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"I just wanted to torment a cutie-pie like you..."
Romeo , Azure Striker Gunvolt

Romeo, also known as Creepy Electro Whip Guy (Perv Guy in Japan), is a Sumeragi officer and a minor antagonist in Azure Striker Gunvolt. An eccentric, somewhat disturbing person, Romeo is known for his sadistic tendencies, especially towards young men.


Romeo is a Sumeragi Group officer who does not possess any Septimal powers.

His official position should be higher than Nova's, and yet, does not outrank him.

He loves to torment cute young men, so much so that he has a special room in Sumeragi's main building that allows him to do that very thing...

All of this is common knowledge amongst his subordinates...


Romeo is an adult man with somewhat long, pale cyan hair and matching eyes. He also has bright purple lips, most likely lipstick. He wears the standard Sumeragi officers uniform.

He is occasionally seen wielding an electric whip.


Romeo appears to be an extremely flamboyant, eccentric person. However, he is also quite sadistic, taking a disturbing amount of glee in torturing his prisoners, especially handsome young men, even stating that it's his hobby. He has no problems outright molesting even his fellow officers, regardless of age.

He also appears to be quite cowardly, being reduced to little more than a petrified wreck upon the realization of Gunvolt's identity.


Azure Striker Gunvolt

1st Sumeragi (Anthem)

At some point, Romeo and his men succeed in capturing a young QUILL agent on a mission to destroy Sumeragi's virtual idol, Lumen. Interrogating him himself, Romeo tortures the young "terrorist" with his elecrto whip, mocking him for his failure, and tells him Lumen is on a train.

At that moment, the boy suddenly breaks free from his bonds, completely unharmed. Romeo is shocked, then terrified when he realizes the boy is, in fact, Gunvolt. The latter thanks him for the intel, then leaves to find The Muse. Cowering in the corner, Romeo orders his men to cut all power to the elevator.

Powers and Abilities

Romeo is a normal human with no particularly noteworthy abilities. However, he wields a powerful electro-whip capable of channelling vast amounts of electricity, making it quite the lethal weapon. Despite this, it is virtually useless against an Azure Striker, and actually recharges Gunvolt when used against him.


  • According to one of the Gunvolt 4-komas, Romeo has a hobby of dancing with his electro whip.
  • Romeo's name is only mentioned by the website and credits for the OVA. In both the game and anime, he is referred to as "Creepy Electro Whip Guy" (Perv Guy in Japan).
  • Following the tradition of Sumeragi officers being named after cars, Romeo's name is based on the Alfa Romeo.

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