それは知っているけど... EPを使いきった状態... オーバーヒット...だっけ? オーバーヒット中は, しばらくチャージが出来なくなるんでしょ? 今はシアンの加護もないみたいだし, 充分気をつけてね

GV: それはそうだけど... はあ. 了解, 善処するよ

Xiao: 善処って... まったくキミときたら...

(オーバーヒートには注意しろ... か. 誰かを思い出すな...)

Cyan: GV...

GV: またシャッターか. 同じ仕掛けで...!

Xiao: でも, よくこんな巨大な飛空艇が浮かんでいられるね. 大陸どころか, 世界のどこにだってない技術だよ

GV: 皇神は独自の秘匿技術を持っているからね. マユツバな話だけど重力制御だって出来るなんてウワサも聞いたよ

Xiao: ふうん, さすがにそれはないと思うけど... 皇神は第七波動の分野では世界でも独走状態... 常人の域を超えた技術(オーバーテクノロジー)を持ってもフシギじゃないかも

GV: これは... リトライーマーカー (リトライーマーカーに触れておけばHPが0になっても倒れても...リトライーマーカーのあった位置から再スタート出来る. 触れておくのがベーター... いや, 無難だろう)

GV: なかなか警備は手厚い...

Xiao: きっと "連中"はその手厚い警備をかいくぐって, 飛天をジャックしたこたになる. たぶん, なんらかの第七波動を使って...

GV: 皇神でもフェザーでもない第七波動能力者...

Xiao: もちろん, ただのユカイ犯のしわざってコトもあるだろうけど...

Cyan: それにしては, スケールの大きすぎるイタズラね...

(やっぱり, シャオの読みどおりか...)

Xiao: GV, ゲートモノリスだ! あれを波壊すれば, エリアクリアーだね!

GV: シャオは初めてなの? ゲートモノリスを見るのは

Xiao: 大陸にはなかったなあ. ゲートモノリス


Xiao: その下を進むと, 格納庫だ...皇神は飛空艇内で試作兵器の運用実験をしているなんてウワサもあるみたい

(皇神のことだ. そのウワサは確実だったとしても, おかしくはない)

Teseo: ふうん, コイツはガンヴォルト? ホントに凸ってクるとはヒマ人乙ww 電気マンだけに, これはホントの電凸乙ってwww うあwww だれうまwww テセオさんテラ寒スwwwww さてはて~... 実力はどんなもんかしらん?

< GV reaches the hanger, with a large drone suspended from the ceiling coming into view. A string of some kind briefly appears above it, followed by it lighting up and being dropped out of the airship. >

GV: あれは...? さっきのは, 皇神の飛行兵器? (追いかけるべきか?)

Xiao: ちょっと待って, GV! この進路は... 大変だ! 暴走した飛天は皇神の超高層ビルに衝突しようとしている!

GV: なんだって?

Xiao: 予想される被害は甚大! 皇神(スメラギ)だけじゃない. このままじゃ, 被害は大勢の民間人まで及んでしまう...!

GV: 飛行兵器は後回しにして, 今はこの飛空艇(ドローン)を止めるしかないようだね

Xiao: あ, GV! その先に, 緊急時用のコントロールルームがあるみたい! 電子を操るキミの第七波動 "蒼き雷霆" なら, きっとコントロールを奪えるはずだ! 衝突まで時間は少ない... 急いで向かって!

GV: 了解.

Cyan: まったくもーしょうがないなあ, GVは

GV: シアン?

Cyan: わたしの翼を貸してあげる. 他の人のことはどうだってかまわないけど… 他でもない, あなたのためなら

< Anthem >

(シアンの第七波動, 精神感応能力... "電子の謡精"... 彼女とリンクし高められたボクの第七波動なら, 電滋場のパワーで, 空中を自在に移動することだってできる. さらに, どれだけカゲロウや電撃鱗を使おうとも, EPは尽きることはない)

< GV proceeds through a long corridor, and behind him a green wall of light appears and begins converting everything it touches to cyberspace >

Cyan: なに... あの光? すごくイヤな感じがする

GV: ボクも感じるよ, あれは危険だ. (あの光からは, ボクやシアンの力に近い波動が感じる... あれに触れていけない...!)

