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School is the second stage for Gunvolt and Beck in Mighty Gunvolt and Ekoro's first stage. The Stage is based off of Sazurazaki Academy from Gal*Gun. The boss is the Tentacle Monster. The theme is an 8-bit rendition of Doki Doki School Days. If playing as Beck or Gunvolt, the girl at the end will be Shinobu Kamizono. If playing as Ekoro, the girl at the end will be Maya Kamizono.

Stage Composition

This stage begins with a stroll through the outside of the front of the school area. After that, you will find an entrance into the School itself, where you’ll find loads of spikes and moving platforms, as well as tons of soldiers hiding behind windows to jump out and throw bombs . They’re invulnerable while hiding. (While playing as Beck it’s best to dash underneath as you’ll be fast enough to evade the bombs and won’t get hit. This is also optimal as Beck‘s shots are too low reach them )


The Tentacle Monster has 2 attacks. During its first attack, it sends out two minions to climb to the ceiling to shake the cage, making the Kamizonos shout "HELP!". The minions deal damage on contact. Two tentacles will appear on either the floor or wall and will wiggle around (they will both shoot homing pellets simultaneously.) After attacking one once, it will shrink, and, after that, it will disappear. Defeat both and the Monster will open its mouth, which allows the boss to be damaged by shooting the mouth. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated.

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