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Raptor "The Obliterator of the Innocent" (known as "Tsujigiri Rupturer Raptor" in Japan), is a villain in Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories. They're the Adept that killed Rei and Miu's father in the early chapters.


Raptor disappeared for 5 years. They were a very powerful Adept and everything about them is currently unknown. They killed Miu and Rei's father in front of them and they seem to be cold-hearted. They are being hunted by Himeshiro.

Plot Role

Part 6

Raptor first appears in Part 6 of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Fleeting Memories. On Rei's 9th birthday, while Rei and Miu are walking to get food, Rei hears a large booming sound. He then sees Miu looking at someone behind Rei, with a scared look. Then, Rei feels a sharp pain in his back and the chapter ends. During Part 6, Raptor's name is not said, nor is their appearance revealed. They only make an implied appearance in the final sentences.

Part 7

Rei and Miu proceed to run away from Raptor. While running, Rei hears someone scream at them, presumed to be a random passerby they killed. Soon, the entire neighborhood begins to scream in panic and two onlookers point out that the mysterious chaser is an Adept and that the chaser's name is "Raptor, the Obliterator of the Innocent." Rei eventually stops and turns around, only to discover that Raptor has disappeared.


In Part 8, Rei wakes up from a nightmare. At first, it appears that Raptor's attack was simply a dream. However, in the following chapters there are many hints that suggest the contrary.

  • Rei's parents are mentioned to have died, and now Rei and Miu live with their distant relatives.
  • Rei has a heightened sense of danger since "the incident".
  • Rei speaks in a hostile tone toward Himeshiro, who had just saved Miu. This suggests that Rei is hostile towards all Adepts.
  • Rei is said to have a distrust towards Adepts ever since "the incident with his parents".
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