Teseo: アラwww スーパーナントカ人的なオーラ出してんスケドww

Tenjian: 垂涎三尺. あれこそが, 僕らが狙う"謡精"の力だ

Teseo: あら, テンジアン. いたんスねー? おつw

Tenjian: 余興もいいが, 手加減はしてくれよ? 謡精の力, 失うわけにはいかないからね?

GV: ッ! あそこを昇りきれば, あるいは...!

Xiao: GV, ちょうどその先がコントロールルームみたいだよ!

GV: 了解, 突入する

< control room comes into view >

GV: あれがコントロール装置か! 蒼き雷霆の力でコントロールさえ掌握してしまえば!

Cyan: ...! いけない! とても純粋な第七波動(セブンス)だわ! 気をつけて! GV!

GV: なにッ!?

< S T R I K E >

GV: なんだ, 突然現れた...?

Xiao: プラズマレギオン!? そんなまさか!?

GV: 知っているの, シャオ?

Xiao: 試作第十世代型戦車プラズマレギオン... 皇神が開発中の新型自律戦車だよ. だけどあれは, まだまだ完成にはほど遠かったはず...

GV: なんらかの第七波動(セブンス)で無理矢理動かしている...?

Cyan: 関係ないよ! GV! わたしの歌があなたに届く限り... あなたは死なない... 死なせない! わたしがあなたを守るから—

GV: ああ... 迸しれ, 蒼き雷霆よ! いかなる障害も貫き払う, 轟天の霆(いかずち)たれ!  

< Plasma Legion JB is defeated >

GV: 倒したけど... いったい, なんだったんだ?

Xiao: GV, 気になるのも判るけど, 今は一刻も早く, その飛天を止なきゃ!

GV: ああ... そうだったね. 奥へ向かおう!

Xiao: GV, その装置にロックオンして電撃を流し込んで!

GV: これは...? プロテクトがかかっていてデータを書き換えられない...! 電子を操る蒼き雷霆以上の... ハッキングに特化した第七波動...?

Xiao: そんな! このままじゃたくさんの人の命が...!

< C L E A R >

[Translation by Bapgei, edited by Sweetamitie]

A meeting room somewhere...


Executive A: ...And these are the whole group's losses generated as a result of the Diva Project cancellation, huh…?

Executive B: Our most important project in which we staked our corporate future… The resulting losses are enormous as well... How could this have happened?

Executive C: Hmph! This is what I told you! That it was stupid to entrust him with this project, he was too young…!  

Executive A: Please calm down. I understand that these comments are inevitable. And, Shiden–kun’s abilities were splendid, weren’t they? If you want to blame someone, then blame that terrorist…

Executive C: Gunvolt…! Feather too! Hell! What an annoying bunch of flies!

Executive A: Shiden–kun was admired by many of the Sevens Psychics that belong to Sumeragi.

Executive B: The whole group is in chaos now due to the scale of the loss and his death… If we get attacked by a foreign power now, then…

Executive C: Hmph! There’s still the absolute defense boundary, “God’s Incarnation”, isn’t there? It wasn’t powerful enough when the flies got in the way, but now it’s been powered up tenfold! As long as we’ve got that barrier then no attack from beyond the ocean could--

(Siren rings out)

Executive C: Whoa!!? W-what the hell!?

Executive B: This alarm… Impossible!!

Zonda: Hehe. I took down the absolute defense boundary, and with Shiden gone, it was piece of a cake. The Diva Project isn't over yet! Now! Let’s spread we Eden’s grand love throughout this nation, shall we?

Inside the Aspara, Sumeragi's giant drone...

Gunvolt: ...!

Soldier A: We've got you now! You're surrounded, you annoying l'il mouse!

Soldier B: This is our giant drone, the Apsara! You're the one that's hijacked it and making it go berserk, aren't you?

GV: Wrong... But I guess you won't believe anything I say, anyway.

Soldier C: Obviously! We know what that uniform is for! Our sworn foe, that terrorist group "Feather," ain't it?!

GV: Feather, huh... I quit the org some time ago, though. I just happen to wear the uniform because it's the most practical outfit I've got is all.

< Cyan appears >

Cyan: Sheesh. This is why told you to wear something else... Well then. What'll you do? Want me to lend you my power?

GV: Cyan... No, there's no need. I can handle these guys.

