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"Mom, dad, everyone... hang on just a bit longer. I'll be seeing you real soon."
Rebellio , Luminous Avenger iX [2]

Rebellio, also known as "The Craftsman's Dream", is one of the elite Falcons serving Sumeragi and one of the antagonists of Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX.

A kindly young man forced into violence by a terrorist group, he clashed with Sumeragi and was conscripted into the Falcons in order to protect his family and stave off his own death sentence. He has an affinity for the Septima Energy Wool, which allows him to craft anything he desires out of a powerful fiber.

Website Description

An Adept in possession of the "Energy Wool" Septima. His body is enveloped in a fibrous energy which he manipulates to create various objects.

He was once a kind-hearted young man, but his family was taken hostage by an anti-Sumeragi terrorist group who forced him to commit various heinous acts against his will. He was made to bear the burden of his crimes, and was sentenced to death by Sumeragi. After his conscription as a Falcon, Sumeragi promised to pardon his sentence and provide assistance to his family in return for his service.

During battle, Rebellio uses his Septima to craft brutal weapons like scythes and guillotines to get himself into the mood to fight, despite his hatred of conflict. It could be said that this is a manifestation of the fear of his impending death sentence.[2]





Rebellio is a young man with light brown eyes and creamy white, fluffy hair that goes past his shoulders. He is dressed in a prison uniform consisting of a white vest underneath an orange zip-up jacket, matching trousers and brown shoes. Draped over his shoulders is a black jacket signifying his status as a Falcon, with red and gold highlights, gold buttons and epaulettes, and a Falcon Quill pinned to it. He also wears a pair of handcuffs.

In his Armed Phenomenon, Rebellio gains black and white amour all over his body, with emphasis on his collar, forearms and hips, from which two large pieces of armor sprout. His eyes turn black and his irises turn a pure, glowing white, matching his hair, which also grows much larger and floats, resembling a sheep, and softly flashes several different colours. He also has two large, black, ram-like horns on his head. In addition, Rebellio manifests a halo made of red energy wool most of the time he is in the form.


Despite his questionable background, Rebellio shows hardly any signs of being a typical criminal, coming across as a down-to-earth, mature young man, especially in comparison to the more eccentric Falcons such as Isola and Crimm. He is kind and fair, even to Copen, whom he has no true grudge against and only fought with in order to be able to see his family again one day, even casually chatting with him, apparently relishing the chance to talk to other people, suggesting he enjoys the company of other people.

Despite this though, Rebellio seems to have a somewhat wry sense of humour, admonishing Isola for leaving him unattended. If he wins against Copen, he even mocks him for being not living up to his reputation. He is also implied to be fairly intelligent and proactive, having suggested and organised the ambush for Copen himself.

Plot Role

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX

Store Ruins - Encounter with iX

Having heard of Copen's break-in at a local abandoned store, Rebellio suggests to Sumeragi that they spring a trap for him. His plan is approved, and Rebellio is escorted to the store by Isola to wait.

When iX finally arrives, Rebellio greets him cheerfully, excited to have someone to talk to, only for Isola to silence him, ordering him to transform already, swiftly taking her leave. Slightly exasperated by her attitude, Rebellio uses his Falcon Quill and transforms, making clear that while he holds nothing against Copen, he will gladly defeat him if it means lightening his sentence and seeing his family again.

However, during the ensuing battle, Rebellio is ultimately killed, apologizing to his family as he dies.

Sumeragi Secret Bunker 2 - Apparition

As Copen makes his way through Sumeragi's underground bunker, Demerzel creates holograms of the various Falcons he's fought and killed to stop him. One such hologram is Rebellio, appearing before iX only to be swiftly slain.

Powers and Abilities

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave and chosen as a Falcon specifically for his powerful abilities, Rebellio wields the Energy Wool Septima. This allows him to release a fibrous form of energy from his body, which he can then use to create various objects. In his Armed Phenomenon, Rebellio shows that this ability can be used to replicate specific textures, creating spikes and blades sharp enough to kill. He can even use his Septima to convert himself into this energy fiber and back, allowing him to simulate teleportation. By creating enough of his wool, Rebellio can create weapons such as a mace on a string, a machine gun capable of firing bullets, and a giant guillotine blade.


  • Rebellio can cancel most attacks (except his Special Skill) when damaged and teleport away, cancelling Tags.
  • Using Photon Detonator will interrupt Rebellio's attack animation and force him to move on to the next one. Proper timing will more or less stun-lock him. Perhaps explosions bring up bad memories?
    • Rebellio's EX variant does not display this weakness.
Skill Description
String Mace.jpg
String Mace
Hammer String
String-like energy is compacted into the shape of a mace. He swings it wildly around him.

The EX Boss will bounce the mace high into the air after the initial swing.

Guillotine Bungee.jpg
Guillotine Bungee
Guillotic Bungee
A knit of energy is made in the shape of a guillotine. It falls rapidly with a wide range.

The EX Boss will either drop one down the center or two blades on both halves of the screen successively.

Gatling String.jpg
Gatling String
Gatling Thread
A large Gatling gun fires bullets of string energy. Bullit dash quickly and hover above him to stay out of danger.

