< S T R I K E >

Lola: Phew, it wasn't easy getting up here... But I still got plenty left in the tank! If we hitch a ride on these transports, it should take us right to the radio tower. Watch your step though! I know you're the real deal Boss, but not even YOU could survive a fall from this high up!

< Isola encounter >

Isola: Damn it, you're faster than I thought. I thought I could get out of here in time. This sucks, but wiping you out is part of the job. Good thing I'm no stranger to ad-libbing.

Copen: You're the warden who was escorting that Falcon prisoner.

Isola: This must be some wicked bad karma. I was appointed "Chief for a Day" here, and your sorry ass shows up today, of ALL days.

Lola: "Chief for a Day"...?

Isola: You better believe it! I'm an up-and-coming Virtual Idol!

< Isola transforms >

Isola: This is idol Isola's everyday look!★ My amazing "Companion" Septima helps me sing, dance, and fight like a Falcon Idol should! So here we are iX-- and you, cute little Lola! I just know you came for the communication logs, and I got what you're looking for! I'll wager the logs on a contest between Lola and me to see who's the better idol!★ Hope you're ready to sing your heart out!★

Lola: Whaaa?!

< if Isola wins >

Isola: That was nothing for a Virtual Idol!★ Don't forget to smash that Like button and click Subscribe, tee hee!★

< when Isola is defeated >

Lola: Sh-she was a bit out of left field... I downloaded the logs from the terminal she was hiding. The encryption is really strong on these ones, though.

Copen: I hope the decryption doesn't take too long.

Lola: Really, Boss? After all that, you aren't gonna add your two cents to the comments section?

< C L E A R >

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