Solider B: What's with you? Who are you talking to? This brat's creeping me out! Alright! Open fire!

Solider B: A-An afterimage!? The attack... passed through!?


GV: My EM Boundary, “Heat Haze” – in short, no attack you use can hurt me.

Solider A: “Heat Haze”…? It can’t be… The ultimate Sevens power, the electron-controlling "Armed Blue"... don't tell me... you're...!

Cyan: This is GV, aka Gunvolt, the Armed Blue. Not like you can hear my voice anyway, though...

Solider A: Uwa~h!

(Oh boy. I stop fighting Sumeragi goons for a while, and suddenly they get even worse.)

< If GV spared the three soldiers >

Cyan: Way to go, GV! You're an angel of pacifism!


< GV moves on from the room >

Xiao: GV, do you copy? You OK?

GV: Yeah, no problems here, Xiao.

Xiao: Ah! What a relief. Glad to see you're okay. You might be the invincible "Armed Blue" but anything can happen, y'know.

Ouka: Um… GV…

GV: That voice... Is that you, Ouka? What are you doing up here?

Ouka: I'm sorry, GV. I was worried about you...

Xiao: Ouka was pressing me, saying she wanted to make sure you were okay.

GV: I know it’s been a while since I was last in a mission, but I'm alright. So don't worry, Ouka.

Cyan: Hmph!

Ouka: GV... Okay, gotcha. I'll fix you some dinner when you get back. What would you like?

Xiao: Hahaha... Kinda in the middle of a mission...

Ouka: I-I’m sorry. Well, GV… I’ll fix you something, so you better come back safe and sound, alright?

GV: Ouka…

Cyan: SHEESH! GV! Don’t flirt with Ouka!

GV: I wasn't trying t...

Cyan: Hmph! Handle the mission yourself, GV!

GV: Oh boy…

(Well, I think I can handle things even if she's not helping out anymore.)

< S T R I K E >

(Sumeragi’s giant drone, the Apsara, has been suddenly hijacked by someone... “This must be “their” work. I can’t stay put!”, so Xiao told me. I trusted what he said, and thus I began my infiltration.)

Cyan: Hmph...

GV: Is this a shutter…?

(If I lock on into the control box further ahead and unleash my “Thunder Scales”…! I’ve hacked it with my Armed Blue. No wonder they think I’m the one responsible for this...)

Xiao: Speaking of which… GV, how's your EP doing?

GV: (The EP is the energy source for my Sevens, my thunder power. It goes down when I use my Flashfield or using "Heat Haze".) You and Ouka both sure are worrywarts. Didn't I tell you that I can instantly charge my EP at any time? (My EP can be fully charged by double-tapping [Down]. As long as I remember to do that, I shouldn't run out.)

Xiao: I knew that, but when you run out of EP, you... what's the word? Overheat, right? And when you overheat, you lose the ability to charge for a while. Plus you don't have Cyan protecting you right now, so you have to be careful.

GV: You're not wrong... Huff. Okay, I'll act accordingly.

Xiao: “Act accordingly”…? Jeez. You can be stubborn, too…

(Being reminded of Overheating brings back memories of someone...)

Cyan: GV...

GV: Another shutter… That isn't gonna work a second time!

Xiao: But I'm surprised that a drone this size can stay afloat... It's not just unheard of in my country, it's unheard of worldwide.

GV: That's because Sumeragi has it's own share of secret tech. I've heard, albeit unreliable, rumors that they can even control gravity.

Xiao: Hmmm... those do sound like just rumors, but Sumeragi is a big name in the Sevens field compared to the rest of the world. It wouldn't be surprising if they had tech that rivals that of modern technology.

GV: This is… a Retry Marker. (If I touch this Retry Marker here, I'll respawn here if my HP ever falls to 0. I better touch this one... no, I should touch this one.)

GV: The security is pretty tight...

Xiao: They must've used some kind of Sevens to slip through this tight security and hijack the Apsara.

GV: Sevens Psychics that don't belong to Sumeragi or Feather...

Xiao: There's also the possibility of this being the work of a nutcase looking for attention, but...

Cyan: If that were the case, this would be a pretty extreme prank.

(Xiao's about right, then.)

Xiao: GV, look, a Gate Monolith! Destroy it, and you clear the area!