The EX Boss will reduce the delay on sweeping with the Gatling.

Anchor Scythe.jpg
Anchor Scythe
Rebellio moves quickly along a wire, then delivers a scythe attack. He also digs into the ground, scattering debris.
  • If his opponent gets to the other side of him as he is preparing this attack, he will do a second grapple to the wall that he is facing, then shout "Once more!" and grapple to the wall in the opposite direction before reaching the player's position and slamming down with his scythe if Copen is under him. However, if Copen flies over him again as he grapples a second time, Rebellio will simply bounce off the wall and not perform his slamming move.

The EX Boss will mix flames with the rocks. The flames cannot be blocked by Flashfield

Rebellio's special skill. He spreads his thread to capture his enemy, then turns his body into a spear to pierce through those ensnared. The pattern is:
  1. A single thread parallel to the ground.
  2. One vertical thread, one diagonal, intersecting on your location.
  3. Two perpendicular threads, one diagonal.
  4. A crisscross pattern that covers the half of the screen you are standing in.

The EX Boss will spin an additional crisscross pattern on the other half of the screen. The threads themselves have less delay between their telegraphed area and becoming "capture zones".

Boss Battle Voices

Event English Romaji Japanese
Transform Contract! Kontorakuto! コントラクト!
Warping Oops! Otto おっと
String Mace I’ll smash you! Haahh! Kudakero! Haaa! 砕けろ!はあっ!
Guillotine Bungee Are you ready? Eat this! Kakugo wa ii? Kurae! 覚悟はいい?喰らえ!
Gatling String You can’t dodge this…
Or this!
Ikani kimi demo…
Kore nara!
Anchor Scythe Here I come! Hah!
*Once more! Taahhh!!
Iku yo! Haa!
*Wansumoa! Taaaa!
ワンスモア! たああっ!
Crimson Death Thread Let’s end this!
Crimson Death Thread!
I’ll end this! (Caught) Farewell!
Owari ni shiyou!
Reddorain deddoreivu! Kore de kimeru!
(Caught) Owakare da! *Teyaaa!
これで決める!(Caught) お別れだ!
1st Phase Down I can still go on! Mada mada まだまだ!
2nd Phase Down I won’t lose! Boku wa makenai! 僕は負けない!
Defeated Everyone… I’m sorry… Minna… Gomen… みんな... ごめん...
  • Rebellio will only say "once more!" if he performs the full version of this attack, when his opponent is on the other side of where he is facing. If so, he will grapple to the wall, then grapple to the wall in the player's direction and say "once more!" before stopping above the player and doing a slam with his scythe. If not, he will simply say "Iku yo! Haa!" part before he levels out with the player during his grapple and then slam down.
  • "Teya" is a kiai, a shout that a Japanese combatant yells when in the process of performing an attack.

Special Skill Chants

Crimson Death Thread:

The strings of fate that
Bind us together lead to the
Same end, in a sea of a red

(The chant is the same as the English version)

숙원의 인연이 붉은 실로 이어진다.
그 끝에 기다리는 것은 [죽음]…
깃발이여, 붉게 물들어라.
The long-awaited fate, connected by red threads
and only [death] awaits at the end of them all…
Flags, be drenched into crimson!


"Ahh, you must be the infamous iX. We got word from our troops that you were here, so I took the liberty of setting up this little ambush."
Rebellio greeting Copen

"So sorry, Ms. Warden. It's been so long since I've been out of confinement, you see. Can't really blame someone as talkative as me for taking advantage of such a rare opportunity to chat, ya know?"
Bantering with Isola

"I know, I know. I have no intention of spending the rest of my life locked up in a cell."
Affirming his commitment

"She was sent here to keep an eye on me, and she just up and leaves. She's so serious, and yet, she doesn't see things through. Now, iX. Personally, I've got nothing against you. But if I can take you down, Sumeragi will lighten my sentence, you see. I'd really like to see my family again someday, so I'm gonna hit you with everything I've got."
Rebellio about to fight Copen

"You're not as tough as everyone made you out to be, Luminous Avenger iX. Mom, Dad, everyone...hang on just a bit longer. I'll be seeing you all real soon..."
If he wins against Copen

Rebellio's mindless copy


  • The Falcons are inspired by the Christian hierarchy of angels (known as Orders or Choirs), with their design based off the astrological signs of the western zodiac. Rebellio is inspired by the first Choir, "Seraphim", and is based off the first zodiac, "Aries".[1]
  • The names of the Falcons are all derived from various films. "Rebellio" is taken from Rebellion, a 2011 French historical drama.
    • Rebellio is the only Falcon not to be named after a science fiction film.
    • The word "Rebellio" is a Latin noun meaning "a renewal of war" or "rebellion".
  • The red color scheme of Rebellio's Energy Thread was possibly inspired by the term "Red String of Fate".
  • It's later noted by Lola that Rebellio has a similar backstory to that of Bakto: both of them forced into serving Sumeragi, with their respective families being used as leverage (mob members for the latter, and actual families for the former).
  • Rebellio's special skill "Crimson Death Thread" is similar to Desna's "Entangled Strands", as both involve capturing the player and inflicting unavoidable damage should the player not avoid it.