"An ominous airship looms on the horizon. With a fragile peace hanging in the balance, the Azure Striker takes flight once more."


"The rampaging flying fortress is a sign of invasion. Entrusted with the Singing Fairy’s power, the Armed Blue spreads his wings once more, to prevent the peace they've gained from becoming a trifle..."


The Seraph Interior (Apsara Interior in Japan) is Gunvolt's intro stage in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 The objective is to reach the control room of the Sumeragi airship Seraph, which has gone out of control.



Xiao: We've got trouble, GV! Sumeragi's airship, the Seraph, has gone out of control!

Gunvolt: These guys are tied in with Eden somehow, right, Xiao?

Xiao: Oh, it's an Eden invasion force all right! Doesn't matter what Eden wants-- We can't let them have it.

Gunvolt: Sounds like I need to hitch a ride on the Seraph...

Xiao: GV, 大変だ! 皇神の大型自律飛空艇飛天が, 源因不明の暴走を始めたみたい!

Gunvolt: その慌てよう... もしかして, 以前からシャオの言っていた...?

Xiao: ああ. ついに始まったんだ. 連中の... エデンの侵攻が!エデンの目的は判らないけどヤツらの企み, 見過ごすわけにはいかないよ!

Gunvolt: 判った. まずボクが飛天内部に潜入しよう

Xiao: GV, we’re in trouble! It’d seem that Sumeragi’s giant drone, the “Apsara” has gone berserk, and the cause is unknown!

Gunvolt: You look nervous… Is this about what you’d told me about, Xiao…?

Xiao: Yeah. It’s finally begun… Those guys… Eden’s invasion! I dunno what Eden’s up to but I can’t sit back and ignore their schemes!

Gunvolt: Roger. I’ll go and intrude into the Apsara.

Ultimatum 1 (Copen)

Mytyl: Welcome to the Secret Mission! Okay, so I kinda need to apologize in advance, but... I can't use The Muse's song to bring you back here.

Stage composition

  • The first room contains three Sumeragi grunts that just stand there scared. Sparing them will grant a 111 secret kudos bonus and some praise from Joule, although this is less than the triple bonus that can be gained by defeating them.
  • This stage also teaches gimmicks involving Flashfield, such as zapping electric panels to lift giant doors.
  • This is the only stage where Sumeragi enemies run the show. Every stage after this is completely Eden's show (except for Teseo's).
  • The area after the first Hexapyle will forcibly activate Anthem. You'll need it to blast your way through the mobs AND outrun whatever Teseo does to the airship.
  • The boss of this stage is the Proto Legion JB.


  • Baleful Twilight: Clear the stage within 7 minutes. (Reward: Kripp Alloy x3)
  • Astronomical Credo: Clear the stage within 4 minutes. (Reward: Garnet x3)
  • An Expanding World: Clear the stage with Rank B or higher. (Reward: Nanochip 98 x3)
  • Azure Fantasia: Clear the stage with Rank A or higher. (Reward: Graym Culture x3)
  • Lightning Legend: Clear the stage with Rank S or higher. (Reward: Quartzite x5)
  • Overkill: Finish off the Plasma Legion with a Special Skill. (Reward: Polymer Gm238 x5)
  • Boundary Lines: Collect all 5 medals and clear the stage. (Reward: 10K Vig)
  • The Intruder: Clear the stage 3 times. (Reward: Graym Culture x10)


  • Copen can also optionally go through this stage after the game is complete, as his version of Secret Mission 1.
  • The sound effect that plays at the control room is identical to the one used aboard the Grand Nuage airship in Mega Man ZX, another game primarily developed by Inti Creates.
  • Surviving Teseo's laser
    It is possible to survive Teseo's digitizing wall of light. To do this, GV/Copen must have very high HP from leveling up, use knockback preventing equipment (preferably with damage reduction), and charge through the wall as quickly as possible. They will come out behind it alive, but heavily damaged. This is possible because the wall is not actually a one-hit-kill, but rather inflicts very high damage per hit and ignores the invincibility frames triggered by being injured. This combination stunlocks and kills the player almost immediately as lethal damage racks up in less than a second, creating the illusion of instant death.


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