GV: Is this your first time seeing a Gate Monolith, Xiao?

Xiao: There weren't any back in my homeland.


Xiao: The hanger is just downwards from here. I've heard rumors that this is where Sumeragi's been experimenting with prototypes on this drone.

(It wouldn't be odd if those rumors were true, this is Sumeragi, after all.)

Teseo: Hmmm… That’s Gunvolt? So he actually showed up! Thanks for droppin’ by: U gotta have free time, man! LOL… The guy’s Elec Man so… This is a real and nice “electrifying visit”… LOL. Whoa! LOL… Talk about a bad pun! LOL… Teseo – san’s puns are too cold! LOL… That asides… Let’s see how powerful U are, OK?

< GV reaches the hanger, with a large drone suspended from the ceiling coming into view. A string of some kind briefly appears above it, followed by it lighting up and being dropped out of the airship. >

GV: What’s that…? Was that a Sumeragi flying weapon? (Should I give chase?)

Xiao: Wait a minute, GV! This drone’s course... is big trouble! This berserk drone is about to hit a Sumeragi skyscraper!

GV: What did you say?

Xiao: There's gonna be tons of casualties if it hits! Not just Sumeragi staff, but countless civilians as well!

GV: So let's handle the flying weapon later, and deal with the drone first.

Xiao: Ah! GV! Looks like there’s an emergency control room up ahead! If you use your electron-controlling Sevens, the “Armed Blue” then you should be able to hijack it! There’s not much time left before the collision, so hurry up!

GV: Roger.

Cyan: Sheesh… Looks like you DO need some help, GV…

GV: Cyan?

Cyan: I'll lend you my wings and my strength. I could care less about the others, but if it's for you, then...

< Anthem >

(Cyan's Sevens, the Cyber Diva, is a mind induction ability. By linking with my own Sevens, I can use my Flashfield's power to do things like moving freely across the air. Not only that, but my EP will never run out, no matter how much I use "Heat Haze" or my Flashfield.)

< GV proceeds through a long corridor, and behind him a green wall of light appears and begins converting everything it touches to cyberspace >

Cyan: What’s with that light? I’ve got a bad feeling about it…

GV: I’ve got the same feeling, that light’s dangerous…

(I feel a wave similar to mine and Cyan’s coming from that light… I mustn’t touch it…!)

Teseo: Whoaaa, this guy's got some superhero aura going on here.

Tenjian: Avid desire… That’s the power of the “Singing Fairy”: our target…

Teseo: Oh, Tenjian, you were here too? 'Sup?

Tenjian: I don’t mind you having fun, but don’t overdo it, alright? We can’t risk losing the “Singing Fairy” and her power, you know?

GV: ...! If I could climb up there then maybe…!

Xiao: GV! Looks like the control room is right ahead!

GV: Roger, I’ll burst in. 

< control room comes into view >

GV: That’s the control device!

(If I manage to get control of it with Armed Blue’s power then…!)

Cyan: …! Watch out! I feel a very pure Sevens incoming! Be careful, GV!

GV: What!?

< S T R I K E >

GV: What’s this? It’s appeared out of nowhere...

Xiao: It can't be! Is that a “Plasma Legion”!?

GV: You know what this is, Xiao?

Xiao: A prototype 10th Generation Plasma Legion… A new-model self-autonomous tank being developed by Sumeragi. But that should still be quite far from completion… 

GV: Is this being forcibly operated through some kind of Sevens…?

Cyan: That doesn’t matter! GV! As long as my song reaches you, you won’t die… I won't let you! Because I’ll protect you…

GV: Yeah… Surge out, Armed Blue! Become a sky-roaring thunderclap that will pierce and dispel all obstacles! 

< Plasma Legion JB is defeated >

GV: I beat the enemy but… What in the world was that?

Xiao: GV, I understand that it’s picking at you, but we have to worry about the Aspara right now!

GV: Yeah. You’re right. I’ll head on ahead!

Xiao: GV! Lock into that device and shoot thunder at it! 

GV: What’s this…? There’s a protection set up and I can’t overwrite the data…!

(Is this a Sevens specialized in hacking… more powerful than the electron-controlling Armed Blue…?)

Xiao: No way! If we can’t overcome that… Many people will die…!

< C L E A R >

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