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Round Digger is the introductory boss of Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Official Site Description

Production code CDN. 502-Round Digger. A construction robot created by world-renowned robot workship Cherry Dynamics. It can smooth soil for construction with its powerful legs and body, and even comes with internal storage for dynamite.


Skill Description


Round Digger extends its legs upwards to cling to the ceiling.

Flying Dynamite

Flying dynamite is deployed, which, depending on Round Digger's position, will either go above or below Gunvolt and drop down/fly up. The platforms will block the falling dynamite, but not the rising dynamite.

Impact Bounce

Round Digger tucks in its legs and begins bouncing in the player's direction. Each landing stuns the player if they're on the ground or a platform.

Round Roll

Round Digger tucks in its legs and charges across the stage, colliding with the far wall and stunning the player if they're standing.


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