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Seismic is a boss character appearing in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Alias: Mic. Has a towering body with overwhelming power. He shows off his power with his punches and slams, but his multi-function body allows him to transform and attack in surprising ways.


Skill Description

Arm Switch

Seismic switches his arms between hands or drills.

Drill Surge

Seismic jumps into the air and slams his drills down into the ground, causing energy drills to emerge from the floor outwards from him, growing taller as they reach the walls. In Hard Mode, their number and speed is increased.
Seismic - Drill Rocket 1.png

Drill Rocket

Seismic launches a drill from his arm. Upon colliding with the wall, it releases four smaller drills which target the player and fly one by one. In Hard Mode, there are six drills.
Seismic - Rock Fall 1.png

Rock Fall

Seismic uses his hands to launch rocks from the ground as he jumps into the air, then slams into the ground, stunning the player if they are standing and causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. In Hard Mode, this attack is faster and there are more boulders.

Heavy Punch

Seismic pulls back his fist, and after a short time launches himself forward with his fist. While charging up, he can be pushed back by shooting him.

Rotation Rumble

His desperation move. Seismic jumps into the air and begins rapidly spinning, slamming back and forth into the walls as he descends. In Hard Mode, this attack is faster.


Desna sticker.png

A number of Seismic's attacks resemble the ones used by Desna, and similar to her stage Babel, the Mine stage is filled with collapsing platforms. Coinciding with this, her pixel sticker is a reward for completing the stage.

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